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Begging For Orders: The Mary Kay Way

These women have no shame. Imagine asking people to spend $1,000 on something they don’t need. Wouldn’ t you feel guilty? Not this sales director! She wants that Mary Kay top director trip and she needs $20,000 wholesale today to get it!

And she’s willing to order $5,000 wholesale herself to “finish” the goal. Yeah, like her basement needs another $5,000 of products?

And her claim that she can sell it in a month? Then I’ll be expecting her to be Queen of Sales at seminar, as clearly she can sell $10,000 retail per month… which is $120,000 retail for the year!

Good Morning Consultants!

With the current commitments – we are crossing the $600,000 Unit of Achievement – so thank you for helping us reach a new level for our unit!

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from any additional consultants to help us reach the ultimate goal of $650,000.

You may be ordering today and I’m not just not aware of it. Please know all dollars makes an extreme difference!

We need $20,000 wholesale to finish the $650,000 Unit Circle of Excellence.

So, here’s the deal!

I’m asking 15 consultants to step up to the plate and make an $1,000 wholesale investment in their business! If this could be you – I will see that you are recognized and rewarded greatly for your team spirit!

With 15 consultant’s commitment – I will personally complete the $5000 wholesale order needed as it can be sold within a month!

If you would like to be a team player – you are in for a “very” nice surprise!…. and I mean NICE!!


  1. UNBELIEVABLE. Because you know, money just grows on trees… We can all just reach into that bottomless bank account and pull out a mere $1,000.00 to help HER reach HER goal. Yeah, that house payment will wait… Idiots.

  2. Okay, so you get a “nice” prize for placing that order. Maybe if you’re lucky it won’t be from the dollar store. How about, since you have $1k laying around, you go buy yourself something nice with that money! Why on earth would I spend $1k on YOUR goal?

  3. My former director makes these calls everytime seminar or car qualification for her Cadillac comes around. She not only begs but if the person says they cannot afford it she offers to lend them the money and they can pay her back with their sales. I watched her make loans of 3k and 4k per person to earn her Cadillac! There is no stopping this woman. A few of her consultants have nearly gotten divorced because her motto is “its better to ask foriveness instead of permission” Are you kidding me?! The company has been notified her executive senior director knows about it yet she still keeps on with only a slap on the wrist when caught and she has been caught many times! Her name is Jesslyn Ponce-Dick, stay away from her if you cross her path and if you really want to do Mary Kay make sure she isnt your director or you could go bankrupt!


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