How to Get a Disabled Mary Kay Consultant to Place an Order

Who cares that a consultant is disabled to the point where she can’t work or lead a normal life. She should be selling more Mary Kay! One sales director is looking for advice on how to get her “motivated” (i.e. How do I get her to order? I don’t care if she sells or not! I don’t care if her family needs money more than they need Mary Kay products!) Here’s the director’s request for advice:

I have a team member in a very remote town in S. Carolina who has developed a condition where she has had many seizures (due to former abuse).  I believe that she is much more under control, but has had to curtail alot of what she does.  she has had to take all money from her sales to help with medical bills, etc. and they got behind in mortgage payments as well.  Really took a toll on their family and finances as well.

She seems to be on the computer ALOT these days and this month needs to place an order so that she doesn’t lose her team member.  I am trying as best I can to encourage her, but never being in this situation before, could really use some insight from possibly some who knows someone or you yourself have had the same issues and how I can help her to help herself and to see that she can still make her Mary Kay work for her.  She loves the company but cannot see the forest for the trees.

Thank you so very much – in advance!


  1. Deflated Pink Bubble

    This one is upsetting… I was in that inactive consultant’s position at one time. My SD tried all sorts of things to get me to place an order (even though I had 10 grand worth of product on my shelves) and she just could not understand that paying my bills came before anything in Mary Kay. I was in the hospital one time, extremely sick and she called and said “Since you’re just laying there, why don’t you call all of your customers and have a hospital sale! Oh, and don’t forget that you can sell to the nurses as well.” I was critically ill at the time. Needless to say I didn’t listen to her. There was no hospital sale, no nurses got hoodwinked and I didn’t place that order. As a matter of fact, I never ordered again.

    1. Lea B

      Wow!!!! I can’t believe that!!! That really pisses me off, your time of need and she’s pushing you to make more money for her. These Mary Kay women really do piss me off sometimes, they never BACK OFF. God for you for not ordering again.

    2. Mary

      My now-ex boyfriend was in the hospital in December with pancreatitis – at one point his heart rate was racing, his blood pressure was elevated, and he had to be moved to ICU. My director texted me “I know you have a lot going on right now, but I just want to remind you that the Ruby Star deadline is in two days and you’re so close!!” It wasn’t long after that that I quit. I couldn’t stomach hanging around a woman who would be so insensitive as to put money before the crises of her supposed “sisters”.

  2. Katie

    Do any of these poor women have to file for restraining orders? It sounds like it is called for in these situations. Someone less stubborn than I am might buckle just to get someone off her back–the harassment needs to stop before that point. Permanently.


    Absolutely disgusting behavior! This also happened to my very close friend! Her loving Director and Sister Consultants went after her customers, team members & prospective team members. She’s not on the internet, but I will ask for her details that she would like me to share for her on PT.

    Also, as the parent of a mentally disabled adult child………I know MK folks have tried to recruit some of his female friends.

  4. Retha Hill

    Will being independent MK consultant affect my disabilty. I need to know before i go any further in this . It will be very helpful if anyone could help me with this decision. Im not trying to mess my disability up

    1. BestDecision

      It can. Your net profits will affect it as well as evidence that your disability may not be as bad as you claim, given that you’re holding appointments, etc.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      If you manage to make any money in Mary Kay, it is INCOME and probably would reduce your disability payments, just like any part time job. Also, if your only income is from disability payments, you can’t afford to spend scarce money hoping you will make money. You might as well toss it in the fire.

      This analysis was done several years ago, and the situation is worse, not better.

      Only 3178 of the 26,279 consultants (12.1%) were selling enough to equal or exceed the take-home pay of a teenager working 10 hours a week as a minimum-wage burger flipper after school.

    3. MLM Radar

      Do NOT sign up. If you already did, quit NOW!

      MLMs target disabled people because you have something they want: money from a regular government check. If you didn’t have a steady source of income, or a supportive family willing to fund you, they’d drop you like a hot rock.

      MLM recruiters often find disabled people easy to manipulate because so many are frustrated, lonely, and unemployed. They try to recruit you with false claims of easy money, flexible work schedule, and benevolence (they’re “sharing”). It’s all lies.

      When you’re working in sales it’s not a flexible job. You have to go meet the customers on THEIR schedule, not yours. If you cancel a customer appointment for an MLM “party” because you woke up that day in pain, the chance of getting it re-booked is nearly zero. You have to go to weekly meetings when and where they’re held; you can’t watch a webinar to make it up. On-line “parties” are no better. Facebook is already over-saturated with offerings for those, and what people normally get isn’t sales; instead they get un-friended and shunned.

      Whether income will affect your disability check depends on the source of your disability check. If you’re getting Supplemental Security Income, it definitely will because SSI is a needs-based program. If you’re getting Social Security disability other income might affect your benefit, particularly if your caseworker decides that you’re not really as disabled as you say you are.

      You could very likely end up in deep debt, with your disability income cancelled, with your Medicaid cut off, and with lower self-esteem and more physical pain than you had before you started.

      Just don’t go there.

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