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In Mary Kay, “No” Really Means “YES”

Written by The Scribbler

A basic booking script from Mary Kay director Jolee Lamatrice, with a handful of interesting (and head-scratching) dialogue hints included!

Hi!  My name is Jolee and I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  I am out looking for new clients today, and I was wondering if anyone has offered you a Mary Kay complimentary skin care session or makeover, or if one of our girls is already taking care of you?

Wait and let her respond – if she says no – that means YES!  No one has offered her an appointment and she does not have a consultant.  So you say: (and don’t let her get a word in during this next paragraph – this is where you are selling her!)

I would love to be the woman who introduces you to the NEW Mary Kay!  You may have seen our products featured in Oprah and Glamour recently.  Did you know our appointments are complimentary, they take about 45 minutes, and we offer both weekday and weekend appointments in the afternoon and the evening?  I can even come to your place or you can come to mine.  It is such a wonderful, relaxing, pampering experience; is there any reason we couldn’t take a peek at the calendar and see if you can fit a treat in for yourself?

You may also want to deliver a hostess kit to her as soon as possible to help her remain enthusiastic about her party. Be organized and prepared – you’ll look more professional and you won’t be as nervous.

When you are following up on warm leads:

Hi this is ________ your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!  We met when I was out sharing roses/meeting new clients/shopping.   I was calling today to see if you had just a quick minute so that I could share with you our fabulous hostess program.  Do you have just a second?  I’m in a contest this month to hold 5 skin care classes and I need just 3 more to finish.  A skin care class is just you plus two of your favorite girlfriends and it takes about 45 minutes.  Is there any reason you couldn’t be one of my hostesses?

Wait to talk – the first one who does, loses.  🙂  Let her talk first and you’ll have a party.

(Scrib’s note:  If the woman says “no” to a class, then what?  According to the logic presented here, she’s still a loser because she spoke first (she “lost out” on the hostess opportunity).  You’re hosed if you do, hosed if you don’t – how’s that for being “go-give?”)

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