How Do You Like This Mary Kay Reality?

On our discussion board, members are talking about how the numbers in Mary Kay are down. It’s being seen across units, and the message is clear when MK execs are talking about record numbers of “visits” to the corporate website but decline to give actual recruiting figures .

How do these numbers from a very high-profile sales director in Mary Kay hit you?

Weekly Queen of Sales sold $477. At that rate, she might make a whopping $9,000 in her Mary Kay “business.” Everyone else sold less than that.

A “Red Jacket,” someone who is supposedly serious about really making a Mary Kay business work, sold $412 for the week. She might make $8,000 this year.

The runners up sold $313, $263, $225, $182, and $171 for the week.
Director’s words about these? “Wooo hoo!” Yeah, wooo hoo alright… Some needs to go get a minimum wage job so they can actually eat this week.