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Jury Rules Against Touch of Pink in Case Brought by Mary Kay

To say I'm stunned that Touch of Pink lost on all issues would be an understatement. The history of the case can be found in articles here. The verdict in the case is here. UPDATE: There is a chance that the judge could go against this jury verdict, and Touch of Pink could still be victorious. (Don't count on it, though. There's little chance  it will go that way.)

This is a huge blow to consultants, whether they realize it or not. Mary Kay now has the power to dictate exactly who you may or may not sell your products to. Once you purchase them from Mary Kay, they aren't really yours to do with as you please. Mary Kay can tell you who you can sell to.

This is obviously also a blow to inventory liquidators. Even though Touch of Pink made it clear that they were simply resellers of Mary Kay products, it's now been decided that they were "creating confusion" in the marketplace (Really? By saying "we're not affiliated with MK"?) and that they were "passing off" (Really? By stating that the products they sold were genuine MK products, which they in fact were?). 

How sad for Touch of Pink. How sad for consultants. Run for your lives, women. Don't deal with this corrupt and evil company called Mary Kay Cosmetics.

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