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A Note to the Executives at Mary Kay

Written by Raisinberry

These new DIQ qualifications were shared and I want to give you at Sales Development at least a kudo when you do something right. I am speaking of this rationale to the requirements as follows:

With the significant increase of new Independent Beauty Consultants this year, our renewed priority as a Company and as an independent sales force should be to retain all of these new team members — and ensure they have the tools, the education and confidence to build a solid customer base and a successful Mary Kay business at all levels. These changes to the qualifications to become an Independent Sales Director help ensure that DIQs put their businesses on a firm footing and have the best possible chance to form solid, high-performing units.

We thank you for listening to us.We all know how hard change is for beauty consultants, but you need to add a few more components in order for anyone at PT to think you are seriously attempting a return to ethical career growth. (I can hear Sean saying, why would we care if pinktruth is happy? Cut it out Sean, we know we are affecting the bottom line.)

RETURN to having the DIQ send in sales summaries or at least POST sales figures on Intouch. Its hard to lie and make up sales reports, especially over the course of a qualification period. That way the DIQ sister can troubleshoot and reinforce the damage done if she gets to the end and has not held enough appointments to have the production sitting in her account.

Now if you REALLY want to build strong, we say for DIQ, take ONLY money orders and cashier checks. Like the old days. And to help her during the last 3 days, you can have the orders come in with credit cards that the SENIOR submits. That way, any attempts at signing dead people are witnessed and makes the SENIOR accountable.

You have a 10 person, $600 minimum. Why not have a 8 person senior consultant minimum? If she ends DIQ with 8 Seniors, she has already increased her chances of RETAINING her consultants. You do a version of this for NIQ…why not DIQ?

May we also suggest you make 4 months mandatory? Your competitive psycho Nationals who invented the “one month wonder” have created one of the most destructive scenarios ever perpetrated on the female consumer. Some day when you get the balls to interview your burned up consultants, you will find out how your excited condonment of this procedure literally destroyed any consumer respect in the marketplace. You might want to tell your nationals to NEVER AGAIN put the showcase/starterkit on a SETS closing sheet. The maniacal Recruiting has turned off millions of american women, so how are your IBC’s going to get bookings–when the average consumer DREADS the consultant? Way to send them a kit and cut their legs off at the same time.

If we see an upcoming Intouch with these additional changes…don’t worry, we won’t tell them where you got ’em.