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Why You Should Become a Mary Kay Director Now!

 You absolutely HAVE to become a Mary Kay director now! It’s all about the suit, and the prestige that represents. It’s all about the cheap ring you receive when you become a director. But mostly it’s about the money!!!!

Don’t you want unlimited earnings? Don’t you want financial freedom??? All this can be yours…


Yet again, women are being lured into going for directorship with false earnings claims . Oh sure, it seems okay if they place a little disclaimer on their numbers, saying that you *might* not achieve these numbers and these numbers are *only* if you max out on all available compensation opportunities. But I disagree. Put all the disclaimers you want, but we all know that women WILL believe these numbers are common. Which is a LIE.

Check out the numbers they’re showing in the currently circulating flyer. Anyone on Pink Truth who has been a director knows that these numbers are completely phony. Making almost $40,000 a year with a unit of 35? A unit that size doesn’t produce that kind of income. And even if it did, there are many expenses that need to be subtracted off that income to get to the REAL income the director has available to pay personal espenses.

The true math is simple. The rule of thumb is that it takes 50 unit members to get to “Premier Club” (formerly Grand Prix level, now G6 level). And the typical director at this level (50 unit members) *might* gross $35,000, but will only take home about $20,000 a year if she’s lucky.

But how many consultants would know this? Only the ones who are asking the hard questions and doing independent research.

Behold the dishonest numbers:


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  1. CaliforniaGal

    Hi There, Galfriends. What a whopper. When I was in DIQ and working day and night to try to achieve the big goal: Mary Kay sales director. I kept asking what I had to do once I became a director. No one would give me an honest answer. The local NSD told me to just achieve it and it would be OK. Once I made it and was totally exhausted, I found out I had to make production every month on my puny little unit made up of personal friends who signed on just to help me make my goal. None of these fine friends were every going to do much in Mary Kay. It was all over for me, I knew ultimately, my unit would fade into the sunset and with it my hopes of getting out of debt. I never made any real money in Mary Kay.

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