Promised Executive Income in Mary Kay

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I mentioned in the last front page thread that even in Australia, the same lies are being used by Mary Kay representatives to suck people into this loser of an opportunity.A newspaper article about a couple of Australian women qualifying as Sales Directors included this fiction:

“I earn more in a few hours with the Mary Kay business than I did from full time corporate work,” Mrs Chown said.

One of the big criticisms we get from Kaybots is that we wanted a “get rich quick scheme,” and when that didn’t work for us in Mary Kay, we got disgruntled and quit. I deny that at least for myself, and I know many others here will deny that too. We were prepared to work hard, so long as we made an income that justified the hard work.

But we hear these types of statements all the time from Mary Kay representatives… that they replaced their corporate income in just a few hours a week. That they work part time hours but make executive pay. They are representing Mary Kay as a get-rich-quick scheme with such statements.

And as we at Pink Truth know, Mary Kay is actually a get-rich-never scheme for almost everyone who participates, since almost everyone loses money.

So there you have it… Promised Executive Income in Mary Kay… DISCUSS.

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  1. Chessie

    For anyone thinking about joining and/or quitting . . . ask to see your Director’s last three years of income tax statements. In my eight years as a Director (4 as a SD), the most I ever made (after expenses) was $17,000 a year! I worked at least 50 hours a week. Do the math . . . far from an executive income!

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