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New Mary Kay NSD Rules?

The rumor mill is churning, and here is the latest:  I have been told that Mary Kay is changing the rules for NSDs. They must have 8 first line sales directors or they can no longer be an NSD. There also will no longer be a NIQ program. Any sales director with enough first and second line directors to qualify for NIQ would automatically become a NSD, and stay one so long as she met the requirement for first line directors.

I have no way of confirming this information, and I can’t even evaluate how reliable the source of this information is. Obviously, if this is true, we know why Allison is quitting MK…. she doesn’t have enough first line directors to stay.. (And it seems there would be several NSDs who will lose their areas!)

Wouldnt this be an interesting development? On the one hand, it would be easier to get to NSD because the directors wouldn’t have to buy production for their area to complete NIQ. On the other hand, staying an NSD is harder because you have to keep first line directors. Interesting….

UPDATE: The rules did change, and for women becoming NSDs after June 1, 2011, there are minimum requirements that must be met to stay an NSD. The qualification requirements changed as well.