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Mary Kay, Show Us Your Directors!

Something is suspiciously missing from Mary Kay’s photo gallery for Seminar this year: The Class of 2010 debuting sales directors. In years past, we have been thrilled to post the pictures of the director debuts, and witness the shrinking numbers. Have the numbers gone down so drastically that Mary Kay is now embarrassed to let us see the pictures?

The company is boasting that its sales force grew by 13% and that wholsale sales are up to $2.5 billion. I think what Mary Kay forgot to tell the news is that the growth is due to expansion in overseas markets, not growth in the United States.

Time will tell. Maybe this is just an oversight and Mary Kay meant to post those pictures. In the meantime, we can reminisce on years gone by and the amazing shrinking director debuts. This is Sapphire. Click “read more” to see the pictures going back to 2006.