Kind Words From a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

From: Paula Haddad
To: Pink Truth
Subject: sick and tired

You know I believe you all need help. I feel very very sorry for everyone involved with pink truth. I will pray for everyone involved. If Mary Kay did not work for you then it does not mean it will not work for others. Why would you want to make people feel down and negative with your cruel words. Every time I try to google anything for Mk you have something negative to say. I really hope that you all decide that enough is enough and just get on with your lives. You need to find something better to do. How can you live your life trying to ruin others. How does this bring you pleasure. There are so many scams and liers and other marketing company’s. I don’t understand what kind of people you must be. Anyway I guess it’s always the people who are unhappy with themselves that feel better when they make other people feel terrible. I am obviously a Mary Kay Senior Beauty Consultant. I began end of last Oct and am working my way up quickly. You almost got me when I first started. My better side just felt very bad for your sad life. I will pray for you all.

With Love take care and pray hard. Trust me when I say enjoy your own life and stop worrying about others. They will do what they need to do and take the right decision, by sticking to MK if it is for them. Mary Kay is for everyone. But not everyone is for Mary Kay.


  1. feelingbetrayed

    Are you still drinking the kool-aid?

    There is nothing honest about Mary Kay. It preys on women with low self esteem or dissatisfaction in their lives. If you are a ‘senior beauty consultant’ and active for 11 months you aren’t moving that quickly. But just continue to stretch the truth and see how many more lives you can impact with this scam.

  2. palesickgirl

    I cannot believe the nerve of these Mary Kay people!! A Mary Kay rep tried to sell me makeup WHILE I WAS HOOKED UP TO THE DIALYSIS MACHINE!! She was there visiting someone. I am thirty three explative years old and I have never worn makeup. Don’t they teach them not to even try with people who are obvious tomboys? Yes, being ill has made me a bit pale but if you have the nerve to bother me when I’m on the dialysis machine I am obligated to assume you are actually offering me a living donor kidney transplant and you want me to cut that thing out of your back now. I actually started the converstaion, offered a hand warmer for her (mom?) who had cold hands… but still.

  3. Jen

    “MK is for everyone, but not everyone is for MK.”
    Translation: You are nothing but a warm body for us to use and abuse, and our self-appointed superiority allows us to deem you worthy or not. Just like it was back in highschool, remember?

  4. Anna

    I just have to say that i found this extremely rude. I am a MK consultant, however I think that when other consultants write emails such as this, they are giving MK a bad name. and frandly, if this website offends you….don’t read the posts. its that simple.everyone has the right to state there own opinion and the people at this website are doing just that. I have actually benefited from this website, I believe i have a pretty good view of the good side and bad side and what things i should look out for.

  5. Kayleigh

    I am a MK consultant who is sending back my inventory (hallelujah!) because the fog has lifted. I was skeptical from the beginning and i have only been in a little over a month. but being in a military town with little to no jobs and needing flexibility since I am a mom and military wife, i was desperate! The MK motto of “it’s mathematical not magical” states that if you follow the simple equations then you should have been a director months ago so if you would take a step back and really look at what your director told you then maybe the fog would lift for you as well! it’s a shame you are almost a year in and probably thousands of dollars in debt from the inventory, “success nights”, conventions, and so on. My director pressured me to no end to get more inventory. But I stuck with my guns and from that day on she hasnt given me the time of day because i didnt get the pearl package. So you can continue to pray for all of us and I will also pray for you and the women that you deceive and trick every day! God bless 🙂

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