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This is the Face of Mary Kay – Allison LaMarr’s Offensive Video

Mary Kay’s pride and joy, Allison LaMarr, continues to do the company proud. She was the fastest ever get to the position of National Sales Director, and now she claims she made $1 million faster than anyone in Mary Kay. Three years later, Allison quit Mary Kay. I suspect she quit because her earnings had declined sharply and she wanted to do something else that would help her capture more money from her downline. In no time at all, she was hawking all sorts of systems… trying to make millions that way.

Allison LaMarr told the world she was a “frustrated entrepreneur” in Mary Kay. What an awesome endorsement! Someone who was supposedly in the most coveted position in Mary Kay, and she essentially said IT SUCKED.

What’s a girl to do when she realizes she doesn’t really have “her own business” with Mary Kay? The company owns her and dictates what she can and cannot do in the name of Mary Kay. So Allison quit to do her own thing.

She’s tried selling her success system for Mary Kay directors. She’s tried running around the country doing live events. She’s tried selling a video series. And then came her big break… an exectuive position with new cosmetics MLM Bellamora. Until the company imploded within a couple of months of launching.

The below vidoe shows Allison LaMarr and MLM whore David Dubbs talking about the “sick” and “retarded” money they have made in multi-level marketing.  I bet Mary Kay is very proud of this offensive video. This is who they held up as the role model for all consultants.



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