Caption This Mary Kay Photo

Mary Kay’s annual “Seminar” in Dallas each July is a chance for everyone to come together for one big pep rally. Women get to show off their evening gowns, and get that “Homecoming Queen” experience that they never had in high school.

It’s also a chance to prove to the world that Mary Kay is a cult and the women in it have lost all good sense. Today I present to you Pamela Shaw, an old-time national sales director in Mary Kay. Her blood bleeds pink, and she never disappoints with outrageous dresses that demonstrate her lack of taste and her separation from reality.

This year is no different. Beware if you’ve recently eaten or have liquids in your mouth. This one is going to hurt. Please leave a comment with your suggestion for the appropriate caption to this photo. (You’re welcome for the close-up, by the way.)


  1. onelessSD

    once again- Ms. Pam doesn’t disappoint. Tasteless! I think that should be her new name: Ms. Pamela Tasteless Shaw.

    I honestly think she’s a few brushes short of a full set.

    Thanks Scrib for the song… it’s now permanently stuck in my mind.

  2. JOB4me2

    Would you believe at first glance I thought that was just different color fabric in the dress?? OMG. Just goes to show that money doesn’t buy you class or TASTE.

  3. Flaming Go

    Odd years are the years in which she buys the most horrid, ghetto-riffic dress on the rack! Without the close-up shot, I’d have assumed those ruffles were still part of the dress!

  4. ttp

    This reminds me of those ice skating costumes that look all slinky but in reality have flesh-toned fabric inserts. In this case, nappy leather. Yikes.

    I don’t get it. She could look quite attractive and tasteful if she so chose.

  5. Moosemama

    Mary Kay’s newest demographic: The Desperate Cougar

    Is the neckline suppose to be like that? i keep thinking she accidentally stuck her head in the arm hole instead of the neck hole.

    It just seems like a dress a 17 year old would choose for prom (thats not a compliment) Someone who wants to show how sexy sexy she can be. It looks desperate

  6. Katie Scarlett

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! You guys are priceless!

    I’ve got it! It’s one of those MasterCard commercials! PRICELESS!

    They are those leather wine-pouch thingies hikers use that are shaped like a muttonchop, wrapped around her torso…she’s smuggling in alcohol so she can make it through the horror. Maybe she absorbs it subcutaneously!

    Much more subtle than those hats that hold two cans of beer with a little hose to your mouth…NOT.

    1. Mindy

      wow you ladies are cruel, you are 60 years old and not smart enough to have realized that picture was fixed. Do you really think a women like Pam Shaw would have been seen looking like that.she has more class then that, and yes i do have room to talk, i was standing right next to her

      1. TRACY

        Mindy – That picture is the real deal. You’re right though.. it is a bit scary that Pam was willing to be seen like that in public. You have to question what’s going on in her head. There are multiple pictures from that night… all with Pam’s stomach looking like that.

      2. Lazy Gardens

        Mindy – That picture has not been photoedited. She looks just the same in photos taken by the official Mary Kay photographer.

        Look at and check the pearl Seminar NSDs. She’s on the bottom of page 6 of the thumbnails.

        It’s a dress better suited for a Vegas showgirl half her age, not what one would expect from a woman who claims to be a role model to her downline, a businesswoman, and especially one who claims that God himself spoke to her and told her to do Mary Kay (yes, I have seen her in person and heard her say it).

        It looks like an beginning seamstress made a salsa costume and grafted a makeshift hoopskirt onto it.

      3. Scrib

        Mindy, if you’re the gal in blue in the picture, look at your gown compared to Shaw’s. Your gown is tasteful, classy, is a flattering color, has a bit of sparkle in all the right places, and most importantly, doesn’t make you look like a dilapidated Dallas doxie that’s on her fourth divorce and desperately doing whatever she can to prove to the world that her milkshake still bring the boys to the yard.

        If I were you, I’d feel pretty darned proud that you completely smoked a National Sales Director in both the fashion and class department. Well done.

  7. notapartyfan

    “I Dream Of Jeannie” at 60.

    How old IS this woman? I’ll be 60 this year, and I swear my midriff doesn’t look that bad. Heck, my oldest sister is 10 years older than me and SHE has a better looking middle than this!

    Spend a lil of that plastic surgery money on body parts south of the bustline sweetheart!

  8. nomoremlm4me

    I don’t even know where to start….

    Pam Shaw – recipient of 1st whole head transplant onto a body cryogenically stored?

    Pam Shaw – flab – it’s not just for trailer parks anymore (my apologies to all those in trailer parks!)

    Pam Shaw – this dress is just the 1st installment; the rest of the dress will be worn next year.


  9. SuzyQ

    I can’t think of a snappy comment… all I can do is look at these photos and shake my head. The dress is ridiculous. It does look like she missed the other arm hole. And her washboard abs? OMG Pam. How many children HAVE you had? I had more kids than you and I am older than you and I don’t even have that many wrinkles on my torso.

    1. barefootblush

      So funny!

      Not all of us have the genes to maintain a great waistline but the secret is recognizing that … and not leaving the house with half the dress missing! lol

  10. twinkiefree

    It’s clear to me. Another example of the disconnect of Pam Shaw. She sees what she wants to see, believes what she wants to believe AS LONG AS IT GLORIFIES HER AND HER WALLET.

  11. imewise

    Clearly, timewise body products do not work.

    (and for those of you who think this might be proof of her getting work done…. was there ever a question of it??) LOL

  12. Be gone, bee

    Pam, Pam, Pam. **shaking my head in wonderment.**

    Hey Pam,

    Apparently that person you took shopping with you and told you that dress was ‘slammin’ really doesn’t like you after all. Perhaps it was a passive-agressive director you took advantage of at one time or another. Really, ditch the dress and the shopping buddy. It’s just gross.

    Be gone, bee

  13. nutmeg

    Wow…just wow. She does have a very pretty face, why does she have no style or taste or class? Imagine the right dress on her? She’d look great. Oh wait, she’s a Mary Kay National Sales Director… that explains the lack of style, taste and class.

  14. notapartyfan

    Mindy, the comments may sound catty, but believe me – it’s not because, at her age, her tummy shouldn’t look like that. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m fairly slim and my butt and thighs look like cottage cheese! But I’m not going to wear something that emphasizes that. (And…my husband would never let me out of the house like that anyway!) I have people tell me all the time, “You’re so skinny! You don’t have anything to worry about!” Well.. I don’t walk around in Daisy Dukes either! There is something about this event that makes grown women throw common fashion sense right out the window. As if some pink fairy dust will be sprinkled around and make everybody see them they way they want to see themselves. I’m sorry, but IMHO, that outfit is hideous, and would be hideous on a younger woman as well, unless they’re a Vegas Showgirl. I heard a comedian say recently “that woman in Spandex looked like a can of busted biscuits!” You know, no matter how pretty you are, how young or old you are, or what size you are, if you dress in a way that is going to open you up to ridicule, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. I guarantee that the ladies here at PT are not the only ones giggling about that outfit. There were plenty of people right there at Seminar who were cackling at that get-up. You can bet your basement full of outdated MK drek on that!

    1. DivaDove

      I get those “You’re so skinny…” comments too, even though my thighs are huge, because, like Notapartyfan, I shun short shorts and other potentially unflattering clothing.
      The ability to choose clothing that flatters one’s body is a useful skill for all ages and body types. Back in my days as a wallet-hemhorraging Pink Peon, I had never gone to Seminar (could never afford it), but–judging from the appalling getups I see on some of the attendees in the various photos–I’m guessing that there is never, ever, ever an option to attend something called “Dressing for Your Body Type 101.”
      I’m all for being comfortable with one’s own body, but this borders on ignorance–as in “is not bliss”(for anyone else’s eyeballs). She could have at least thrown on some flesh-colored Spanx under that mesh and shown a little class instead of a lot of wobbly, leathery ab-meat.

  15. xpinkstalker

    This is what can happen when a woman gets a personal trainer, and gets all ‘fit after fifty’. Oh and especially if she’s in Mary Kay.

    She is a pretty woman. but she got WAAAAAY overconfident in the dress department wanting to show off her “look ma, no carbs” body, and went far far far overboard!

    Your comments crack me up ladies.

  16. Rachael

    You people are unbelievable. I stumbled across this website and am STUNNED to see the number of pathetic losers who have nothing else to do but bash other people. Yes I said pathetic losers. You know it’s the truth.

    1. Missy C

      Rachel, my dear, I am a national award-winning academic advisor and highly respected career counselor on the. Urban university camous where I am employed. Yo don want to get into a. . .uh. . .urinating contest with me over who the real losers are. The National Sales Directors are the nosy public ace of the company since the founder died over a decade ago, and Pam Shaw, the woman in this picture, has written and taught all sorts of lessons on dress code and professional image “as Mary Kay would have us do.” And then she shows up at their big event of the year in an unflattering dress. It goes back to her credibility. Would I follow the business advice if someone who consistently shows up to big events in attire like the? Not likely. She doesn’t practice what she teaches.

      1. Missy C

        Sorry for the typos, I meant that Pam as an NSD is supposed to be a visible public face of Mary, one of those role models that are supposed to be emulated. She has also written a lot about hoe you should dress in business suits when you travel and “catching” people dressed down at the hotel entrance. Frankly I would rather see someone modestly dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt than this high rent version of People of WalMart get-up in the picture above

  17. Howie

    I am always amazed at how many Winners “Stumble” here by accident at the end of the month.

    You are short on production, no one is taking your calls so you ask yourself what am I doing wrong? So you ask Google and BAMM, Pink Truth comes up.

    The Truth hurts

  18. LaVonne Carter

    Her dress sure doesn’t have UGLY covered.
    *start sarcasm*
    Ladies, come on now. You know at the end of the following Seminar year, this dress was part of her wardrobe, you know, when she gives her sales directors a chance to win an article of clothing out of her famed clothes closet.
    *end sarcasm*

    So why are people on here slamming us for Pammy’s dress? Are we being stalked by disgruntled MK consultants who can’t admit they are in a dead end business?

  19. Janet

    I thought the gown was flesh-colored panels of fabric. Unfortunately it is real skin. As an older NSD Pam should have been aware of how her gown would be perceived. It is not her best look!

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