1. Twelve hundred dollars. Just think. This woman expected to hype up enough consultants, to find a way or make a way into a 1400.00 purchase (tax)that did nothing but load their own shelves, just so she could beat Kathy Helou or arrive at the Number one spot to walk on stage/give the speech/add to the accolades. In another 30 days from this request, she’ll be needing more, because the call will go out to be First out of the gate for the New Seminar Year! Gloria was the master at inclusion…winning a spot in her “space” for digging down deep. I promise you these women could care less about the situation you find yourself in, upon succumbing to these manipulations. Once there, once buried alive in “helping” them make it to the top, your reality check will be how far away on the horizon they are, as they wave back to you, uh whats your name again? Mention the trouble you are in financially…and guess who will be the first to tell you that nobody held a gun to your head.

    I hope their own words and behavior expose the real mess this scheme really is.

    No legit sales organization rewards wholesale purchases, as if they were retail, and Mary Kay has ALWAYS rewarded them.

  2. Hold up… this woman was asking people to ‘pay’ to see her house as a prize….her house looks like a dump!!!!!!! Look at the stuff in the background…nice fake chanel suit btw….Millionaire couple my ***

  3. What are you all doing with your lives? Just because you are scheming and hurting others to get ahead does not mean everyone else is. So until you have the opportunity to walk in Gloria’s shoes and all those others that you are trying to curse, go out and build a life for you and your family, IF YOU CAN AND ARE WILLING TO TRY!!

      • Go to Sephora, Ulta, Mac, Estee Lauder or Clinique and say it’s not a real business. Just because you have women who are helping other women on a personal level and giving other women the opportunity to do the same, as well as provide an income for their family, it’s not a real business???? Well I’m sure you’re not the type to support anyone in your family or anyone you call friend. I’m sure you’re very impersonal and would prefer to shop at a large retailer because the thought of someone benefiting from you helping yourself, makes you cringe. Don’t put down others who choose to make their business helping people feel beautiful as well as allowing a person the chance to set measurable goals and actually achieve them.

        • Mary – Did you follow the link and read the article? Of course Mac, Estee Lauder, etc are real businesses. They have actual retail customers for their products. Mary Kay is not a business FOR THE CONSULTANTS. They cannot build viable retail businesses. Their business is recruiting new people, whose business is to recruit new people… and that’s not a business. Recruiting into infinity simply isn’t a sustainable business and the people at the bottom of the pyramid will always lose.

        • When they pay benefits then they will be a real business. I did Mary Kay for a couple years and it’s a scam. Multi level marketing. Classic pyramid scheme! I think it does more to damage families and relationships than anything else. People rip their families in to this business and when they find out it’s just MLM their relationship is broken. So save it.

    • Sharon …
      I wouldn’t want to “walk in Gloria’s shoes”, learn at her feet or share her space if you handed me the opportunity on a silver platter. She is a con artist. She lies for a living.

      go out and build a life for you and your family, IF YOU CAN AND ARE WILLING TO TRY!! Not only are we doing that, we’re doing it without ruining the lives and financial well-being of other women.

      I’m retired, after a successful career as a technical writer in that nasty “Corporate America” … using my skills to do an honest day’s work for good pay. And I did volunteer work as a first responder, and also an ESL teacher.

    • The day I resigned and walked away from the egos like hers is the day I started a new, healthy life. I’ve ridden in elevators with her and have overheard conversations that reveal just how full of herself she is.

      • Best … you should hear her dishing the dirt in the ladies room!

        She came to a recruiting event in Phoenix – I went with pink truth cards to distribute, and was busily arranging for them to fall out of the toilet paper dispensers when she ans someone else came in to primp.


      • Good for you best decision! I believe that was the best decision to make. Keep your sanity and your money! Not to mention keep your relationships. Good for you!

    • If the Mary Kay “business” was all it claims to be, if the “business” truly empowered women the way we’re supposed to believe, no one would give Pink Truth a second thought. We’d instead be overwhelmed by people proving us wrong, over and over again. But that’s not happening.

      Sharon obviously feels threatened enough that she has to lash out and blame anonymous people in an internet chat room for her lack of success.

      Oh I can hear her now: “Hah! No I’m not. I’m doing just fine.”

      Are you, Sharon? And if you are, are the people you recruited also doing just fine?

      Do you have any proof?

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