Emerald Director Debuts at Mary Kay Seminar 2011

Thanks to wazpink for providing us with this picture of Mary Kay sales director debuts at Emerald Seminar. I have included pictures for prior years too, so you can compare the numbers. If anyone gets their hands on similar pictures from other seminars, please send them our way!


  1. Unpinkedassistant

    It looks like the stairs are closer together and/or the stage is smaller this year.

    I never went to seminar so somebody who has please feel free to comment.

    I love seeing in pictures the evidence of dwindling director numbers.

  2. No Pink Fan

    I heard that some former Diamond units were moved to Emerald last year in order to redistribute Seminar numbers more equitably. The influx of additional units would certainly help Emerald to appear to have more new Directors this year. In reality, it’s just smoke and mirrors.

  3. raw joy

    It’s hard to tell from that angle whether they’ve manipulated the stage size. It does look like there’s more directors this year than last. Probably as a result of running those $50 showcase promotions. Too bad all that means is they’ve built their directorship on people who wanted a bargain, the majority of which will drop out of sight within three months of signing.

  4. HopefullyHealing

    I agree, I think the stairs are closer together and/or the stage is smaller this year compared to last. Looking at all the pics, it’s amazing to see how much smaller each year gets. (Yeah!!)
    Wow, I’m going to have to dig up a pic from when I debuted on stage. It was several deep and the stage was HUGE. Of course that was back in 1996!lol
    I thank God each day for having come to my senses. Can you imagine getting ready to leave for HOT-Dallas right now? I love the article someone wrote about the ‘stench’ on the 3rd day of Seminar….having to wear your Drektor suit every day. BLECK Nasssty!!

  5. onelessSD

    the stairs are closer together! Great observation unpinked! compare this years photo – at the very top of the landing… there is only 1 section of railing. In other photos, there are 2 sections of railing.

    I suppose this is corps way of making it a more ‘cozy’ experience.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      It’s the angle of the photo making the stairs look narrower. There is a shot of Ms IWant1200, looking up towards the stairs, and there are 2 sections of railing above her.

  6. tigger

    I like the director suits better this year.

    A wise older consultant once said the trouble begins when one goes for directorship. I agree.

    Happy to see PT is getting seminar pics again.

  7. Mary Feuer

    despite the blurry pix, I counted approx 80 in this year’s pix as opposed to approx 55 last year. I am sure you are right about the effects of the $50 showcase promo being the contributing factor here.
    wish we had a pix of all the women that gave up their directorship this past year.

  8. onelessSD

    yeah, I counted about 80ish as well. I know the number is totally connected with the $50 kit. I personally know a director that added 80+ to her unit during the month of April – but when you look at her commission and her production for the month, that 80+ new unit members didn’t really make a big difference.

    As far as the “debuted”… my husband always called it “debutt” (I should have clued in at the 1st mention of that!)

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