Mary Kay Seminar Attendance Still Lagging

Despite Mary Kay Inc.’s representations to the press that the company is flying high and benefiting from a tough economy, attendance at the annual Seminar in Dallas is still lagging behind the attendance in most of the last ten years.

In 2012, Mary Kay reports that 32,000 women will attend Seminar in July and August:

This figure is better than 2010 and 2011, which each had 30,000 attendee, but is behind the eight years prior. Here is the annual attendance for the last decade:

2011: 30,000

2010: More than 30,000

2009: 35,000

2008: 35,000

2007: 40,000

2006: 42,000

2005: 45,000

2003: 53,000

2001: 43,000

The seminar attendance may reflect two things:

a. Lower recruiting in the U.S. – The company won’t tell us what the U.S. recruiting numbers are, but I think it’s safe to say that they are down and the overseas markets are responsible for the company’s growth.

b. Smarter consultants – Hopefully, more consultants are realizing what a waste of money Seminar is, because there is little actual learning that goes on there, and it is mostly just an expensive pep rally.


  1. The registration totals are probably more than actual attendance. Flights are more expensive this year than usual. But some kaybots are boarding charter buses arranged by their NSD. Some are riding the Megabus. I’m So thankful & blessed to be Free!

    • I think that is because they are still within the pink fog. I mean, I did not want to attend Career Conference a third time. It is exhausting and I got tired of the retreats too, because it tends to just be a rehash of what is covered in meetings.

  2. How do I sign up for pink truth to share my story? I hate Mary Kay to the core.I read the website to try and calm myself but it doesn’t work. I know saying names and the like, pointing fingers won’t do me any good its just im just so pissed I may not care. Please, someone respond so I know how to share my story!

    • You can share your story at the forums! Click the link at the top right of this page where it says “Visit the Pink Truth Discussion Board”

  3. I have been reading this site for a while, but this is my first post. I think that reason b is a large factor in the lower attendance. We all know that MK directors and recruiters are not honest with new consultants about all of the ridiculous and never ending expenses. They also don’t tell you that events are pretty much mandatory. I tell people that if we own our businesses, then why do we have to explain how to spend or not spend our own money? As you ladies know, too much pressure is placed on consultants and most of the fees are hidden. You don’t learn about them until after you join. I never attended seminar, despite my director’s bullying tactics. I went to Career Conference twice and two fall retreats, but I got tired of spending money that I never made back. I would go to vendor events only to return home with a handful of phone numbers that usually turned out to be fake. I also worked at a restaurant a few times, purchased a stack of bridal leads, and did a VIP shopping event. I only managed to get three new clients that came from cold leads, but despite my follow ups, they were all one-time customers. As you ladies have said, sales from family and friends only take us so far.

    After my director pushed me to my tolerance limit, I conducted some research online about the “negative side of Mary Kay.” It was how I came across this site, among others, that explain the truth behind MK. Everything made sense–if MKI does not track sales, then consultants could tell little white lies weekly about re-orders, couldn’t they? If directors did not really make executive income, then that is why most of them hound their unit and try to bully them into things that they don’t want to or can’t afford to do.

    I am glad that I was strong enough to not cave, but I am not attending any more meetings or events.

    As others have mentioned, sister consultants are not friends. Thankfully, I have other real friends in life. Weekly meetings, three annual events, plus workshops, etc. is too much time to spend with people who are not really friends or family.

  4. Thanks Lynn! You will hear from me this week. I’m trying to keep anger down still. Then I can think rationally and NOT point fingers!

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