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Diamond Director Debuts at Seminar 2012

Again we have another user-submitted photo of the director debuts at Mary Kay seminar. The last year Mary Kay published these pictures publicly was 2009. We now add 2012 to our picture collection. This is a different angle, which makes a comparison difficult. Also the quality of the 2010 picture is not ideal. (Any users with pictures from any recent year should email them to me, and include which seminar division the picture represents.)



  1. raisinberry

    Yea, and didn’t they LOWER qualifications to just 24 active? Seems like since they made it easier to attain, you would expect more qualifiers. I use that term loosely.

  2. gettingoutofdebt

    Oh… but remember, the Diamond seminar had the most NSD debuts. Meaning, many more new directors. Now- since these directors had to complete qualifications fast and possibly with the future NSD’s help- they did not build their units with a solid foundation. I bet over 1/2 of the units fail before December of this year.


    MKC also MOVES THE WHOLE STAGE FORWARD to make it looked like a packed house.

    There are numbers on the walls to the left and right of the stage.

    At my last seminar the number was 5.

    Does anyone have any photos that show that angle.

    IMO It will be a much larger number! I hope so!

    1. Lazy Gardens

      No, looking at the way the aisles slant, and the position of the lower tier of seats … it’s in the standard stage configuration. Sections 5 and 28 are at the forward edge of the stage. That little slanty bunch of seats visible just above the stage is section 8C.


      What they did one year was hang banners in the nosebleed section to hide some empty sections – I’ll have to look for that picture.

  4. blindedbypink

    My co worker has been posting up pictures from the current 2012 Mary Kay seminar and all I see is her sinking deeper into this brain washing gig. She is a single mother of 3 children and wants to quit her real job for this mess. I am upset that she does not see that the trinkets she gets are worthless and is wasting her time. I have my own Mary Kay story where my co worker tried to recruit me. I was weary about MK before I even heard her pitch.

  5. The stage was much smaller this year…the stairs were lower and the head room was much higher where you come out on the stage than in past years…several noticed that when we observed it. Also, in the Diamond Seminar the arena was not completely full so Hall A was not even an option:)

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