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Caption This Mary Kay Photo

Check out this screen shot from Facebook … And note that Mary Kay Inc. is NOT on Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For.



  1. Freefrmpink

    Too funny! I saw this post and looked for the list on the net. The cover pic is Fortune, but it says “Forbes” just announced… I commented to the person that posted, I didn’t see MK on any list & where is the list? LOL! I miss the thank you for creating a cult. She’s remove it from her page. Wished I had shared it out of supposed ignorance. Darn it! Missed opportunity.

  2. pinkinthered

    Hmm, so I googled “Forbes 100 companies to work for” assuming poor Bot was confused. I looked at #10, and it was In n Out Burger. Awesome, ’cause I’d rather work at In n Out than be an IBC ever again. And I’d make a ton more money, as well!

  3. raisinberry

    I have to laugh! Its like the Higher Power of the Universe just keeps making MK’ers shoot their own feet. Fortune/ Forbes? “Cult”? Its perfect!

    Ya just are not gonna get away with the lies anymore, pinksters!

  4. RockGoddess

    From what I could find, Mary Kay was listed in the top 10 back in 1984 and 1993. They made it to number 82 in 1998. Anyway, by saying to work for, they would mean actually being an employee, not an independent contractor.

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