Questions Mary Kay Consultants Ask Themselves

Written by Tabitha

Why are there so many women who quit Mary Kay when it is such a great opportunity, you can fit it into any schedule, and the product sells itself?

Why do so many sales directors “step down” – is it because they’re lazy? Or is it because the market is saturated?

Why does a consultant need inventory on her shelf when there are so many people who will wait for their L.L. Bean order, Sephora order, Victoria’s Secret order, order, e-bay order? You can get your product from the warehouse in less than a week – why does the consultant need to have $3,600 wholesale on her shelf?

Is running out of face wash really an emergency? Why don’t we all get pink-one-one numbers then?

Why is it that Mary Kay is NOT for everyone when you’re recruiting, but if someone quits she’s a failure? Don’t deny this one – it’s in the MK datebook.

Why should consultants think like a retailer for the holidays? Sure, stores order tons of limited edition type products around the holidays, but then there are after Christmas sales when things are 75% off. Did you tell your consultants that the limited edition stuff might not sell, it sure as heck will never be in the catalogue again, and you may have to discount it to move it? Stores mark their products up 100% – they can afford to lose 75%. Can your stay at home mom consultant eat that cost? Or your still in college consultant? Or your fixed income consultant?

I am receiving paid training at my new job – why do consultants have to “pay” for training? And directors have to pay for DIT? And their suits?

No quotas? Not so true. What’s the minimum you need per month to get 9% commissions? Keep your car? Your unit? Your circle of excellence recognition?

Why are consultants encouraged to take the car instead of the cash? Who cares if your relatives don’t believe you? Isn’t it way more beneficial to take the cash?

Why don’t weekly accomplishment results in the newsletter match wholesale ordered?

Why can’t the INDEPENDENT consultant sell her business?

Why can’t the INDEPENDENT consultant advertise anything she wants?

Why can the company terminate the consultant if she’s her own boss?

Why doesn’t the company track sales like other direct sales companies?

If the company doesn’t track sales, how can they claim that they’re the best selling brand without the sales slips?

Why can’t the unit see their director’s weekly summaries?

Why do you have to pay 15.3% self employment taxes when you’re a director if you get your paycheck from the company?

Why aren’t consultants told the whole truth about being able to return their products? When I was a consultant it was taught that you can only get the 90% back in your first year.

Why can’t you find out how to quit on the mary kay in touch website?

Why are more and more stores posting “no soliciting” signs in this area?

Why does the company want us to give a VIDEO of Mary Kay a standing ovation? This happened at career conference 2008. She’s dead. She doesn’t care. Can you say “idol worship”?

Why is it frowned upon to be truthful to fellow consultants? If you had a bad day, why are you supposed to say it was “unbelievable”?

What is it my husband doesn’t understand? Why must he be “unaware” of my purchase?

Why do I need to be in Mary Kay to set a good example for my children? Are there good moms outside of mk?

Why are there so many consultants at meetings and so few guests?

If the opportunity is so great, why do people need to be bribed to join? Case in point – the August rebate.

Why doesn’t the company provide hostess credit?

Why are there so many mk products sold in Nigeria?

Why can’t consultants stay at Motel 6 when they go to seminar?

Why is the number of sales directors in the USA going down?

Why are so few new directors debuting at seminar?

Why did my face clear up when I quit using mk skin care?

Why are there toxic Mary Kay products still being sold?

Why are consultants receiving expired products in their orders?

Why does the company keep changing packaging? Clinique has always been green. Tifffany has always been blue. Mary Kay has been light pink, hot pink, platinum, and now black. How does that support brand recognition? They don’t even have the beautiful flower logo anymore.

Why can corporate take away a consultant or director commission? My husband has never had to RETURN money to his company.

If consultant wholesale order returns are so rare, why doesn’t the company eat those costs? Why does the director have to pay?

Why are there requirements for National trips now? Didn’t the national already prove herself?

Why are consultants encouraged to “stretch” for their unit at the end of the seminar year? What’s really in it for her? She doesn’t get a bonus.

Why is the red jacket so ugly? Why did St. John’s stop making the national suits?

Why can’t consultants wear pants? Why can’t consultants wear what they want? Why do all consultants look the same?

Why are there unit meetings where the queen of sales only sold a hundred dollars and her totals were never told to the “guests”? Why can’t guests know when consultants have low sale weeks?

If consultants can choose their own hours, why don’t hostesses want to hold classes on Tuesday mornings?

Why do customers ignore their consultants when they see them around town?

Why can’t consultants have wine at the $60+ NSD award dinners they pay for? It might convince people to stay until the end. I think grown women can control themselves at a banquet.

Why do consultants feel pressure when they’re with their family and pressure when they’re working their business?

Why are the same scripts used to recruit people into cults very similar to the ones that are used in mary kay?

Why are the people I know, besides myself, who have quit/slowed down their mary kay businesses, the happiest they’ve been in years?


  1. Elf

    I had an opportunity to spend some time with the director that drove me to be a regular reader of this site. She is a rising star in MK, meaning she has been told that her meteoric rise to driving her free car has been incredible. Blah blah blah.
    The interesting thing was that she was asked about her business. I was watching her closely. She started to answer one thing, paused, I could see her eyes move and her changing her thoughts and out of her mouth popped a positive non committal reply. It was really interesting. Just observing after reading this site and these articles tells you all you need to know.
    I would never do a MLM after all this information. Again, thank you.

  2. imewise

    “Why can’t consultants have wine at the $60+ NSD award dinners they pay for? It might convince people to stay until the end. I think grown women can control themselves at a banquet.”

    Answer: Because everyone is strapped for cash and stressed out. The perfect “cocktail” for over indulging in alcohol. 😉

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