False Recruiting Information in Mary Kay

False information provided when recruiting new members to Mary Kay is not new. It has been going on for years. Here is another example of misinformation on a Mary Kay sales director’s website, with our comments in italics.

Mary Kay Facts….Did You Know?

Mary Kay is #1 in brand loyalty among customers who buy skin care products. Three out of five women will buy the product after being introduced to it. It is estimated that 80% will continue to use the Skin Care after they have been introduced to the product —

Mary Kay philosophy for success is God First, Family Second, Career Third, Always working by the Golden Rule. (Yeah, right. HAHA!)

Some 30 million consumers purchase approximately 200 million Mary Kay products each year. And you track this how???

Mary Kay does not use animal testing. We have also donated to Johns Hopkins Research to help find alternative methods of testing.

Mary Kay is the #1 best selling brand skin care in the U.S. for the 10th year in a row! (Need to add qualifiers here)

Advancement is based on personal achievement at your own pace. (NO, it’s based on wholesale ordering and recruiting others who will place wholesale orders)

Skin Care and Cosmetic Sales is one of only three industries that are “RECCESSION FREE.

Mary Kay returns 37% of every dollar earned to Consultants and Directors in the form of bonuses and incentive programs. In 2000 this amount equated to over $400 million.

In the next few years, over 3 million women will start their own businesses investing more than $100,000 each . SOURCE?

It takes only $100 to begin a Mary Kay career. Inventory is optional and all Inventory has a one-year, 90% buy-back guarantee. (True, but the “inventory talk” is high pressure)

Consultants are independent contractors, backed by a fortune 500 company. NOOOOooooo! It’s a private company. Good grief, are most of your directors ignorant?

Mary Kay has been listed 5 times in the Top 100 Companies to Work for in America, and is one of the Top 10 Companies for Women.

Fortune Magazine stated that one-year in Mary Kay was equal to $4,500 worth of training. (Prove it. Date of issue? Page? More likely, it’s worth $4,500 or more in credit card debt.)In direct sales, Mary Kay pays the highest commission 50%. According to the Wall Street Journal, there are more women in Mary Kay who earn over $100,000 a year than any other company in the world today. We have developed more millionaires than any other company in the world. (PROVE it. Date of issue? Page number?)

Mary Kay training classes are equal to college courses in marketing, communications, personnel, and small business management. Training is free and local. (Local training is not free and consists mainly of juvenile antics and recruiting pitches for any guests.)

Approximately 66% of all consultants work a full-time job and work Mary Kay part-time. They learn the business, build a customer base, and may begin building a team to manage. They may quit their full-time jobs when they are making more money in Mary Kay.

March 2003 was yet another record breaking month with retail sales of $129 Million! That is a 13% increase from March 2002. Projections are that our sales will be $5 billion a year by 2005, with recruiting at an all time high!

We have a fleet of more than 12,000 cars on the road valued at over $180 million. There are Red Pontiac Vibes driven by Consultants (Grand Achievers), Platinum Grand Prixs and of course the Pink Cadillacs driven by our Directors. Mary Kay has the largest fleet of cars in the United States!

The company pays the tax, licensee fees and a majority of the car insurance for all company car drivers. Directors have paid life insurance.

National Sales Directors may qualify for a retirement plan called the Family Security Plan which pays them up to 60% of their average annual income (the best 3 of 5 years) for 15 years after they retire. Retirement funds go to the family in the even of death. (True, but the other million+ consultants and directors get NOTHING.)

It is estimated that more women have earned over $1 million from their Mary Kay careers than at any other company in the world. PROVE it. Source?

Mary Kay is #4 in Internet Retail Sales in the World! (to its consultants)

Mary Kay’s marketing plan is taught at the Harvard School of Business and several other major universities. NOOOooooooo it’s not!

How are we different from other Direct Selling programs? We have a closed loop, balanced program:

Mary Kay manufactures what we sell

Mary Kay distributes what we order

Each consultant tracks what she orders

Mary Kay is a dual marketing plan (BS, it’s MLM no matter how you obsfucate the truth)

Mary Kay has approximately 10 percent of the U.S. facial skin care market and 7 percent of the facial color cosmetics market.

The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation was created in 1996 to fund research of cancers affecting women, and in 2000 expanded its mission to include prevention of violence against women.

Mary Kay Inc. was one of 20 companies profiled in the 1996 book, Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time, and Mary Kay Ash was the only woman founder in the book.

Mary Kay Ash was named Texas Business Woman of the Century.

Mary Kay is international. We are not only in the United States, but in over 33 countries around the world.

Mary Kay Ash was Chairman Emeritus until she passed away on November 22, 2001. Her son, Richard Rogers, is CEO.

Average ANNUAL income for management positions in Mary Kay: PROVE it. Source?

Grand Achiever – $19,000

Sales Director – $50,000

Senior Sale Director – $75,000

Exec. Senior Sales Director – $100,000

National Sales Director – $250,000

Mary Kay’s annual convention draws approximately 45,000 Beauty Consultants and Sales

Directors to Dallas for five consecutive three-day sessions each summer.


  1. Anna

    The “no animal testing” thing really grinds my gears. They don’t test on animals in the US. They DO test on them in China, as required by law. “No animal testing” is a lie, even if Mary Kay doesn’t feel like it is because they’re “trying” to get China to find an alternative…and there are many cosmetic companies who don’t manufacture in China for that reason!

    1. Eliza

      I was JUST reading about this the other day! The laws in China have recently changed I guess so I bet MK will go else where that it is MANDATORY to test their new products…

      ALSO There are huge STORE FRONTS in China because briefly direct sales was illegal. So much for the traditional business plan….

  2. Lulutoo

    I agree about the no animal testing. Many people (including me) will never buy from a company that tests on animals (or worse, one that tests on animals and claims it does not)!

  3. CaliforniaGal

    Well, gal friends, I think they should list the average debt instead of the average income. What a sad, scummy scheme. The lies just keep coming, don’t they.

  4. MLM Radar

    It’s always interesting to see previous-year sales projections put out by Corporate. It’s particularly interesting when we are long past the date of the projection, and know that they never came close to achieving those expectations. Not on their timetable, and not even now, years later.

    But then, Mary Kay always was a company built on lofty predictions. It’s too bad that the loft itself is just made of smoke.

    When your whole focus is recruiting and cramming inventory onto recruits, you’ll never build a viable end-user market. That means you’re never going to meet any big goals, no matter how enthusiastically your sales force tries.

  5. Eliza

    I WISH I could post attachment…I just got a ton of documents in my inbox even though I canceled my consultant ID number and you would not believe what is in there!

  6. Eliza

    My friend, still in the pink bubble, (she’s quickly becoming disenchanted) had a party tonight and it was her first party and she was scared no one would show up so she asked me to go and I said okay. My former sales director was there (to my surprise) to help her with her first party and at first I was apprehensive but then I had a great time. Because it was my friends first party the sales director ended up doing a lot of the talking when it came to recruiting, and I was laughing my ass off on the inside because every time she told a Mary Kay lie she would look at me nervously waiting for me to spill the beans. She would even go as far is to reply to comments I didn’t say but she knew I was thinking, I didn’t say a word, I let her squirm for 2 1/2 hours. she was defending herself for absolutely no other reason except for the fact I was there. She even talked about how Mary Kay wasn’t the pier amid and now the products are good for more than three years so there’s no rush to sell them ha ha … Afterwards she made the mistake of letting me walk out of the house ALONE with the other girls from the party. I told them it was fine to purchase products from my friend, but encouraged them not to join Mary Kay cult and told them to Google pink truth.

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