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Explaining Ordering to Mary Kay Husbands

Bad Mary Kay husbands often have the fatal flaws of logic, reason, and common sense.  They’re considered “bad” because they’re not supposed to point out that their wives aren’t making any money (or very little) in Mary Kay. They’re not supposed to complain about the mounting credit card debt. They’re not supposed offer up the logic that it makes no sense to place a $1,000 order just to meet a minimum required for a DIQ to stay in qualification.

How wrong and unsupportive to suggest that Mary Kay is a losing proposition! Anything resembling reason and common sense is the husband’s attempt to hold you back, or not let you have anything for yourself, or control you, or any of a number of sinister-sounding intentions.

The “good” Mary Kay husbands go along with the charade at the expense of their families. The even better husbands help suck other men into the pink vortex and convince them that they ought to keep quiet if they know what’s good for them. Only positive Mary Kay vibes allowed, and it will pay off someday *wink wink*.

Here’s an old piece from Dan Allison, husband of Mary Kay nsd Lisa Allison. He explains why ORDERING (not selling) is so important for units at the end of the year.

As some of you Mary Kay veteran husbands probably know, the fiscal year end for Mary Kay Consultants and Directors is June 30th. What does this mean for we husbands? Well, normally it means that these are two very important months to support your wife, months when she may start showing some signs of stress. Stress? About her Mary Kay career. In short, yes, read on so you can understand what you can do to help her through year end.

Year end for many Directors and Consultants means trying to stretch and attain the goals they set for themselves at Seminar last year. It might mean they are trying to reach the Queens Court of Sales, which requires them to reach $37,000 retail sales for the Seminar Year ending June 30th. Maybe your wife is a Director and she is trying to attain the Queens Court of Personal Recruiting (won in the Pearl Seminar last year by my good friend Leah Nelson). The Queens Court of Personal Recruiting requires a Director to recruit 24 qualified recruits in the Seminar Year. That means 24 new consultants who placed at least a $600 order.

Maybe your Director wife is working to qualify for the Top Director Trips. Let me just tell you from personal experience, these are some of the best trips I’ve ever taken in my life, as much for the friendships you make as for the awesome Mary Kay treatment.

The Top Director Trip for this year is to Hawaii for a week at the Grand Wailea Resort and requires a Unit produce $650,000 retail sales for the Seminar Year. If your wife really stretches she might make it to the Extended Top Director Trip. That requires $800,000 retail sales production for the Seminar Year. This year the extended trip happens before Hawaii, a trip to San Francisco staying at the luxurious Ritz Carlton.

My wife, Lisa Allison, and her Units goal this year is $1 Million in Retail Sales. An amazing accomplishment, this level of production also means you get a larger suite in Hawaii. The Top Director suite in Rome last year was enormous. It had separate bedrooms, a frescoed domed ceiling, a media room with large screen projection TV, a balcony overlooking Rome and several hot tubs, saunas and workout facilities. I can’t remember how many square feet it encompased, but it was bigger than my house!

So how do you help? The first thing to do is understand what your wife’s goals are. If she is actively pursuing them you probably already now what they are because there are goal posters all over your house. If you don’t know, ask now, she will probably be happy for you to know what her goals are.

Now that you know what the goal is, keep track of it with your wife and encourage her. It is amazing what a woman who is encouraged and supported by her husband can do. Ask regularly how she is doing in relation to her goal and encourage her. However, do not try to fix all the problems you “think” she has. That is our tendency as men, to fix things, but in this case you have to let her run her business and just be supportive.

You also need to give her the time to work her business. My wife generally works out of the house two days a week, maybe three. The first day is her meeting night, which she holds every week. My daughters and I have gotten in the habit of spending this evening with my parents. The girls look forward to it and want to spend time with their Grandparents, so it works out well for all of us. My wife also generally works on Saturdays.

It is important that I let her have this time happily, without making her feel guilty about not being around. I try to look at Saturdays not as time for me to play golf or do some other activity for myself, it’s a time that I get to spend individually with my daughters. I do not make my wife feel bad that she is not doing something with us. Instead I am involved with my girls and try to have dad fun with them by taking them to movies, to their soccer games, or to get ice cream (just don’t tell my wife). This way Lisa feels free to work her business and she is successful. Believe me, when she becomes a National Sales Director and I can retire, then I’ll have plenty of time for golf.

One other really important way to motivate your wife to success is to be proud of her. It will be hard for some of you, but you have to verbally tell her you are proud of her. It’s not difficult, it’s just not the way some men operate. So work at it, tell her you are proud, it will have a big impact on her. That’s one of the things Mary Kay the company does well, rejoice in success. All the glitz and glamour of Seminar is there to make your wives feel special. To feel like royalty. It is a big motivator for women. The easy part for you is telling your wife how proud you are of her has a similar effect, so verbalize!

I hope this helps you understand what your wives will be going through these next few months. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the forums.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 13 May 2004 )

This piece may be old, but it still the same old song. Can you read between the lines to see the truth about Mary Kay?


  1. Iescaped

    And the layering continues.

    If your husband is in the way of your success (err ordering) get him onboard. If he won’t be supportive (err, let you spend whatever) than just hide it from him.

    Nice job Mary Kay, one marriage at a time!!

  2. Karla

    For some reason, I remembered that scene from “The Devil Wears Prada”, when Miranda tells to Andy that she’s going to divorce, and when Andy tells her to cancel the meal, Miranda just can care of where will Donatella Versace seat. I mean, that’s how are the MK ladies, just care about the “career” and they can’t care even if their families are tearing apart because of their “business”

  3. MLM Radar

    The hotel suite in Rome was bigger than his house? But but but I thought all NSDs lived in mansions!

    Or maybe they can’t really afford a decent house on her “squeeze orders out of unsuspecting recruits” MK income… Hmmm?

  4. I read this letter out loud to my husband, who then proceeded to call it “the most insipid piece of s*** I’ve ever heard!”

    Anyone else get the impression that this whole piece is nothing but baby-talk geared towards grown men? Talk about insulting one’s dignity.

  5. cindlylu

    Narcissists often control everyone around them including their husbands. Most of these husbands are doormats because of their domineering wives. MK herself seemed to have promoted the idea of lying to husbands. Supposedly a husband showing concern about credit card debt and tons of unsold products was seen as interfering. Husbands do not attend the repetitive bs MK indoctrination meetings, retreats and seminars. The men are on the outside seeing how their wives are being abused by MK. Far too many families and marriages ruined because of being exploited financially by the cultish mlm of MK. My SD and 2 NSD’s I knew were narcissists who used women for their own financial gain. My SD’s husband and family were always secondary while she wasted his hard earned money. The NSD’s I knew did not live in mansions. Maybe the first 10 directors who were recruited directly by MK had mansions towards the end of their careers after 35 years. Directors and NSD’s in the 1990’s onwards do not live in mansions. One NSD I know still has the same house 15 years later and my house is nicer and larger. I’m sure her neighbour’s must be fed up with having constant parking of consultants on their street.

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