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The “Creditability” of Being a Mary Kay Star

I love it when Mary Kay national sales directors make up new words. Especially when they’re so fitting for a company that wants you to load up on product and get access to as much credit as you can so that you can keep ordering. This NSD refers to the “creditability” that you get from being a star consultant in Mary Kay. I think she means she wants you to have the ability to get credit…

This document is nothing more than a simple ploy to get you to order more than you need at the beginning of the seminar year. Remember that July is a rough month for most sales directors. They’ve just squeezed every bit of life (and money) out of their consultants by begging them to order non-stop to “meet the unit’s goal.”

Who’s ready to order again in July? Probably no one. That’s why the Mary Kay sales directors and NSDs trot out the “start the year right” stuff. They might as well call it “order early, order often.” All they’re doing is trying to guilt you into ordering at the beginning of the year, suggesting that if you want to be successful all year, this is the right way to start. What a load of crap!

If you think it is not important to start the new year off as a Star Consultant, think again. It is the single most important thing you can do for your business!

“Be A Star!”

Years ago I remember reading a book where the 35 most successful people in the world shared 10 things they did that helped make them successful. I read what they said and there was only one thing that they all had on their list, only one thing that every single one of them had written down the same. And that one thing was each of them ‘Made a list of the 6 most important things to do each day.’ From that moment on I decided that was one thing I would do without fail and look at the credibility of that one thing.

On every Director’s and National Sales Director’s list, is the basic success plan – The yellow brick road to follow to be successful – and that is to be a Star Consultant. Some years back I realized that a very strange thing was happening. Some of my consultants at the beginning of the quarter were actually planning not to be a Star that quarter, instead of asking, how many faces do I need to do to complete my goal. They were actually planning on being successful.

The most important reason to be a star is the creditability in your mind that this product sells which makes it so easy to recruit. Also, your recruits need to be Star Consultants so they can make money and have people to sharing their opportunity with.

When Benjamin Franklin wanted to introduce street lighting to the people of colonial Philadelphia, he did not lobby politicians, he did not publish editorials, he did not argue with those who disagreed with him. Instead, he simply hung a brilliant lantern on a long bracket in front of his own house.

Every evening, as dusk approached, he faithfully lit the wick. People out in the dark night could see Franklin’s streetlight from blocks away and very grateful to walk in its friendly glow.

Soon Franklin’s neighbors started putting lanterns on brackets in front of their homes, and it wasn’t long before the entire city was illuminated each night with street lamps.

This is the way Jesus has influenced humankind, by example, by showing us what to do and how to do it. By letting His own light shine, He not only lighted the way for us but gave us the idea that we, too, have lights that should be shining. ~This is what is meant by the speed of the leader…. you set the example, lead by example, lead by example, lead by example! It is the key to becoming influential in the business and being able to build a team.

You will be winning prizes, prizes you can put in your living room, things you can wear, things for the family. You will be getting the recognition so you can build creditability. And you will be consistently selling your products showing the profits to be made in Mary Kay.

Use The Success Sheet attached, work out a plan of action of how many faces it will take to reach your goal then cut out the picture of the prize of your choice from the Quarterly Prize Brochure and put it on your goal poster where you can see it every day. You do deserve the benefits of this unbelievable career. Plan your success for you and your family today.

Is she serious? Order more because it makes others think the product really sells? Well yeah… it sells to consultants who are conned into unnecessary orders!!! And wouldn’t you know it? Jesus wants you to order too. He’d do it if he was here, so you should too!


  1. Iescaped

    I still amazes me that something like this will make complete sense when you are in the Pink Fog. When you are not wrapped in the Pink Bubble this stuff is just ridiculous.

    “The most important reason to be a star is the creditability in your mind that this product sells which makes it so easy to recruit. Also, your recruits need to be Star Consultants so they can make money and have people to sharing their opportunity with.”

    Really? All I have to do is order over $1800 worth of MKrap so I can Bee-lieve in my mind that it will sell? And since I Bee-lieve it sells (even though it is now accumulating dust on my shelf) I can easily recruit others to sell, err order, this stuff!!

    Again, the questions of how I fell for this stuff still lingers.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      I still amazes me that something like this will make complete sense when you are in the Pink Fog. When you are not wrapped in the Pink Bubble this stuff is just ridiculous.

      When you are inside a reality distortion field – in a cult bubble – they take every precaution to keep the bubble intact.

  2. enorth

    “…think again. It is the single most important thing you can do for your business!”

    They say that whenever it suits their purposes. Like, “This is the best time of the year to start your MK business!” No matter what time of the year it is. Or, “This is the best season of the year to sell!”, no matter the season.

    I have a song stuck in my head, “If You’ve Got the Creditability, Honey, I’ve Got the Time.”

  3. Iescaped

    Real credibility would be getting the story of Ben Franklin and street lighting correct!

    Street lights had been used for centuries before in Europe, Ben Franklin did not discover this. Also the colonists used street lights and the only contribution Ben Franklin made was a design of lamp that had four replaceable glass sides. That way if one side broke, you didn’t have to replace the whole thing.

    Dang, if they could only get real history straight!

    1. kmnotmk

      And he definitely presented a bill to the PA legislature to get street lights in Philadelphia, he didn’t just put a light in front of his house (or order a bunch of makeup) and hope people would like it.

      Also, what a weirdly specific summary of this supposed “book” without actually providing the name, author, or identities of these 35 most successful people.

  4. gotheart

    Linda Toupin NSD

    These Toupin Directors just held 192 Mary Kay parties, added 74 personal new team members & sold $108,433 in product. ?

    Most of these women didn’t sell anything. In all probability the word “sold” is misleading and should be ordered. Their @$4K order to MKC was place to qualify to attend the French Lick retreat and these numbers are being used to make it appear they sold product. That is what the SDs do if they don’t want to be shunned, excluded from the social LCT events.

    This false display of credibility is what keeps hope alive for all those genuine IBC who believe these women sold product.

    Here is a picture of a beautiful resort and the @30 who have “qualified” to attend this resort with LCT. By the way LCT does this year in year out at Christmas time.

    It is painfully degrading to be treated the way I was when I didn’t qualify for this event. That is up until the year I did.
    I honestly qualified once. But because I was an adopted SD in LCT area none of my production actually counted toward LCT commission. (I was treated the same by Miss Go Give, as I was when I didn’t qualify. I came to the conclusion I just wasn’t likable.) It was at this retreat when I heard how the SDs ordered their production in order to be sure they earned the retreat. (But you didn’t earn anything, you paid your own way.)

    After my return trip home it took a few weeks for me to be able to process the sham I was part of. It was the beginning of the end for me in MK but it was 10 years after this event I quit MK .

    1. BestDecision

      What people don’t realize in Linda Toupin’s post and brag about her Directors is that the numbers per person are embarrassing and reflective of the entire company. If a Director, the “top 2% of the entire company”, can only hold an average of 7 parties during that contest period, only recruiting an average of 2.7 people during that same time, and sold only an average of $4016, THINGS ARE UNRAVELING. (There are 27 Directors pictured in her retreat photo, and she is boasting they held a combined 192 parties, recruited 74 personals, and sold $108,433. This is where the above averages came from. I believe the contest period was either a month or quarter.)

      Right now, Directors are scrambling to afford airfare to Leadership Conference, which, according to hoe New Director Education teaches, is supposed to be funded by their personal sales profits. All to come home to the same customers, the same mediocre products, and the same apathetic unit with a mission to hype up the next company event (Career Conference) that won’t change any of those things, either.

      READ THE REAL NUMBERS AND DO THE MATH. It’s a waste of time and life!

  5. Morningstar

    Diversion of the topic by correlating MK “deeds” to Ben Franklin and Jesus and many other people. This serves as to train the mind to go somewhere else dream of wealth and compare yourself to those that served humanity. It also raises the internal hype so MK kay bots are so much likely to order product to “feel” adequate.

    A viable business keeps to the business at hand, and does not revolve around reverie of the past historical figures to make business current and profitable.

    This post today has me laughing out loud. For 1800.00 yes you can be a part of history. Marching toward debt and/or bankruptcy. Bet ben Franklin did not have 30k in debt over 15yr as I have had.

    So hurry up and order mk corporate needs your cash!

    The one thing I cannot wrap my head around is how MK could have evolved into a business model 40 years ago where it would have good product branding,good reputation, and a serious sales force.

    It is a model whereas the mk up line has to resort to act foolish (YouTube videos) and BEG for orders while making you think if I do not participate I am lazy loser. Now that is “stinkin’ thinkin’ “.
    It works for the corporation not you. Those men are grinning at how a gullible the sales force lines their pockets every day of the year.

    To all of you either thinking of joining mk or are in mk consider that your self worth and monetary status are much more important than to extend it to strangers. Strangers that jump into your life as best buds.

  6. I believe the word she’s looking for is “credibility”….

    Ugh, reading this tract is making me want to play “spot the fallacies”. My husband and I play that whenever one of us comes across a piece of incipid writing like this.

  7. J

    I keep seeing posts on fb (I actually unfriended all but one mk “friend” last night bc I was so annoyed with the mind-numbingly stupid memes) saying things like “Keep Calm and Get Your Order in Today”. Here’s a Cyber Monday deal, bla bla. And now apparently you aren’t allowed to post your deals or whatever on you personal fb page, it has to be a separate “business” page…this per corporate I think. Omg how did I ever think this kind of harassment and “business” practice dictations were ok?!

    1. That is insidious, to say the least. To maintain the facade of an actual business, MK can stipulate that victims *ahem* IBCs/SDs/etc have separate business pages from their personal ones on social media. It’s ironic that they’d request that, given that MK largely pushes itself on a woman’s warm market, which is to be found on her personal social media pages.

  8. cindlylu

    The one thing about Pink Truth is that I finally was reaffirmed by other women that MK was predatory. Yes I too was embarassed that I was taken by such a con. There is no way that I ever speak of being in this cult. There is no way to proudly put this phoney business on a resume. Worst is that my children and husband hated it when I was part of the pink fog and won’t let me even speak of it. A very sad, humiliating part of my past that I wish a co worker had not conned me into joining. To Directors and consultants quit now and spare yourself and your family the pain of wasting money and time on this life sucking company.

    1. ShimmerAway

      Oh how I feel your embarrassment! I told my husband he has every right to be upset with me (you know, looking at the inventory sitting on my shelves). And then there are the “trainings”, retreats, oh my. He’s not mad. I’m so blessed to have him. But he did finally admit that he knew all along that it was a scam but it made me happy for a while and he knew I’d figure it out on my own. Safe to say he won’t helicopter parent our kids!

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