1. This is the first Thanksgiving I can truly enjoy with my family without thinking about Mary Kay and if I will make production. It such a blessing to have Pink Truth to share the REAL about Mary Kay. Mary Kay did me a favor asking me to step down from Directorship, oh what a relief!!!! I read Pink Truth everday each article that I read makes me stronger and lets me know I made the right decision to step away from the Pink scam. No more STRESS on Thanksgiving. Have a Stress Free Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I remember my first Thanksgiving as a MK consultant. I forced all of my female relatives to do a skin care class after the meal. Of course no one bought anything. These were women who didn’t wear makeup and washed their face with soap and water. But you know MK…they brainwashed me into thinking that if a woman has skin, she’s an opportunity for $$$. I used a family holiday that is based on gratefulness to God for our blessings in order to try to sell product. I’m ashamed of that.

  3. This reminds me of a narcisstic robotic NSD I once heard. I think she mentioned that she had bought her child a car which they totalled. She bought her child another car which they had another accident with. It sounded like the child was looking for attention (even negative attention) from mommy dearest. This NSD also mentioned being in therapy. So many directors I met that were very cold and creepy just like the one in this video. No doubt that in the households of many NSD’s, it is cold, self centred and obsessive. Come to think of it, MK herself struck me as being quite cold and always focused on business. Her son & heirs certainly don’t give off a warm fuzzy feeling. (especially since exploiting women for decades is the norm).

  4. This is so accurate! Anyone who says that Mary Kate sales directors aren’t like this are lying. Then again,they already lie about a lot of things already so this isn’t really new.

    • Lying becomes so natural to those in Mary Kay that they don’t even recognize they are doing it anymore.

      • “Lying becomes so natural”

        They’re told it’s a script. Eventually, they can’t tell the difference between a script (“Are weekdays or weekends better for you?”) and a lie (“I only need one more to reach my goal.”)

  5. That video is so spot on, cliches and all.

    “What happened to ‘faith first, family second, career third’?”
    “Don’t get smart with me!”

  6. This is so funny, yet so sad at the same time. This is how my relative is that sells this junk. She can be in a horrible mood, screaming at the kids, but when someone mentions Mary Kay, she’s a totally different person. It’s very scary, if you ask me.

  7. It’s always “such an honor” to spend time with the NSD and she’s “so inspiring.” Then you find out that EVERY WORD they say is from a script, from a training, from a company document. “Bee-Lieve, speed of the leader, most important things, deserve level”- all programmed. Kay-bot is the right description!

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