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The Burden of Positive Mary Kay Lies

Written by Raisinberry

“Never give up-never give in” music rolls over the spastic verbiage of her Unit net site. It is just too painful to visit there anymore. It isn’t just the screaming words and colors and pictures of success, it is the information. One more Offspring is biting the dust, right before her eyes and apparently this Senior just can not see it, for all the jazz and hype and noise.

This is the thing that defies my understanding. How do these Directors keep pretending that all that they do, is all right. How can they watch one more valiant bee-liever go down the tubes, financially destroyed, for the sake of a stupid name badge ribbon or special seating at the next mind control fest? At some point, doesn’t every sane person evaluate what they do and analyze if what they are doing is moral and upright? When does a conscience awaken? When does conviction fall?

Her offspring had just over 55,000 retail in for Unit production, in 7 months time. $28,000 (retail) of it, was the new Director’s personal production. Let that marinate for a minute. More than $15,000 (actual wholesale plus tax) went on the new director’s credit cards, plus Seminar, Leadership, no doubt Career Conference and all associated expenses, plus DIT week in Dallas.

Her new unit of 30 plus, together, did the other half. Another moment of quiet marination. Since she averaged $4,000, unit minimum for the 7 months, she never received the additional 10% bonus on all that production. She got 13% of the Unit and whatever in personal recruit commission. Let’s be generous and say they were all her recruits. 26% of $28,000 = $1,030 per month, while she equally had to order $2,000 a month in 7 months to arrive at the 14,000 wholesale that now has her top of the heap at 28,000 retail production. (I am not even counting the orders she may have placed to activate others)

So Mary Kay pays her $1,000 a month and she orders $2,000, each month, just to keep her Unit. All business expenses are on top of that, in the deficit column. Her personal sales add in the usual pin money. She certainly isn’t selling 4,000 worth of product a month to warrant that 2K order!

  • Who lets people that they say they are mentoring, do this to themselves?
  • Who encourages their so called BFF’s to keep going and never give up as they watch them drown?
  • WHO tells them they can’t afford not to go to the next event?
  • WHO brings them upfront at the Directors meeting and awards them a frikkin’ plaque for their “high sales” when they know what they are doing- having done it themselves?
  • WHO CAN ACT LIKE IT IS ALL REAL AND HONEST AND NOBLE and keep going on and on and on with no concern or care for the emotional, financial and spiritual damage they are doing?

Your Mary Kay National Sales Director can…and all her duped downline minions, who are too afraid to face the truth.

And let’s be honest. The Kaybots are going to tell you that this woman is “one bad apple.” That she “didn’t work the Mary Kay way.” That this is not how it’s supposed to be done. Except there is a large portion of Mary Kay sales directors who do exactly this every month. This is the rule, not the exception.

And it isn’t hard to understand how this is justified to the women participating. When truth is labeled “negative” then only positive lies will do.  It’s a new month in Mary Kay land.  You’re in the right place at the right time. The economy is bad, but Mary Kay is thriving. (Corporate, that is.) They could tell us anything and we had to believe it. Why wouldn’t we? If we were not progressing upward and onward, it had to be our lack of belief and negative attitude because everyone else was so successful! Just like our new offspring!

What we now know, is that a simple, trusting DIQ superstar, being pushed up the career path, is in the deepest financial pit of her life, under the pretense that Directorship is executive income. If she tells her people the truth, they will bail on “the dream” and she will never recoup her losses. If she tells her people the truth, she will be embarrassing her National who is about to lavish prizes and praise on her at Seminar. If she tells her people the truth, she will be exposed as a fraud. If she tells her people the truth, she will step down and her senior will lose a level of status. The trap has sprung. She will be counted on to tell those positive lies.

One of the greatest burdens of being a Director in Mary Kay is needing to play along in hopes that you can dig out yourself and make it all right. You really hope no one finds out. The upline preaches “never give up-never give in” so that you continue just long enough to find another racehorse who becomes your next DIQ…and the whole thing starts over again.

Worse case scenario? Your new offspring collapses and you re-inherit her Unit. Only she keeps her debt. And that is what is about to happen to another Mary Kay sales director. And everybody knows it…except her.

This is how your upline makes their money. And this is also why they call Pink Truth a negative site. You can imagine just how negative the truth is when everything depends on positive lies.


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