What Do You Mean We’re Negative? We’re 100% Positive!

Written by Raisinberry

No matter what we Pink Truth women do, how charming we are, how honest and forthcoming, we are still labeled “negative” by the “I haven’t found out yet” Mary Kay World. Now this characterization begs the question.

When did sharing real life experiences mean someone was “negative”? If our experiences were negative, do we have any choice when retelling the story? While you might think that accentuating the positive and omitting the negative serves humanity better, we have a difference of opinion. If we see you are bleeding to death, keeping the secret might make you feel better but it doesn’t solve the problem. We keep silent and you’re dead. Kind of like the Mary Kay Career Path. If we keep silent, you will wish you were! We’re positive about that!

As in the “bleeding to death” analogy, part of the strategy of Mary Kay Cosmetics is to pretend everything is all right. Denial has worked for decades in the Mary Kay World. Trouble didn’t start just because the Dacia’s raced to NSD. PinkTruth has only recently been a vehicle where consultants can find out if what they are told is on the up and up. Doubts kept in silence never get validated and verbalized doubts are a sure ticket to being labeled “negative”. This handy device was concocted by Mary Kay herself, and while appearing “positive”, actually is a recipe for disaster. As long as your suspicions find no allies, you will tread water in a state of denial, afraid to face what you fear about Mary Kay and bobbing along hoping to find “the” answer at the next company event. You won’t find an answer at Seminar, Career Conference or your NSD Leadership event. Simply because you are not allowed to tell anyone what your problems are. We’re positive about that!

If we help you find out that the same problems exist for thousands of consultants in the 48 and beyond, you will have to question whether being “ positive” about your MK business has really helped you. We are verbalizing the unspoken doubts of thousands of consultants and revealing the truth, and for that we are paying a price. We are the “evil” website, the “pink porn”, the rubbish heap of negative Nellie losers. We have discovered that when truth is labeled “negative”, there is a very diabolical reason behind it. Sharing with your Director that for the most part, your business isn’t going anywhere and you notice that your debt is increasing, the opposite of what you intended, this “sharing” will draw down her condemnation as your negative attitude must be the reason! Speaking “THE TRUTH” labels you (and us) as negative in order to keep you blind and keep you guilty and keep you responsible for your own lack of success.

When a leader answers your real concerns with a suggestion to visualize your success, or to do the same thing you do but more of it, your big pink buzzer better go off. It never was your “negative attitude” that made selling difficult. Your concerns are not “negative”…they are requests for more information and our customers do the same thing! Is a customer’s objection, “negative”..or are you told it is a request for more information? Customers are allowed, consultants are not. As a consultant, you are not allowed to be “requesting more information”. That’s negative…and only positive affirmations, and doing more (of what is already not working) will change your business. Simply put, the message is, Mary Kay’s opportunity can not be flawed. The flaw is you. If you believe it is YOU, then you will hit your ordering credit card limit, exhaust yourself and scurry away, never returning product because one day, maybe you will FIX you, and try again.

We have found that being truly positive is found in truth. But truth isn’t always blindly pretty. Truth can show its face as brutally negative, while it calls you to recognize the state you’re in, and to get help to stop the bleeding. Is a Doctor negative? He might make you uncomfortable first before he puts things back in place for you to become well. Denial of anything negative turns out to be the powerful manipulation of those who never want you to see your life blood draining out.

We are positive that you will benefit from knowing the facts about your Mary Kay business, and the miniscule amount of women making top commissions. We are positive that Mary Kay’s business practices dump thousands of dollars of discontinuing merchandise on its consultants to be able to dispose of it. We are positive that the vast majority of Directors at Grand Prix level and up are making less than 25,000 a year! After expenses they are lucky to have 14 to 15 thousand a year. We are positive that this is not “executive level income”.

We are positive we have been lied to. We are positive that the company condones fraud by looking the other way when it serves the bottom line. We are positive that being a critical thinker, and questioning those who wish you would just respect their leadership is a sure fire way to become labeled negative and marginalized in the MK world. This company is so deceived by its own rhetoric that it may not even notice the mass exodus of quality people who have discovered how juvenile it is to PRETEND you have a viable business…for the sake of a $2.00 charm.

Trapped by denial and blind sided by the opportunism of your upline, you might visit this site and only see “negativity”…but what you are really seeing is TRUTH. You are seeing the anger and the shame and the pain and the disappointment of women who BEE-LIEVED and took at face value the words of those in leadership above them, only to discover that “fake it till you make it” became a way of life for them. We have decided to shine the high beam on Mary Kay, and expose the inner practices and hidden activities that “get the job done” while you are being tricked into believing it was “hard work”. Exposure of this will cause your blinders to fall and your anger to increase and your NSD’s production to drop.

No wonder they call us “negative.” But we’re POSITIVE you would want to know. Yep, we’re 100% Positive.


  1. Years ago , when I was an IBC, I got so tired of NSD Pat Fortenberry’s preaching to us: “You have to have a positive attitude,–you have to have & keep a positive attitude!!” I figured that I was simply not positive enough or why would my business be failing, –no sales, no parties, and finally all my 8 recruits ‘fell out of’ the business. ? I was relieved when my then director, Ann, told me: “We all can’t be Pat Fortenberrys’s” Ann, too, eventually lost her unit and fell out of MK.

  2. Last night I watched the “recently added” movie on NetFlix:
    “Betting on Zero.”, a terrific documentary about the evils of MLM. This was based on Herballife, it’s beginnings in 1980, it’s hype; all the distributors who’d lost money, etc.; and is goes up to present date. Oh my goodness–This parrallels MK to the tee.

  3. When i wrote this line: If you believe it is YOU, then you will hit your ordering credit card limit, exhaust yourself and scurry away, never returning product because one day, maybe you will FIX you, and try again. I was speaking about myself…I hit limits over and over…my cards and his cards, and used my MK commission checks to pay them down…meaning, I didn’t have INCOME! I used my MK “paychecks” to pay off credit card bills~! This is NOT business profit! Fuzzy mary kay math is really a culprit here…that 60/40 scenario is complete horseshiz, and does not address what you need to “qualify” for any bonuses, levels, recognition, etc., against SALES! Very easy to say “I’ll make it up next month”…only it rarely happens.

  4. The math is maybe the most erroneous part, because math is so concrete, and has no emotion, and is neither positive or negative……numbers either add up or they don’t. However, the MK Con Game has managed to convince thousands upon thousands of their version of alternate math…..Pathagorous is turning over in his grave. Just pull out a calculator and run the numbers. My wife’s NSD has raised one other NSD, who is in and out of the Applause list each month, in 20 yrs of being an NSD. She has had thousands of consultants come through her area in that time…..them ain’t good odds:)

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