A Million Dollar Director Month (Part 1)

This is the first part of a series on a “million dollar director” month. It’s part of a lengthy email that was sent out by Mary Kay national sales director Pamela Shaw. Pam promotes heavy recruiting and frontloading, as well as sales director tactics like “dialing for dollars.”

I always get the impression that she’s encouraging directors to roll over anyone who gets in their way. It’s always about “what you can do for me” when she’s instructing directors on how to move up in Mary Kay.

Directors, there is so much inside of me that I want to pour into you. Recognizing that you are all at different levels of understanding, skill mastery, commitment to your leadership often hampers me. I know for some of you a read is ‘’Good grief, I know this” For others it is “ANOTHER email, arg” But IF for one, it is a gem, a God-send, a missing piece, an AH HA, then at the risk of distracting some of you, I pray to support the ONE in this checklist.

Opening a Successful Month has MUCH more to it than resolving credit card orders from the previous month. IF we want change and plan to get different results, we have to first recognize where we have SAID there is going to be change and then month after month there is NO change. In essence, current way of thinking and working is NOT producing the change you expect, and IF you continue down the same path out of ignorance, pride, or laziness, you will unavoidably begin to experience the negative emotions of discouragement, frustration, mis-placed anger, and doubt.

So let’s take a look at the WAY I would start a month as a Million $ Director. (I started this as a $250k Director :-). I have revised and built on the skills of it over the past 20 years, consistently working at GETTING better and LEARNING from others and APPLYING wisely).


_____ Where did I GET results I had set as goals? Exact #ers. Exact places.

_____ Where did I NOT get results I had set as goals? What am I most disappointed about?

_____ What bonus money did I leave on the table? ($3-500 for Qual. Unit recruits, $100 per personal Qual., Volume Bonus, 13% increase $500-7/07-9/07, New DIR/Offspring Bonus-$1000/$500)

_____ Where did I take a lesser % than was an option for me (13% personal recruiting check, Sr. Director check) What am I going to do to TAP out the % available to me?

_____ Who are the A+1 NEW recruits I can still qualify for my UNIT BONUS in this NEW month? Is speaking with them, game-planning to support their sales, placing the Qualified order at the TOP of my 6 most list early in the month?

_____ How many Unit Recruits came in and WHO brought them in? (This tells you where you’re putting education and reward. If your Recruiters are NEW Seniors, you probably have a good system for Pearls and ‘first guests rewards’ at meeting; If Recruiters are Cons. moving to RJ, you probably have something special in the form of recognition and time w/ you for RED JACKETS. If it is an OT or DIQ, you’re talking growth and rewarding leaders -or you have a hottie /superstar who will be gone in 3-5 months) Hopefully you have Recruiters from ALL those places. THAT is the goal! You NEED to know though IF you want to work in REALITY! If you have NO ONE recruiting, a Gold medal is your option IF you want to grow and change current results!

_____ Did you not only PLAN for new Unit recruiting, but DID YOU follow up with your Expected Recruiters? Do you call them the DAY before meeting to ask them about their guests coming? Do you call them following their SCC to ask who they selected with the Cracker Jack recruiting talk? Do you have ? aires for ALL guests who come to your mtg. In other words, are you INSPECTING what you EXPECT? Most importantly, are you prepared (system and time scheduled) to create this as a NEW habit?

_____ Have you considered a ? aire for ALL Consultants to have ALL SCC guests fill out so you can SEE what type of women they are in front of and do some follow up from those guests as well as Unit Meeting guests?

_____ Do you have a system of KNOWING when their SCC are? (Unit Meeting Sign in is a great place).

_____ Were your Unit Meetings conducive to consultants bringing more guests? (as in, do you sell for them, book new scc from their guests for them, present marketing and CLOSE recruits AT the meeting?) How would attending Consultants answer this ?.

_____ Do you know how many women you were in front of last month (as GUESTS… your own personal SCC, Business debuts you did, Sepecialty events AND Unit Meeting?) To how many could you say you actually presented marketing to and asked for a Recruiting decision?

_____ Did you FOLLOW up on EVERY possible recruit for yourself and your unit? If not, is this on your FOCUS Folder to do IMMEDIATELY, and do you have these prospects names/#ers in one CLEAR place? If not, and you don’t know how to recall or FIND these people, will you STOP now and create a system that works for you so that this doesn’t happen another month?

_____ How many GENX & ELITE winners do you have? (if few, do you talk about it, reward it, do it yourself, get on the CONF call yourself? If many, can you include more people to the circle of activity?)



  1. Nothing about selling the products.
    Nothing about encouraging or helping recruits to sell the products.
    Nothing about building a customer base to who will buy your inventory.
    Nothing about working with recruits to get their inventory levels down so they have space (in the closet and on their credit cards) to place new orders.

    No. It’s all about finding new recruits and frontloading everyone.

    If Mary Kay is truly as good an opportunity as they want you to believe, why the perpetual, gnawing hunger for new recruits? Why the ceaseless pressure for “qualifying” orders? After all these years, is she that incapable of developing the existing recruits into successful sellers?

    Oh, that’s right. Mary Kay doesn’t care if you sell the products. They only care that you buy them.

    This is a woman whom thousands of other women will cheer for in about a month as she stands on a stage amid flashing lights and glitter. Sad.

  2. This just sounds utterly exhausting. Even if it was a perfect opportunity, I wouldn’t want to do it. I guess that’s why my year as a sales director was terrible. We only made production a few times and of course it’s when a new recruit placed a large inventory order. So glad I didn’t waste more time!

  3. How is it she’s still an Executive NSD when she only has 2 offspring NSDs? Using the same logic as Directors, she should just be a Sr NSD.

  4. I look forward to Pam Shaws emails on Pink Truth. It always amazes me how she writes so much…and says absolutely nothing. It’s like she’s stuck in her undergrad days trying to write that 300 word research paper the night before it’s due. I’m a thankful member of never-MLM, so I must ask – is it normal to put random words in capslock like that? Any day now she’ll type THE.

  5. Money, Money, Money – play the percentages, count the numbers. Add, Subtract, Multiply, Multiply, Multiply. Sounds like a gambling addiction to me.

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