A Million Dollar Director Month (Part 2)

Part 1 of this training was all about squeezing as many orders and recruits out of people as possible. This one is more about the director working her business.

But then we get to the good stuff. Notice the emphasis on recruiting and frontloading. If the newbies don’t order lots right away, chances are they won’t order much ever.


_____ Have you REALLY established personal activity goals for Seminar 2008 that you are completely committed to accomplishing?

_____ Did you do GENX or GENX Elite personally? Answer this, deal with this, reward yourself or FIX and schedule this RIGHT NOW! 🙂

_____ Did your unit hear you talk about your personal classes, hostesses and meet your new team members this month? (there is a FINE line between making them feel like you’re competing w/ them ,which may shut them down, and learning from you by modeling your work— BUT they MUST see you lead by example!)

_____ How are you tracking NATIONAL COURT OF RECRUITING, UNIT Recruiting, Leadership Parties? (great tip: Staple These tracking pages from your SEMINAR 07 Dir. Day packet– (duplicates posted on DIR page of our site ) as Focus Folder inserts to your DIR FOCUS FOLDER. Now, on the inside of that folder you can readily see your KEY people, who you’re focusing on moving up in RED, AND ALL potential Recruiting right there! You can track National Court of SALES on the back of the CON. FF w/ your STAR prize!

_____ How many of your Consultants are TRACKING well… from a Focus Folder WITH her GENX sheets attached, with her Personal Court of Recruiting in there, WITH a photo of her STAR prize visible on the back of the folder? CRITICAL!

BENCHMARK FOCAL POINTS (from your 20% Growth Tracking)

_____ Did you know what #ers it would take to BEAT YOUR BEST from same time LAST year— Unit Recruiting, Personal Recruiting, Unit Wholesale?

_____ Were you Conscience about adding 10+ NEW Agreements? Did you press through to a win or give in with a sigh, or did you notice or think about it?

_____ Were you Conscience of what your # ‘T’ going off was going to look like and what # of NEW it would take to grow your Unit Size by 5,10, 15 or more?

_____ What was your New Recruit First Order Average for last month? ( goal $800-1000)

_____ How much of your Total monthly w/s production came from NEW?

_____ How much of your Total Production came from ON TARGET TEAMS including THEIR NEW? [Important to look at NEW total production and NEW associated w/ Teams. You get different information, but you need to evaluate BOTH!]

_____ Are you looking at the productivity of your BASE and your PERSONAL team separate from your OT TEAMS just to ‘prepare for growth’ as they DEBUT out (goal IS TO DEBUT THEM OUT)! You keep a performer TOO long in your unit, you lose her anyway because she loses confidence and never makes progress she expects to
make. So she’ll go do something where she feels like a winner!

____ What was your % Unit Consultants who placed a discounted order? (goal: 1/3-1/2)

_____ Did you break your Commission Check down to know where you are earning the most? NEW DIRECTORS (for NEW and Seniors WITH new offspring— $ for you both!)

_____ Write TRACK… are you committed to it? Are you ON THE DATE BOOK to repeat DIQ performance to nail this for $1000/$500!! 3 personal Qual and $15k total for 90 days!

_____ FAB 50’s What month are you on? How many PER month NEW are needed to hit 50, taking “T” into account? Another $1000/$500!

_____ Honor’s SOCIETY— Prepare! Don’t get to month 11 and freak! Do you have a monthly growth [recruiting] and production [sales and ordering] goal $1000/$500!

** Senior, FOLLOW up and coach this! NEW Director, TAKE Charge!


  1. This is quite possibly the best pairing of a picture with an article that I have ever done! 🙂

  2. And of course, this is all about recruiting, recruiting, recruiting, and stuffing them with products.

    Nothing about working with anyone to actually build a customer base and sell those products.

    That’s because Mary Kay directors view a customer base as a transitory thing to suck dry for new recruits.

  3. Indeed, Tracy! This picture IS amazing. It has it all: botox, fake fur, injected lips and greed. It should be a ‘caption this’!

  4. Fab 50s, Honor’s Society (snort), GenX, Queen’s Court, Red Jackets, Focus Folders…all these titles and activities….do any of them have anything to do with actual sales? At my J-O-B, we have job titles but no royalty and silly organizations. Mary Kay HONORS SOCIETY and DEAN’S LIST??? Those always blow my mind. You’re not learning anything and you’re not in college. Who’s the Dean? MKcorporate???? Sheesh. All these titles and activities to celebrate charging up your credit cards.


    • I’ve been watching Leah Remini’s show about escaping from Scientology – it is also loaded up with these kinds of BS titles, ranks, and acronyms.

      The more I learn, the more I see the cults are pretty much all the same.

  5. Pam preaches about personal business, but she never did either Court herself! She preached on CDs and in person about giving up TV, yet she even has one in her kitchen. I wonder with the years passing if her celebrity status in MK is going to dwindle. With the attrition we all had, I’m sure it’s faded somewhat in the last few years. So full of herself!

  6. “Were you Conscience about adding 10+ NEW Agreements? Did you press through to a win or give in with a sigh, or did you notice or think about it?”

    Were you “conscience,” lol. Ironic typo, no?

    Clearly, no NSD has a conscience regarding recruiting or anything else in Mary Kay.

  7. Did you write “TRACK THIS” in your Focus Folder? Did you COACH this? Did you make up lofty goals based on hopes and fiction? Did you hop on one foot, hold a chicken bone in one hand and chant ‘chicken bone, chicken bone, chicken bone?’ YOU DIDN’T? DO THIS NOW.

    Goodness, someone needs to lay off the red bull and vodka….

  8. Nice to be enjoying the summer: No stupid cancelled facials or pink sales pitches, no wasting time away from family, no wasting gas, etc. Just great vacations, gatherings with friends and family, bike rides, no debt, no fear of upcoming bills, no lying to myself and others, no being lied to. I agree with ENorth about not being taken seriously when I went through that pink nightmare experience. Once I left, it felt like I was going through some kind of withdrawal or PTSD. It was embarrassing to even admit that I had been conned by these wolves in sheep’s clothing. I went to Corp about my unethical director and they pretended to be shocked. Now I realize that the men running this company and the NSD’s etc. are focused on their own personal financial gain and nothing else. Every aspect of this pyramid scheme is designed to have the costs transferred to their sales force. There is absolutely NO where to advertise these facials and products. In most cases you are in competition with dozens of past and present IBC’s. Those from the past sound the alarm bells to other women and often shun any MK booths or skin care classes. As to any NSD I story being compared to an actual course, that is hilarious. The training within MK is horrible.

    • Amen! And no long June 30ths anymore! They don’t even realize how much people make fun of them. Glad to be away from the humiliation every time I told people what I did for a living.

  9. You keep a performer TOO long in your unit, you lose her anyway because she loses confidence and never makes progress she expects to make.

    Read that comment closely. It’s an admission that you can’t make a consistent profit (progress) by selling the stuff, no matter how ethical, or honest, or fair, or dependable you are. In reality, being ethical, honest and fair is a nearly certain path to failure in Mary Kay, and every other MLM.

    Pam’s definition of performer: someone making consistent purchases. Sales are optional.

    Question: Why would any consistent “performer” lose heart? Surely she has plenty of customers, right? The products fly right off her shelves, right? What’s discouraging about that?

    Answer: It’s discouraging because the claims about sales are lies. She never makes the progress she expects by just selling aaaallllllll that inventory she buys, because it’s nearly impossible for nearly everyone.

    But remember: Your failure is YOUR OWN FAULT! (No, it’s not.)

  10. Basically busy-box work to keep the SD from realizing that she’s not tracking the most important things: inventory, expenses and profit.

  11. No doubt that Pam Shaw is a terrible, conniving person, but part II actually makes me feel sorry for her because she’s clearly not happen with her appearance and public standing. That’s a shame.

    By the way, did you all not get any training about how to apply the make-up and what color goes best with the woman’s skin tone? Were you not taught sales 101? Or are the scripts supposed to stand in for sales? It sounds like that’s

  12. Track, Track, Track, Focus, Focus, Focus, Play the percentages, count the numbers, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Multiply, Multiply. Oh and don’t forget to “fractionate” to 1/3 to 1/2. never mention 1/4 or less. Can you say Gambling Addiction in SPADES with someone else’s money, life and time?

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