Another Victim of Mary Kay Propaganda

Check out this letter posted on social media by a new-ish Mary Kay consultant, who is parroting all the lies that have been fed to her. She is reciting the typical list of “Mary Kay goals,” and no doubt she is telling everyone about this at the advice of her upline. You have to “name it to claim it,” right? I can only hope that she does a little Pink Truth Research and figures out the truth before she has sunk too much time and money into this losing proposition.

Dear Family and Friends,

I want to let you all know about something huge that is about to happen. As most of you know, I started as a Mary Kay Consultant back in August. I have enjoyed it so much, and business has been great. I have added 8 wonderful women to my team and I’m ready to progress in this business! So I have decided to launch into Mary Kay as a career. I am planning to be a Independent Sales Director! This will allow me to quit my job and just do Mary Kay, which will be awesome as Dustin and I start thinking about having a family :). I am very excited.

What happens next is a DIQ (Director in Qualification) period. I will have to work really hard to make this happen. I will have some huge goals ahead of me (with time limits) on team production and number of team members. I have to say that I’m nervous, but I believe that this is where God wants me to be, and HE is able to make this happen. I will have four months to complete the goals, but I can finish earlier if everything happens quickly.

I am writing to let you know about this so you will know what’s going on with us! I am going to be working Mary Kay full-time during DIQ, and I’ll still be working my part-time bank job, so things will be a little crazy. Dustin and I have decided that these four months (or less!) will be worth the long-term gain.

I am also writing to ask you all to help me. Here are some ways that you can do that, if you are willing.

1. Please pray for me. This is known in the MK world to be a tiring and stressful time if you don’t do it right. I am hoping that I can do it right! But I will need every prayer as I push to meet my goals. Thank you!!

2. Please hold a Skincare Class/Party for me! Even if you have held one before, think of some other girlfriends and let’s do it again! The way I’m going to finish DIQ is to meet ALOT of women. Please help me with this. Send me an e-mail or give me a call and let’s plan a girlfriend party!! These are so fun, they are FREE, you’ll get great hostess credit (free products and gifts), and you’ll be doing me an enormous favor. Seriously, second to prayer this is my biggest need. Would any of you be willing to help me [again] with this?

3. Please send me referrals! If you know someone who would be an awesome MK Consultant, give me her name and number. I’ll call and give her a free gift and do an interview with her, and if she becomes part of my team YOU will get $100 in free MK products. And if you know someone who needs products, you know where to send her!

4. Please allow me to interview you! I will be doing a large number of interviews during the next four months. They will consist of telling you a little about the business and finding out what you think. There is no obligation, and there are no strings attached. Even if you can never see yourself doing MK, you can still count as an interview for me! AND you’ll get a gift from me 🙂

So what do you think? Would you be willing to help me in at least 3 of these ways?? I will be so grateful!

PS: When I make Directorship, I will also be driving around in my FREE Mary Kay car. Help me get there! I can’t do it without you! YES, I AM BEGGING!!

Thank you so much… Remember, if everyone says “I don’t have time,” no one will write me back. Think about what you can do and how you can make it happen. I will be forever grateful.

And for those thinking about doing what this consultant is doing, here are a few articles that are critical to your learning process…

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  1. At least she admits she is begging!
    And, Oh boy, if you add up all those free gifts, she will have nothing left to actually sell out of her monthly star consultant order. How does one sustain that?

  2. – Would you be willing to help me
    – Help me get there!
    – Would any of you be willing to help me [again] with this
    – ask you all to help me
    – Please help me with this


    Keep your PT job at the bank and keep keep looking for a FT job.

    • Yes, please look for a FT job with a steady paycheck, benefits, and more predictable hours. Many jobs also provide maternity leave, whether paid or unpaid, when you want to add to your family. (You might want to check out the stories on PT about how well family before job works with a serious illness or complicated pregnancy.)

      Reality check: Have you actually checked on the MK website about the number of active consultants in your area? This may even include residents of other states whose family/friends are customers from your church or neighborhood. Do the math. If I got a message similar message from a friend, I’d pray for her all right, but not the way she anticipates.

  3. “family before job” – I should have phrased that differently. Didn’t mean to imply that MK is a job.

  4. Begging for red Jacket. Begging for Directorship. Begging for cars. Begging every step of the way. Neighbours, acquaintances and family know this is a scam. They don’t care or want to prop up anyone’s MK struggle. Most of us have relatives or friends who have been deceived within MK during the past 50 years.

  5. Oh boy, all those FREE gifts, as Formykids mentioned. Yikes!! There goes all her “profits.”

  6. The reality is that she’s been sold on what I call ‘Mr. Fluffy’ and what most tout as ‘The Dream’ ‘Having it All’ etc. that is the typical ‘rah rah’ stuff that I have seen with MK, Herbalife and Amway. ‘Mr. Fluffy’ comes in the form of illustrating dreams through as many of the 5 senses as is possible to entice those without understanding of the realities of the business opportunity/s offered with the most vital ones being an understanding of contract law at the most basic level (ie: knowing what everything especially the fine print means on a consultant agreement, costs, time and efforts to obtain desired monetary profit. Companies in the MLM space know their ‘numbers’ as well as anyone who is involved in sales and marketing at a long term (5+ year involvement level)
    The ‘target’ representative is most likely ‘green’/a ‘newbie’ at anything having to do with being an independent contractor/straight commission sales(ie:no salary or ‘draw against commission’) and are especially vulnerable.
    Now, how is it that a few actually make some money and stay ‘in’ for 5,10,15 years or more with some of these companies including MK? Some like the woman who sold MK to me and then recruited me for a short time appear to have had expectations for ‘just a little extra pocket money’ and a way to ‘get out of the house’ while her husband was at work. She had been signed on with MK since the late 1960’s/early ’70’s and had given me her file boxes with a little over 200 customers that she’d been servicing for around 9 years for her ‘pocket money’ before they moved which amounted to between $120 and as high as $600 a month closer to the holidays as the commissions she was able to earn doing it that way. This made sense because when I signed on (it was in the spring) I paid for $2000 of inventory and sold 45% of it earning $900 gross (remember, you buy the inventory at what amounts to half of retail price) before subtracting gas and other costs including time spent over the space of 90 business days to contact the existing customers etc. Now, at that time I was renting the bottom half of the condo that was next door to her from a friend for $463 and my average costs for gas worked out to around an additional $40 to the regular amount used for my regular job and errands so after that, just under $400 net was my profit for those first 90 business days which worked out to ‘pocket money’ of just under $133 per month or $33 a week. Since I expected more than that with the additional prospecting activities I was doing to add to sales I ‘cut my losses’ since I could see the effort was not going to be as quickly rewarding on a ‘lower ticket’ vs. ‘bigger ticket’ product (having done door to door sales and mall prospecting with Kirby vacuums for a summer this was not a problem for me and I had a working concept based on experience as to how quickly I should see results for the effort)
    Perhaps if there were regulations concerning disclosure of realistic ‘what does it really take’ cost, time and effort to make approximate ranges of money per week, month and year when a company is distributing a tangible product through representatives anyone considering ‘signing on’ might be able to ‘think twice’ before committing.
    Anyway, ‘tried to find some helpful info. for those without a background in sales to give a realistic examination of how it is when you work as a salesperson, what statistics are typical (note: for ‘big ticket’ items from appliances to vehicles and homes doubling and tripling the statistics and activities has been my experience) and found these links (I just provide links vs. cutting and pasting due to copyrights and often, chat threads lack space for large amounts of text)

    Also, ask yourself in considering anything involving these necessary (and patience trying) activities if you are able to engage in them on a daily/work week basis for 3 years or more and if the opportunity you are considering applying these activities to has a 90% or greater earnings opportunity success rate at and above your local area average cost of living!

  7. I just can’t imagine doing any of this and being able to retain any sense of self-respect. I can’t imagine having my friends and family wonder what I want from them this time when I contact them. Earning my living standing on the backs of others is repugnant to me.

    MLMs just make me ill.

  8. Oh, so you can only move up if you recruit people?
    Sounds like a pyramid scheme, but ok.

    In my job, I can move up because of my performance, skills, and knowledge.

    And if it really is your own business, why are there so many steps involved to giving yourself a promotion? And why the strict time limit? Why do you loose any of that progress if you don’t make it in time? You know you get set back to zero? Right?

    In my job, if I wasn’t ready, it would just be a case of figuring out what was lacking and getting a bit more training. I wouldn’t have basically everything I had worked towards erased. I wouldn’t have to reapply.

    My advice to you would be to stay at the bank, with a steady income, where you don’t have to recruit your own competition.

  9. “Begging for red Jacket. Begging for Directorship. Begging for cars. Begging every step of the way.”

    Psst, need a good texting script for begging? It’s out there. Going on social media and begging, and making videos where you sob, sniff, shake, and plead with viewers to “help” you by ordering or joining does not sound like a businesswoman. It sounds like a victim,

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