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Pink Truth Merchandise

By popular demand, I’ve refreshed the Pink Truth store on Zazzle with a few new products. The items are for fun only. Please don’t buy them because you want to support Pink Truth and contribute to our expenses. I’ve got that covered. I just wanted to offer these items for your entertainment. If there are other items you’d like to see with our logo, just copy a link to the item in the comments, and I’ll get it set up for you!


  1. Kim Bradshaw

    You know what I would like? Carol Burnett’s Mary Jay spoof. I saw it once a billion years ago and it was a total hit and total truth! Can you find it? I’ve tried Google but no luck. It would be a great illustration tool for your message:)

  2. Juliet

    I sure wish I could put a ton of dancing, happy emojis!!! I love that you have merchandise! And I was unaware of Zazzle and now I have a wish list to show hubby next time he wants to surprise me hee hee.

    I have been listening pretty much non-stop lololol to Reddit’s sub reddit thing r/Antimlm, they are amazing as well. Are you online with video/audio, Tracy? I would so love to hear ALL about your businesses and your mission here just makes me so mentally comforted knowing the longevity of Pink Truth, and the people you have helped cause you take the time to care so much. Lots of babbling here lololol but I did not know you had merchandise!!! Sooo excited, thank you!

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