18 Years and Counting

Every July 4th brings a smile to my face as I recall that on July 4, 2006, Pink Truth officially came to be. It was initially called Mary Kay Sucks… for obvious reasons. We rebranded to Pink Truth in 2007, and I spent most of that year enduring attacks on my life and my business from women who promised me that they’d ruin my business and make me unemployable if I didn’t shut down this site.

We had Mary Kay executives telling the national sales directors to not speak about our site, because all of these anti-MK sites will eventually be “rendered meaningless.” Oh, Mary Kay. Yes, it’s true that no other website critical of Mary Kay Cosmetics has lasted more than a year or two. But you bet wrong on this one.

In the last 18 years, we’ve had millions upon millions of visitors who had the opportunity to see the “other side” of Mary Kay. And that’s all I ever wanted: An alternative source of factual information and helpful opinions about this bogus business opportunity that causes financial losses for nearly all participants.

Mary Kay may still be standing, but my number one goal for the site has always been met. Anyone who considers getting involved and starts searching the internet for information about the company, will inevitably be presented with information from Pink Truth. If it causes them to question their involvement, we have done our job.

Happy Independence Day!


  1. Congratulations on 18 years! And thank you for all the wisdom and healing you brought to this ex director. No one knows all the work that goes into this site, but it has helped thousands of women and we are all so grateful!

    • PinkPeace – You were a HUGE part of things and still continue to be a wonderful resource and support. Thank you for everything!

  2. Good grief I feel OLD! One of my first articles for Yahoo! was about getting warm-chatted and I referred to MKS, not PT.

  3. Happy Independence Day and Happy Anniversary! Thank you for keeping this site going! I’ve never been in MK, but not for lack of being approached, lol.

  4. Happy Anniversary! And Happy Independence Day to my neighbours to the south.

    The fact that people are still “stumbling onto ” the site proves that it and we are a valuable resource in the anti-MLM sphere.

  5. Aww, your little website is all grown up!

    Happy 4th to everyone, and thanks for the great information and community I find here every day ❤️🤍💙

  6. I found this site over 10 years ago when a friend in MK posted a picture of all these women in red blazers and I goggled to find out why. I was already thoroughly disenchanted with MLMs, as they’d burned through my mom’s group and turned every get-together into a “paying party.” I also discovered a lot of similarities between MK and the cult I’d spent my teenage years in. And finally — I’m GenX, and I miss blogs, and I’ve loved having an active blog to follow all these years! Thanks, Tracy.

  7. Happy anniversary Tracy and Pink Truth!!! I can only
    Imagine how many women were saved from Mary Kay by finding this site.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tracy for all that you do to keep this site going! I found MKS after I had left MK and I have been reading here ever since. The articles and true life stories on this site helped my post-MK healing so much, and I know this site has helped so many other women out there.

    Again, thank you for your persistence against the many obstacles thrown at you from MK Corp, NSDs, Directors and consultants to keep this site up and running, xoxo

  9. Thank you Tracy and all who contribute here. I believe the sustaining power of this site has been your commitment to fresh content daily. I’ve never been in Mary Kay, but I’ve personally witnessed MLM’s ability to destroy relationships and create financial loss/ruin…in my own family and friendships and in my church circles.

    I really enjoy the factual detail shared here. My impression of the contributors here is a disdain for the perpetrators of MLMs like Mary Kay, but true compassion for those who’ve been fooled but now seen the light and need support recovering from their involvement.

    I share the passion for helping the curious get a true, well rounded picture of MLMs like Mary Kay, unlike the dishonest one-sided view of this fake opportunity as portrayed by MLM promoters. Keep up the great work, and thank you for staying engaged!

    Happy Independence Day!

  10. Happy Anniversary!

    Porcelain is a traditional gift. May you find something lovely that isn’t asparagus-shaped.


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