Our Pink Truth 20/20 Weekend In NYC

Written by SuzyQ

I don’t think any of us have written about this experience so I will. As God is my witness, I thought it was 2016 but I don’t think that is accurate (Tracy: 2015, but close enough) and I am too lazy to check it out. It began by an ABC producer contacting 4 of us who were active on Pink Truth with Tracy’s recommendations.

We were all former directors, and none of us could believe this… 3 of us were in almost daily contact with each other for years and had grown very close. I was not familiar with the 4th director who had not interacted with us. It turned out that this was a legit request from ABC and after talking about this at length, we decided to be interviewed. I don’t know everybody’s story for certain so I will share mine.

ABC booked my flight to NYC. I was picked up at 4 AM by a chauffeured limousine from my house to Eppley airport in Omaha. I boarded my flight and remembered flying over Manhattan and landing at JFK. I was met by another chauffeur (holding a sign with my name!) and a limo and was taken to the apartment where we were taping in Manhattan.

I rang the bell and went upstairs, I had been trying to call Raisinberry, Pinkpeace, and Tracy and they did not return my calls. As it turned out, ABC was fascinated that we were so close, and had yet to meet each other in person and wanted to tape this initial in person meeting. (Tracy: They told us not to answer! Let’s have her talk to you in person for the cameras!)

I reached the apartment and was met by Raisinberry, Tracy and PinkPeace and we hugged and cried. I was so emotional, so tired and so scared. We had a terrific lunch and beverages and we all had to fix our makeup. We were ready to tape and the crew decided the air conditioners were too loud so they turned them off. They also decided that my gold bracelets clanked too much so I had to take them off. It is August in NYC, we are in an apartment with a western exposure with no A/C and camera lights ,and we were all sweating profusely as we sat on a leather couch.

“The Talent” Rebecca Jarvis* arrives, and the taping begins. So much soul wrenching testimony from all of us about our experiences in MK. Humiliating, devasting, honest, heartbreaking testimony. It went on for hours. (Tracy: And remember all the footage of us each walking down the street, as if we weren’t being filmed? None of which saw the light of day!)

ABC treated us to a night in NYC and we made the most of it. Tracy knew a terrific host and we went to Times Square at night after a wonderful dinner. We had drinks at the Soho hotel and met for breakfast in the morning. We were able to visit the 911 Memorial and other typical tourist sites. I bought a glass statue thingie of the Empire State building.

My flight was the first to leave and I went into the street to hail a taxi like I had seen on TV. I felt so cool when a cabbie stopped. I arrived back at Eppley in Omaha thinking that I would be thought of as famous because the chauffeur would be picking me up. Sure enough, he was there with the sign with my name. There were very few witnesses to my fame. Damn.

When the episode aired, our stories were heavily edited and Tracy’s part was left out. We were told the episode would be 2 hours and then when it aired it was something like 15 minutes. ABC called me right before it aired asking about my name (full name vs. nickname) and said they couldn’t edit it. Our content was watered down, but it still had an impact in that Pink Truth crashed that night and we got a lot of blow back on Facebook. So my watch party was kind of lame, but, but BUT.

These women, Tracy, Pinkpeace and Raisinberry saved my life! I imploded on this site years and years ago and it was such a great gift to meet them in person. Tracy allowed me to chart my journey with posts on MK Sucks and later, Pink Truth. Fast forward, Tracy, PP, and I met in Las Vegas for my birthday, and I will never forget this, best birthday ever!

I am writing this now, in 2023, because it matters, and Pink Truth matters, and we will always be here, and we will always tell the truth.

*(Tracy: Remember how we got done filming and Rebecca said loudly, “Well if anyone wants a picture with me, we’ll have to do it now.”??? And we all looked at her and blinked a few times. Ohhhhhhhhh….. we were supposed to want pictures. Got it! Don’t get me wrong, Rebecca was nice and is a great interviewer. We were just too busy talking to these people we had waited 8 years to meet in person.)



  1. I smell the DSA behind that abbreviated airing. Did anyone else see Lula Rich? There were a couple of flashes of images that were clearly MKA, products, and parties. But, despite calling out a TON of other MLMs by name, Mary Kay was never explicitly mentioned. I guess Legal is doing something other than smacking consultants’ wrists over their eBay activity.

    Tracy, thank you for leading the charge on this. SuzyQ and the rest of the pioneers, thank you for your contributions. Though I’ve never met you, I feel like I’ve found my own recovery community here at Pink Truth.

  2. August in NYC with no AC?? Yowtch. I’m getting dewy just thinking about it.

    But it gives me the warm fuzzies to know that you four did form a lifelong friendship before you even met in person. Thank you again for sharing your stories, good and bad. Your candor, poise, grace, and good humor are everything MK trumps itself up to be and completely isn’t.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Such a cool back story. I always wondered how these things worked. Great to get a first hand account!

    I am regularly amazed by the humanity at the heart of Pink Truth. Casual visitors may not see it, but it is always there. Thanks to all of you for sticking with this mission. I am sure there is no way to know how many lives and relationships have been saved by this site. My guess is the number is far greater than you guys realize.

  4. I’m still holding out for the Netflix documentary ala LulaRich or Betting on Zero

  5. I am so grateful for the women on this site. They have shown me that my “failure” in MK wasn’t my fault… that the system was very flawed to begin with, and that the House (Corporate) always wins. When I first started reading, I couldn’t believe it…I was always told that Corp always had our best interests at heart and would never do anything to jeopardize that…. what a crock! MK Corp is a business….and they do everything in their own interests….. and for their advancement. Once I saw and understood that…I couldn’t continue working to advance…. I started working to get out. That was a process for me…. everyone’s journey is different, and I had a family member recruit me in, and I felt I had to try to keep that relationship intact while exiting the pink swamp…. it was difficult, but i managed.

    This site was so instrumental in educating me in all thinks MK, and I’m so so grateful. Most importantly, I no longer feel like a failure for getting out… because I know the truth and how 5he deck is stacked against all MK consultants and directors. The system is rigged and the sooner you recognize that, the better. Life outside of MK is so so much better!

    So once again ladies, thank you for being bold and sharing the truth!

  6. SuzyQ, I was so nervous going into that space, because I was a relative newcomer to Pink Truth, compared to you, Tracy and Raisinberry. You all had been in communication with each other and I was wondering if I would be able to fit in. I should never have worried – it was instant sisterhood and acceptance. We’d all been through the same hell and we understood each other to the core.

    Some memories:

    It was so freaking hot on that set! Due to the air conditioner noise, they had to turn the AC off the entire time they were taping, which was a treat for my hot-flashing self. Shout out to Lady Speed Stick.

    We had an amazing dinner that night with Tracy’s ex-con friend. He was a delight! Tracy knows the most interesting people . . .

    I particularly remember a poignant moment when, SuzyQ, you broke down in tears during taping as you relived some painful Mary Kay memories. Tracy stopped the taping, knelt down in front of you, held your hands, and told you how brave you were and how we all admired you so much for your story. I didn’t really know Tracy then, but that moment solidified the 100% respect I had (and have) for her.

    Wish you all could have been there.

    • That was a helluva trip…and they challenged me to “warm book” live on the street with our “made up” product. We (the producer) invented some kind of potion out of kitchen ingredients that rejuvenated (we said) a person and reduced stress…and no lie, I was able to “recruit” and get appointments to hear about “the opportunity” to sell the stuff on camera…on the street in NY, to their shock, using our scripts. Were you in on that, or gone by then…trying to remember? Yeah 95% of our efforts were cut out, but gladly the NIQ got a good deal of time to tell her story.

  7. This story is one of THE coolest things I have read all day. (Keep in mind, the summer semester has started, so I’m currently reviewing the first two chapters in evidence based leadership and management for nursing.)

    PinkTruth has been a source of major healing for so many who were destroyed and left in pieces following their time with MK. The site showed me that I wasn’t alone. That what I went through was the norm.

  8. After college, I watched my peers get sucked into MLMs left and right and couldn’t figure out why. Pink Truth was one of the first sites out there to explain this phenomena. I hope all the haters one day see the light of life without MLMs.

  9. I’m grateful to Tracy for starting this site and for all the people here sharing their experiences.
    Pink truth has helped me get out years ago with getting back money by returning inventory. I was lied to by my SD that I couldn’t return anything after a year of being in MK.
    Pink truth has been helping me ever since by having a group where I could process all the stuff I’ve done in MK and realize that I got sucked in by a company with decades of experience in manipulation.
    Thank you so much everyone!

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