Finding the Real Truth Behind Mary Kay


This article was written by Janelle as a response to a Mary Kay sales director who was singing the praises of Mary Kay to the author. It brought her out of an abusive relationship. It helped her find God. She is happy and positive because of Mary Kay. And it doesn’t matter that she already lost her directorship once. Mary Kay is still awesome and she’s a director for the second time! So Janelle responds…

If you are one of the few directors who did not lie, cheat, pad your numbers, or create fake recruits, then kudos to you. (I haven’t ever met one of those, but I’m sure she exists. Somewhere.) If MK really enriched your life, then kudos to them. If you’re really making money in MK and not going into debt and causing others to do the same, then do your thing, girlfriend, do you.

But, I have a few questions.

You say that MK has helped you become closer to God. I didn’t realize that God wore makeup or needed spa fragrances. If my Bible reads correctly, the physical description of God in Revelation did not indicate that He needed line corrector or concealer. He created the very flowers from which most of the fragrances in the world are modeled. Did it take a cosmetics company for you to realize that God was real and that He existed? You could not realize that God was a true and living Being just by virtue of the fact that He awakens you every day?

How can a company be of the Christian truth, but encourage you to lie to your husband about what you’re doing with your money? Yes, there are some MK SDs that will tell you, “It’s better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.” Hardly God-like. You are supposed to be a helpmate to your husband, not his adversary. If you needed a cosmetics company to make you come closer to God, you have some inner work to do. Those are your words, not mine.

If a national sales director helped lead you to Christ, then good for her. That’s what God wants us as Christians to do–be fisherman of men (and women). But the Bible also warns Christians to be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Please, don’t turn a blind eye to God’s word. Sometimes, when we as Christians want something so badly, we will accept all kinds of foolishness to justify our desires, no matter how preposterous they may sound to our reasonable psyche. When it something we really want or want to believe in, when it sounds good to our broken spirit, we will hear what we want to hear, and see what we want to see, even when the truth is doing cartwheels in our faces.

When we are hurting, sometimes we search for someone or something to minister to our broken spirits. We look for the potter to put us back together again. Believe me, I know. MK found me when I was hurting, too. Mk said all the right things, things that I wanted to hear. I heard what I wanted to hear, but I was not listening. Whether or not you realize it, you’re where I was then.

Sit back and think about the things that you have read on Pink Truth. How much money have you really made? Was MK beneficial to your business at tax time, meaning did you get a sizable refund to invest back into your business or for some other endeavor? Or did your tax preparer tell you that you were losing money? What does your Schedule C look like? Or are you like me? I didn’t know what a Schedule C was until I came to this site. If you don’t answer any other question answer this one..

What were you looking for when you stumbled across Pink Truth? Could it have been Divine Intervention? Could the God your NSD helped you find be trying to tell you something? The Bible tells us that “my people will know my voice.” It also says that “my people perish for the lack of knowledge.”

No, my intent is not to tear you down, but to inform you.

The truth we post is OUR truth, OUR experiences, and they have been less than stellar. If you have not had a bad experience with MK, then good for you! But please, don’t discount what I have gone through with this horrible company. I worked my business. I am a good looking girl that can rock some cosmetics. I could move product (when people wanted to buy it). I could sell reading glasses to a blind man. Working my business by way of selling was not my problem. But the lies I was told, the ever-changing product line, the failure on my director’s part to warn me that what I was about to buy was obsolete left a bitter taste in my mouth. Where is the God in that? I could go on and on and on. I don’t have anger towards MK, because it’s too easy for me to go buy something else, and chalk this up to a $2000 lesson. Yup, I choked off that $2000, but it was all worth it. I learned to do the following:

1. When something does not seem right, ask questions;

2. When you cannot get a straight answer, don’t fool with it;

3. When I think my makeup looks red or the wrong color, it is the wrong color;

4. When I see a pink caddy, know in my heart that somewhere women got trampled on for her to be driving around in that car;

5. When I see the woman driving the pink caddy (or any other MK car, check out her face. She is usually wearing too much makeup, thusly hiding something (probably the dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep worrying about production or all the debt she’s in);

6. When someone tries to hand me an MK business card, hand them a piece of paper with this website on it then run like I’m avoiding the pink plague.

What will you learn from your experience?

We’ll be here for you when you need us, and whether you realize it or not, you will.


  1. cindylu

    My SD was a cold creepy little woman. My NSD was narcissistic. How interesting that at my first Seminar there was some back and forth from the original NSD’s, Helen McCoy, Darlene White, Barbara Sunden Dorothy Dingler, Anne Newbury etc. They were shouting out about doing this the right way. Even back then things were going down hill. I soon realized that when they spoke about million dollar earnings, a lot of the time it was the accumulation of many years of work. Even if the original NSD’s actually made a million, they often spent it quickly. By the time they paid for unit costs, front loading inventory, co pays of the pink car, gas, setting up conferences, possible secretaries and cleaners, travel costs throughout the USA and Canada, one million actually dwindled due to excessive business costs. Early on if I listened I sensed that MK was a lot of smoke and mirror.

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