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New Mary Kay Products

A few new products have been unveiled at Mary Kay’s annual seminar.  First is a new “all natural” line of products called Mary Kay Naturally. It includes purifying cleanser, exfoliating powder, nourishing oil, and moisturizing stick. They say the ingredients are “naturally derived,” with the fine print mentioning “at least 90% of ingredients are derived from natural sources.” There is also a Skinvigorate Sonic being introduced. What do you think about these new products?

(Thanks to BestDecision and enorth for bringing these to my attention!)


  1. IrshTxn

    My phone has plastic and metal parts. Plastic is derived from petroleum products, which are natural, and metal is, of course, naturally occurring and then mixed to create alloys. So I guess my phone is all-natural too?

    1. THANK YOU! I was going to say, tobacco is derived naturally but how things are processed and preserved are where the harm comes. If you use natural ingredients, and use harmful preservatives, you’re cancelling out the benefits of the healthy and healing components. It is mind-boggling. (or as my nephew says “mind-bottling” haha)

    1. Carrie

      Leaping Bunny is absolutely useless. Pay PETA a few hundred $$ and boom. Certified. It’s all self reported so it means nothing. See Wet n Wild selling in China and posting technicalities to claim cruelty free.

      1. BestDecision

        Sorry, but everything else states otherwise. “There are no costs associated with applying or becoming certified by the Leaping Bunny Program, which includes being listed in all versions of our shopping guide.”

        1. Laura D Steed-yost

          The product that are made in the USA are not tested on animals while we do have a manufacturing plant in China which china’s law only let companies test on animal over there. We have made a impacted on their economy over there for women and are working on getting things changed. We do not get China products ever.

          1. TRACY

            Laura – So what you’re saying is that Mary Kay DOES test on animals, despite the claims of the sales force that they do not? Thank you for clearing that up.

              1. TRACY

                I personally think it makes sense to test on animals before on people.

                My only gripe with this issue is that MK consultants are not truthful when they say “MK does not test on animals.” Yes they do. Tell the truth. In China, it’s required. So just own it.

                1. puretoni

                  IF there were NO TOXIC CHEMICALS in products, there would be no need to fear testing on humans. Our CEO, owners and executives at my company are the ones we test our products on for effectiveness, NOT to make sure they won’t cause harm or injury. RIDICULOUS!

              2. Lazy Gardens

                So you would volunteer to be the first to have a new product with never-before used ingredients applied to your skin?

                There’s a saying in regulatory agencies: behind every regulation is a body count.

            1. Melissa

              To be clear, any company that sells in the China market has to test on animals. Many of the the Mary Kay and box store big-name cosmetics are choosing to sell in China and work with the government in hopes of proving to the Chinese government that testing on animals is not needed.

          2. BestDecision

            Laura, since you’re not even a Director, I’ll forgive you for naively believing what yours has told you. You make WAY more net income doing what you do in nursing than you’ll make in MK. Trust me.

      1. Lazy Gardens

        They do in China, because it is required by Chinese law.

        In most other countries, as long as the ingredients are on a list of previously tested and approved ingredients (there are a couple of them, but the treaties and trade agreements say what lists are acceptable) they can be used with no further testing. So an ingredient may have tested and approved 20 years ago by a company that no longer exists, but the results were accepted.

        Where it gets complicated with China is for them to accept the USA/Canada and EU lists, the Chinese list of approved ingredients would have to be accepted … and to be blunt, their ability to keep a clean list is doubtful.

      2. Char

        Whether or not they test on animals is irrelevant to it being a pyramid recruiting scheme. Getting caught up in the actual products is merely a diversion in MLM. What’s important is, who is primarily ordering product and why.

        Testing on animals is important to consumers. If this was about actual retail customers, MKC wouldn’t use the MLM system which has an attached “opportunity”. This is needed to convince people (consultants) to buy products.

      1. BestDecision

        You actually think MK can negotiate with CHINA about animal testing?! You really need a course in world history and current international studies. I’m sorry, but you’re completely brainwashed by MK I’d thats what they’re telling people.

      2. Michele, you just got schooled. You are wrong about MK testing on Animals. MK obscures the truth to its consultants.

        Ask yourself: Why does the company quibble about the fact they test on animals? What else are they keeping from me? Why does the company withhold information from consultants?

        Ask yourself these questions and think deeply about how to answer these questions for yourself.

        Try asking these questions to your recruiter or your Sales Director. Listen to their answers. Do they seem to be quibbling about the answers? Are they withholding anything from you? Are they avoiding answering all together?

        Consider what and how information is provided to you by MK, NSD’s, SD’s, and other consultants.

      3. enorth

        “they are working with the Chinese government to change that”

        You are embarrassingly naive. Do you think the Chinese government cares about testing on animals? Do you think the Chinese government cares about Mary Kay?

        Get your head out of your butt and wake up to reality. It’s almost 2020.

    2. Dionna

      No they DO NOT test on animals!!! China tests everything on animals. Mary Kay is working with them to change their practices like Mary Kay does here in the US!! Please research before you post false information!!

        1. Char

          I’m assuming this is Dionna Scott since her Facebook page is loaded with this product line. So here we have a pyramid schemer teaching third graders in a cult school.

          These cult followers and Christian supremacists are down right creepy. Anyone who denies the direct link between the CULT THINKING has their head in the sand. This is scary stuff! Take a look at where she works:

          “Sheets Memorial Christian School is a ministry of Sheets Memorial Baptist Church. As a ministry of the church we hold to the same statement of faith. A summary of that statement is listed below:

          ………We believe in the Bible as the verbally and plenary inspired Word of God, without error…..
          We believe man was created (not evolved) in God’s image (Gen.1:2), sinned (Rom. 3:23), is totally depraved (Rom. 3:10-18, 23), and needs salvation (Rom. 5:12, 6:23).
          We believe salvation is by grace through faith in Christ without human merit, involving repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ. The believer is eternally kept and secure in Christ.
          Eph. 2:8-9, John 3:16
          We believe the local church is composed only of believers, baptized by immersion, organized, observing the two ordinances seeking to carry out the Great Commission.
          Rom 6:3-5, I Cor. 11:23-26, Matt. 28:18-20
          We believe Satan is a person, the arch-enemy of God and God’s people.
          Job 1:6-7, I Peter 5:8, Rev. 20:1-10
          We believe in the imminent return of Christ. The saved will be forever with the Lord, the lost will be confined for eternity in the lake of fire.
          Acts 1:11, Rev. 19:11-16, Rev. 20, 21”

          Hello??? The Neanderthals and 21st Century would like to have a word with you Dionna. Maybe you’re the one that needs to do some “research”!

          Fast fact: Currently the earliest fossils of Neanderthals in Europe are dated between 450,000 and 430,000 years ago, and thereafter Neanderthals expanded into Southwest and Central Asia. They are known from numerous fossils, as well as stone tool assemblages.

    3. J

      I think it’s worth mentioning that legally in the US, you can’t bring a truly new cosmetic product out, until it’s been tested on animals to find out what level of exposure kills 50% of animals. Cosmetics adhere to the same laws as drug manufactures. So if I wanted to make my own ibuprofen, I wouldn’t have to do animal testing because that drug has already been tested. I can add my caffeine to it, call it a new product and be on my way. If I wanted a unique drug to cure headaches, then I’d have to do animal testing in order to know the lethal dose.

      So just a heads up, when companies are saying cruelty free, the blood is just on someone else’s hands. Whoever put talc in their products first had to test it and kill animals to prevent killing a woman who wears too much foundation dying from toxicity.

      No legal cosmetic is cruelty free, and companies that are boasting their cruelty free practices don’t tend to share how they’re able to do it (blood on someone else’s hands). Or that they’re still turning profit from the death of animals. After all, if the animals tested on to approve talc hadn’t “participated”, no one would be allowed to sell it in their products.

      mk wouldn’t be a saint even if they had some label. But no one with an “earned” cruelty free sticker is, and I think that should be recognized. If you’re using a cosmetic, animals died for it, it’s merely a matter of how recently.

      Writing this, so mk’s full realm of shadiness can be on display. They’re allergic to honesty and survive on delusion. “We’re good bc we don’t test on animals, except in China where we’re lobbying their government.” Is only the tip of the iceberg. Why not be honest and educate when animal testing is and isn’t required? Because the thought of their kaybots thinking is terrifying.

    1. MLM Radar

      They’re still selling Botanical Effects? I thought those were discontinued long ago.

      Six years ago I was at a women’s retreat and someone stocked the bathrooms with Botanical Effects samplers. Worst. Stink. Ever.

      Maybe those samplers had been left in a car trunk in the hot sun, or maybe Botanical Effects just naturally smelled like decomposing swamp scum. I don’t know. All I do know is that I scrubbed for 15 minutes trying, unsuccessfully, to get the stink off of my hands and face.

  2. enorth

    These “new” products must be a real let-down.

    The Clarisonic was hot around 2011 and, with so many copy-cats, people who wanted a sonic brush already have one by now. MK’s “spinning” brush has been out for about…six years?

    Anyone can buy “natural” products anywhere for less money. Olive oil? Castor Oil? Beeswax?

    Move along, folks, nothing to see here.

  3. Neverpink

    Facial oils have been around for a long time. The stick thing looks a little unsanitary and uncomfortable to use. The spin brush is old hat by now, and I wonder at its effectiveness. Not surprised MK is behind the times yet again.

  4. enorth

    “The spin brush is old hat by now”

    Yep, and so is the sonic brush. When MK’s brush debuted (and knowing it wasn’t a sonic brush), I asked a MK consultant on Facebook if MK’s brush used “sonic technology.”

    It took her some time to answer (she probably had to check with her up-line.) Her response: “It has two speeds.”

  5. enorth

    “The spin brush is old hat by now”

    Yep, and so is the sonic brush. When MK’s brush debuted (and knowing it wasn’t a sonic brush), I asked a MK consultant on Facebook if MK’s brush used “sonic technology.”

    It took her some time to answer (she probably had to check with her up-line.) Her response: “It has two speeds.”

  6. Coffee Queen

    They need to stop selling in China to be cruelty free.

    I only shop brands that are cruelty free and do not sell in China.

    Also, the trend now is double or triple cleansing, not sonic cleansing. So not new.

    And the natural products, still not as good for you as other brands whose ingredients I can pronounce and are 100% plant derived.
    Sketchy marketing at best.

    1. BestDecision

      Agree with you 100%. I’d rather buy cruelty-free, and that’s where they’ve missed the boat…again. They could’ve tapped into a REALLY big market that isn’t being covered by their competitors and given their sales force a fighting chance to move.

      MK has always been way behind on technology and trends.

      Late to the minerals game.
      Late to the microdermabrasion game.
      Late to the paper mask game.
      Late to the Clarisonic game.
      Late to the vitamin C game.
      And still late to cruelty-free.

  7. Wow, this thread was trolled hard… or perhaps sock puppeted. So desperate to hide the Pink Truth from potential victims. I really like this week’s newest forum members who introduced themselves by letting everyone know that PT helped them see the light and avoid falling victim to MKult’s product-based pyramid.

  8. TamS

    I was a former personal use consultant. I never could move the stuff with competition from 50% + off sites. Then I found out they were selling in China. I am a cf consumer for as many items as I can be. Huge disagreement with my Director I had been “friends” with for 20 years. On FB she unfriended me from her MK page and her personal page for calling out the China issue.

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