Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you can enjoy your day free from the burden of pushing Mary Kay products on your family and friends. Today I’m thankful for the opportunity to build a business that I love, one that supports me well and does not require deception and scamming. I’m also thankful for the community we have built here and the opportunity to inform women about the real Mary Kay truth.


  1. I have a relative who is a CPA and loves the work. He says the number crunching is like solving a puzzle. I would imagine forensic accounting is puzzle-solving times two–or squared. I’ll bet you get a rush every time you dig up the truth hidden in the numbers; I know I would.

    Yet you take time away from your rewarding career, and from your leisure time, to keep this blog alive and relevant, and for that I know there are lots and lots of women and men who are thankful for all your efforts. Happy Thanksgiving, Tracy, and blessings on you this day.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I’ve been at this a long time. I’ve been researching MLM for almost 20 years, and running Pink Truth for 13 years. It gets old, but I’m not willing to let the site die. We have way too many visitors, and our work is way too important. When we started in 2006, top brass at MK Inc. sent out a letter to the NSDs saying they’d just wait us out, since sites like this eventually go away. Joke is on them, I’m afraid. 🙂

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