A Pink Truth Critic From Germany

Pink Truth appears to be enriching the lives of women all around the world! This one is from a sales director in Germany.

Wie krank und verbittert muss man sein, wenn man erkennt, dass man unfähig ist Erfolg zu haben! Und zusehen muss, dass andere Menschen durch Fleiß und Glauben, Dinge erreichen, für die man selber zu dumm ist. Du hast nichts, aber auch gar nichts im Leben verstanden.  Ich habe selten so gelacht. Ich wünsche dir das du Frieden in dir findest!

And thanks to Google translate:

How sick and bitter you have to be if you realize that you are incapable of succeeding! And to see that other people through diligence and faith, achieve things for which you are too stupid yourself. You have understood nothing, but nothing at all in life. I seldom laughed like that. I wish you peace in you!


  1. (I had some fun looking up german sayings)

    Ich hab jetzt echt de Nase voll. Ich lach mich kaputt. Du kommst in Teufelsküche. Ich seh schwarz für dich. Das macht mir so schnell keiner nach. Alles für die Katz. Du hast nicht mehr alle Tassen im Schrank. Klapp zu, Affe tot

    Literal translation: I have now really my nose full. I laugh me broken. You will come in devil’s kitchen. I see black for you. That makes me nobody so quickly after. Everything for the cat. You are missing cups in your cupboard. Lid down, monkey dead.

    English meaning: Enough of that bull$hit. You got to be kidding me. You’re in deep trouble. I don’t see any good news coming your way. No one will copy that so easily. All for nothing. You’re crazy. That’s it.

  2. One of the best moments of my successful life has been calling for my Cadillac to be picked up and then resigning. You do realize you’re posting on a site full of former Directors who didn’t get there by accident, right?

    Another person who assumes none of us worked and that we’re all losers or quitters. It’s about as out of date as your new glittery eye shadows.

    Auf wiedersehen!

    • I have been reading this blog since 2007… and I’m curious. Why did you resign just before getting your Cadillac? I’ve been in MK since 1991, no I am not a Director. I found this blog in 2007 and realized I couldn’t replace my $100,000 annual salary and liquidated. But I am once again active, and my unit and Area are full of people who literally sell the product… and no one in our area drives a Cadillac… only 2 are unit club members, including my director. I hear that there is pressure from seniors to push production, etc. But why is there so much anger and anguish? I’m trying to understand. My current job comes with crazy hours, weekends, nights, etc. so not much different than MK. Anxious to hear…

      • There is anger because of the lies. Your area is NOT full of people who sell the products. Your area has a bunch of people who lose money but say they are making money. Those unit clubs and cars (whatever level) are done because of initial inventory orders that sit in basements and garages because people can’t sell the products. Consultants are recruited with lies regarding income, and are convinced to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on inventory they will never sell (with more lies, of course).

      • No, I drove pink Cadillacs and was fed up with the widespread cheating and lying that takes place. So, I called the car department and told them to come get it and then resigned from directorship.

        If there’s no one in your Area in a Cadillac, which is a huge red glad to me, know this: They are taking home far less than $4,000/month and $48,000/year. The simple math is that a Director in a Cadillac has enough production to earn at least $4,000 in monthly commissions. Basically, a Director earns about a quarter of whatever her unit produces in a month.

        I’m sorry your job has the hours that it has, so I’d encourage you to find another. My career isn’t that way, and I’m back to making more out of MK than in Cadillacs with offspring Directors. No more weeknights holding unit meetings or parties. No more warm chatting. No more weekends spent at workshops or Career Conference. Nor do I have to dread wearing that hideous blue suit they’ll start wearing at Seminar.

        The people you’re talking about selling a lot of product may be true, but do they do the Court of Sales? If so, keep in mind that they would only gross profit HALF of that retail. So, it’s not that great of money solely selling the product.

        And don’t forget that a $4,000 commission check has about $1,000 subtracted for taxes and then way more expenses taking away from it as a Director than you can imagine. A max of $36,000/year and a Cadillac Director? No, thanks.

        PS—Has your Director started teaching you how to sell through your skin care inventory? You do realize changes are coming, right??

      • “My current job comes with crazy hours, weekends, nights, etc”

        But I bet you get a steady paycheck, benefits, etc. If you travel on business, I bet your company pays your expenses.

        In MK, you work “crazy hours, weekend, nights” with no guarantee that you’ll make one red cent. Instead, you have expenses. There’s always money going OUT.

        • Mary Kay is pay to play. A real job is not. Almost everyone loses money in MK. In a real job, everyone makes money.

          • So true! This girl clearly has never driven to a hold an interview that never shows up. Zero pay for me so many times!

      • I’ve had many jobs that came with “crazy hours, weekends, nights, etc” and they also came with the knowledge that I would get PAID for those hours worked, OVERTIME pay for those extra-crazy hours, shift differential (higher pay for nights), health insurance, PAID VACATION, sick leave, etc.

        In Mary Kay you have zero certainty that those “crazy hours, weekends, nights, etc” will pay anything, and you often lose money.

      • “I’m trying to understand. My current job comes with crazy hours, weekends, nights, etc. so not much different than MK. Anxious to hear…”

        It’s not that simple!

        Ask yourself. Does you current job require you, the worker, to buy the company product? Do they then use YOUR money to support the corporation?

        The key to understanding the anger is to study MLM with all it’s inherent flaws, which makes it corrupt if it is to survive and thrive. And I’m not talking about a brainwashed Huns explanation who plans to make money off of you.

        As Tracy stated, the consultants are lying too. And, what few RE-sales are made does not a billion dollar company make. In fact, re-sales makes the company no extra money. The only advantage would be if someone needs to replace their “inventory” with a new order if they re-sold something. But when you factor in the MLM method, where basically anyone can order direct, and the order is bigger if they are told they are a “business owner”, you can see why Corp doesn’t care what consultants re-sell. They actually prefer you to recruit – those bigger orders.

        Consultomers being CEOs is all part of the illusion to get you to buy, buy, buy.

        It’s a very complicated con which is why I suggested you study MLM. Dr. Jon M. Taylor is a good place to start.

        Mary Kay did fess up and admit they are MLM right? Or did they lie and call it something else? Wonder why!

        MLM destroys finances, families, and friendships. It’s a cult that sucks people dry emotionally and financially, AND MAKES THEM BECOME LIARS. Any support, even if it seems harmless, is just enabling the beast to survive and destroy others.

        And that’s why all the anger! It’s not just Mary Kay. It’s the MLM con game of which MK is a part.

        Something that has been repeated many times here. If an MLMer is in fact “successful”, that is because she has done a magnificent job of scamming those beneath her. Even still, that success will be nowhere near the pay grade of the actual CEO of the MLM corporation – the real business, albeit corrupt. Did you know Mary Kay’s is a man? So much for empowering women.

        The lies, half-lies, and manipulation are there, you just need to start looking. PinkTruth helps point them out FOR FREE. The other people feeding you information about Mary Kay are making money off of you. They are not “helping” you. Think about that.

  3. Well I, for one, am getting a mixed message here.

    “You’re all sick and bitter.”

    “I wish you peace.”

    Um, thanks?

  4. We are getting world wide attention.
    Wir bekommen weltweite Aufmerksamkeit

    Shouldn’t she be working?
    Sollte sie nicht arbeiten?

    Taking precious time from her business.
    Sich wertvolle Zeit von ihrem Geschäft nehmen.

    She will keep reading here.
    Sie wird hier weiterlesen.

    She knows it is a con job.
    Sie weiß, dass es ein Betrug ist

  5. While it may not have been this delightful Frau’s intention, this brought a smile to my face. Lots of sayings that my grandfather used but I hadn’t heard in years. A few teacups short of a full, cupboard, indeed!

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