NSD Kristin Sharpe Wants to Be Debt Free

The big selling point for Mary Kay or any MLM is the financial freedom you can have. Despite the fact that 99% of MLM participants lose money, they still crow about how much you can make. A tiny fraction of the participants make it to the “big money” levels. (See here how more than half of sales directors make less than $16,800 per year.)

But once you get to the NSD level… the pinnacle of success… the huge money…. haven’t you got it made? Why would you have any debts? Aren’t you living the dream and able to be debt-free because you make so much money?

No. Kristen Sharpe has been an NSD for more than 5 years. She brags about making more than $2 million in commissions with Mary Kay. And yet she still has debts and has a goal this year to become debt-free. So much for financial freedom!



  1. Is she a “new rules” NSD or an “old rules” one? She may desperately need those first line directors to keep her title.

          • Yep, maintenance requirements have one additional way to keep qualifying. Now the requirements are listed like this. You have to do one of the following:

            – $100k in NSD commissions in the prior seminar year
            – 8 first line offspring directors
            – 20 offspring directors in first through third lines

          • So in the past, once you made it to national you could always be an NSD? No matter the number of directors?

            • Yes, that’s true. But then NSDs started having pathetically small areas, so the company changed the rules. It didn’t look good to have a “successful” NSD with only a handful of directors and a pitiful income.

              • Also, the bonus for an NSD spawning a “daughter” NSD is now time limited.

                It used to be 10K a year, so it was a good investment to push a first-line director into NSD … because the bonus.

  2. I see no stress relief in soaking in a tub and seeing a goal posted like that. Proof that it never turns off!

  3. I think she is under the new rules. At least under the old rules once you got the title you could Relax and enjoy the ride….. Well almost… Not under the new rules. Never off the wheel!

  4. Living sent free? What kind of debt? A mortgagee, a vehicle loan, college loans, or is it high interest credit card debt from buying MK products?

    My husband & I work real 9-5 jobs our biggest debt is our home. We pay our CC off monthly and they are rarely above $500. We have older paid off cars, being debt free isn’t hard as long as you know how to actually live within your means.

    If one of use were to lose our job, we’d be alright our spending habits will change a bit, but by getting a retail job while looking for a better paying one would still would be able to make the mortgage payments on the house. Unlike some of our own family members because we didn’t buy the most expensive home in the more affluent area of the community…. Maybe her goal of being debt free would be easier if she wasn’t trying to keep up with the Copeland’s…. I know it’s crazy thought… When I get sucked into having to hear about how great the MLM ventures is going to be for so & so and how they will be debt free, I tell them to get a 2nd job they will be debt free faster…

    • They’ve been building a new house that they’ll move into this year. I am confident they will have a mortgage on it, so they will not be anywhere close to debt free.

  5. I know we are all human, but have you ever noticed how, with MLMers, the focus is always on materialistic things? They dangle pictures of fancy cars, diamond jewelry, fancy watches, and mansions. Just look at her “dream board” and her dream home. Hardly a WWJD moment.

    Of course even if she does obtain those dreams, it’s off the backs of the 99% of people she’s willing to dupe. And that is what makes her potential acquisition of these things disgusting.

    When you see a “successful” consultant/MLMer, just think of all the money they scammed from downline. Perhaps a single mother who spent her last dime on a starter kit, so this con woman can have her dream house.

    Yes, being an MLMer is being a con artist no matter how much pink you paint on yourself to hide it. Ironically, the con is usually on you while corporate becomes the billion dollar business.

    • And yet, they never want to talk about the actual numbers. They never want you to say that 99% of people will lose money in MLM. They never want you to say how almost none of the sales directors are making “executive income” even though they claim that’s the deal when you become a sales director. They only want to talk about the fact that you *could* make a bunch of money, no the actual results.

      They don’t want to talk about the fact that you can be a “MK Millionaire” multiple times over and still be in debt because:
      – the million(s) is/are cumulative, and is almost never impressive once you divide by the number of years
      – it’s gross commission before all sorts of business expenses

  6. I’m going to be petty, but: gRAphIc DeSIgN iS My PaSsIOn.

    Yikes. I count 8 different fonts on that “dream board”. It looks very juvenile.

  7. Her personal goal is being debt free, but she’ll only achieve it (if she can) by putting her down line deep into debt.

    “Hey, hun, I’m in a challenge to become debt free this year. You can help me by placing a big order on your credit card before the end of the month. Can you S T R E T C H far enough to do that? It’ll really help you too by giving you a reason to work your personal business harder!”



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