1. Same products, new packaging, fancy new adjectives in the names.

    MK thanks you for your “full store” order. Two weeks after it arrives it’ll be obsolete. So will all those Section 2 nonreturnable samples you just bought.

    Of course you’ll need all the new packaging. Customers won’t want the discontinued items no longer in the Look Book. And you’ll need new samples with the new product names.

    Your customers may still buy your brand new (last week) but suddenly discontinued stuff, if you offer a big enough discount.

  2. I’m not seeing the appeal of eye shadow in a lip gloss tube, at all. It looks tricky to put on, and, just… why? It also looks like the exact same shades as the old cream eyeshadow.
    But, I admit I haven’t been following make-up trends at all now that I’m a tired mom who’s getting older. 🙂 Is this liquid eye shadow something other stores/ brands are selling?

      • I’m noticing that the MK “on trend” product changes all seem to be about a year late.

        It indicates that MK is definitely not keeping up with the market when they need a year to respond. It also indicates that MK corporate plans all these changes well in advance of letting their sales force know.

        MK isn’t responsive to end user customers at all. Instead they plan product changes so as to best get money from their real customers: the consultants.

      • I love how this stuff always leaks. NSDs can never keep their mouth shut.

        And not one of my customers would’ve been excited over these products compared to Spring launches of the past.

    • This liquid shadow is less product for the same price. Customers will blow through their favorite colors in a month. Not like the cream shadow which lasted forever. And that Trademark Pink lipstick? Shudder. And changing the liquid pen is ridiculous. I got all this crap in my last buzz kit (which actually came after I wasn’t a director anymore). There are going to be some major changes coming hard and fast with the un-discontinuing of products like the original Botanical Effects and the Age Fighting Moisturizer. I sent back my inventory, and I’m telling anyone I recruited that they need to stop ordering and sell off anything in the pale pink packaging because you know there’s a packaging change coming. And who knows how they’re going to solve the skin care nightmare.

  3. Stila cosmetics released glitter eyeshadows like that for Christmas 2016… Depending on the color some of them are highly recommended and some aren’t… So I guess MK is totally on trend releasing these in 2020….. Honestly I shudder to thin of what the glitter fallout on the MK ones will be….

  4. Kat Von D has a wonderful eyeliner – vegan beauty tattoo liner. The wand is perfect tapered shape for application. Then I see the spring eyeliner here retailing here for 4 dollars less. Meaning the MK price point is high for the amount of product offered. MK really counts on buying and buying, not the sales. Otherwise they would compete with the other cosmetic lines* and they really do not.

    *in this case liquid eyeliner requires steady application aided by the package (wand).

  5. I personally loved the new products. I loved they pallet and marbled bronzer! and the new lipstic shades is nice!

    • You do realize Bobbi Brown, for one, has been making a best-selling bronzer for years, right? And MK lipsticks are the worst quality I’ve ever tried. No joke.

  6. Why are you all haters? Seems to me like you all are the mean girls looking to tear something down. I would much rather support a brand that gives back to women and cares about the environment. Not every product every company makes is the best…trust me I’ve paid a lot more for other brands than Mary Kay and hated the product.

    • Mary Kay doesn’t “give back to women.” It takes two billion dollars from consumers each year for a fake business opportunity that is marketed with lies.

    • “Why are you all haters? Seems to me like you all are the mean girls looking to tear something down.” ………….Why yes, yes we are. We hate scammers preying on women. We do indeed want to tear them down, right along with the MLM mothership.

      You seem to be focusing on the products. I suggest you research MLM to have a clearer understanding how the scam works. Tip: The product is just a lure to get you to participate in scamming others while being scammed yourself. Yes, it’s very complex. Perhaps read all the articles on this site to educate yourself. Do this before you become a victim of this fraud. They WILL try to suck you in, if they haven’t already.

    • For me, it’s not just about the product but about the DECADE of my life I lost to chasing a fruitless dream. I was lied to, just as most in MK are. I sacrificed a career to chase down a leadership position and then nights and weekends to maintain it when I got there.

      I can’t tell from your comment if you are or ever have been in MK, but please be mindful that most of us on here have been. MK Inc just closed 2 large international markets WITH NO ADVANCE WARNING. For years, they’ve claimed they don’t test on animals, yet they do. We were sold on a biblical philosophy that isn’t held up by corporate or the sales force.

      It was a waste of years off my life, and I’m embarrassed I ever fell for it.

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