Mary Kay has come up with a new schedule for paying bonuses to consultants, directors, and NSDs. Instead of the old once-a-month payment of bonuses, they’re now going to do it 1 to 3 days after bonus was earned. I imagine this may have something to do with all the MLMs who do daily or weekly payments to distributors. I wonder how long it will take before the company starts making commission payments daily based on month-to-date orders placed by the downline?

We’re excited to start rewarding you for all your hard work, faster! Starting February 2020, we are going to start paying the following bonuses in one to three business days from achievement!

  • Great Start: Independent Beauty Consultant Team-Building Cash Bonus ($50)
  • Great Start: Independent Sales Director Team-Building Cash Bonus ($100)
  • $100 Red Jacket Bonus
  • $100 Red Jacket Team-Building Bonus
  • $1,000 First-Line U.S. Offspring Independent Sales Director Bonus
  • NSD offspring bonuses

How You Will Be Paid
These bonuses will be paid in the current payment method you have chosen to receive your bonuses.

  • If you have never achieved a bonus, you can choose to set up direct deposit or receive payment through an active Prepaid Wire Card.
  • Please note, if you are paid with paper checks at month end, you will continue to be paid in paper checks.
  • If you have set up direct deposit or have an active Prepaid Wire Card, you will receive your bonus payment in one to three business days.
  • If you do not have direct deposit set up or do not have an active Prepaid Wire card with Mary Kay, this bonus will be sent to you on a Prepaid Wire Card in the mail. It may take seven to 10 business days to receive the card.

If you have any additional questions, please call Consultant Records at 800-545-4347 (Options 9, 2) for Sales Directors and 800-272-9333 (Options 9, 1) for Independent Beauty Consultants. We’ll add additional fast payments in the future, so stay tuned!



  1. If everyone is truly making that much money, why the rush for a bonus? Aren’t they able to pay their bills with their commissions alone?

    The screams of “lack”. Love using the very words that were shoved down our throats.

  2. Prepaid Legal sent my DH’s commissions and bonuses via direct deposit, and that turned out to be very dangerous.

    Whenever they got a contract cancellation (think: MK inventory return) they immediately withdrew the commission refund from his bank account. It didn’t matter that he had a zero balance or tried to close the account. The MLM tied the charge-back to a previous direct deposit and he was stuck.

    The charge-backs and overdraft fees ate him alive.

    • There is no way I would use direct deposit if charge-backs were a possibility. When I saw the phrase, “If you have direct deposit set up,” all I could think was, “Noooo! Don’t do that! Opt for a check instead!”

      I wonder if a Pink Card is coming down the pike, similar to Younique’s Purple Card. It’s a branded debit card, and Younique consultants make a big deal about it on social media, as if a cheap piece of plastic with a tiny balance were a gift from Heaven. What they don’t mention are all the fees. You can buy stuff without a fee, but that’s about it. Everything else costs, including withdrawing cash. It’s just another way to siphon money from the consultants.

    • It was dreadful. The overdraft chargebacks kept hitting that bank account for a full year after he was terminated by the MLM for not making “production.”

      • Because those commissions are not “yours” for that long. To be safe you would have to put them all in an account you don’t touch for a year.

        • Of course, he had spent all those commissions long before paying for brochures, order forms, office supplies, recruiting (business lunches aren’t free), presentation materials, mailing lists, clothes, gasoline, cell phone, credit card payments, etc etc. Sound familiar?

          He did recruit one hotshot. It didn’t take long for the hotshot to build his own “team” and get promoted past DH. The company collected the rewards, and after that promotion date DH’s share of hotshot’s sales went from the minimum % to zero. You’re not allowed to have anyone in your down line who outranks you.

  3. The steady stream of tiny commissions are like tiny jolts of cocaine … frequent positive reinforcement to minimize the fact that all those tiny payments do not begin to cover your costs of being in the MLM.

    • Yes, and I love how people call themselves “millionaires” just because their lifetime commissions total over a million. Someone in MK for decades really isn’t clearing a profit I’d boast. 30 years of making $33,000 gross commissions is a million, but that is absolutely not a millionaire.

  4. I’d be interested in knowing what happens if you lose your Mary Kay Prepaid Wire Card, or if you don’t spend or redeem the balance.
    Can it be replaced (and what’s the fee for that)? Does MK or their agent start deducting monthly fees if the card has no activity for x number of months?

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