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Small (Cadillac) Unit Meetings

Yesterday Cadillac director Ali Zornes posted Instagram stories showing her new Mary Kay office and studio in her family’s basement. She just remodeled it, and it’s cute. But I couldn’t help but notice the unit meeting area. (Yes, she did say that unit meetings will be held there.) There were a grand total of 6 chairs. And not much room to add more, if needed.

Cadillac directors typically have at least 100 unit members. (A typical catch phrase in MK is “100 and pink is all we can think.”) In Ali’s case, she may have fewer as it appeared that she bought her way into the Cadillac. Even still, suppose she has 80 unit members. And SIX are coming to unit meetings???

They always say that those who are really working are showing up to the weekly meetings. Sad to think that 6 out of 80 or 100 are actually “working the business.” But that’s the reality in Mary Kay.


  1. BestDecision

    One of the red flags that told me I needed to leave was my own Cadillac unit members weren’t attending meetings like they had been. It’s a LOT of work to prepare for meetings, to arrive dressed and ready to pump people up, and to have few people there. We were all told 100 unit members meant a lot easier life as a Director, but I started to find it took more to have the same results I was having in years prior. Hamster wheels are not fun!

  2. Neverpink

    It’s very possible that there is more space on the other side of that pillar there, but I would think she would have backed up further to get more of the space in the shot. As it stands right now, the basement seems very shallow (in that there’s not much room depth-wise). Very odd angle.

    1. TRACY

      There is not much more space. She did a panorama of the whole room. You can fit a few more chairs comfortably, but anything more than that would be pushing it. The point is that she’s planning for six people. That is sad.

  3. morningstar

    Take the super large alarm clock back to the store. Surely, the 6 people do not want to be reminded of the time spent at the meetings. Why have people stare at the clock.

    PS. I did make it through college, and yes I stared at the large clocks in grade school.
    I think this set up reminds me of that time.

  4. Brainwashed no more

    One of my last mk events, my nsd came into town. I thought lots of people would be there but there were only a few. There were 30 chairs and maybe 7-10 people there.

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