The Beginning of the End?

Written by SuzyQ

Well, well, well, here we are. The CoronaVirus is here and states and cities are trying to deal with the impact of sick and dying people. And Mary Kay is asking women to start an in home business now! What a great opportunity!

While you are home, isolating, homeschooling and trying to manage grocery shopping, YOU can make money from a home based business! You can work as much or as little as you want and make an executive income from working your own business.

Everyone knows that cosmetics sales always, always, survive a recession, or even an in-home quarantine. Who doesn’t need skin care and cosmetics at a time like this? And if you lost your job because a business closed? Phhht, you can start your own small business and be a business owner!

So, this is the message that is going out from desperate directors and NSDs. Keep it going, stay positive, watch Joel Osteen (what has happened to his face?) pull out your copy of “The Secret” and remind the Universe what you want. Increase your deserve level.

Pamper women! Make them feel important (from a distance.) Offer to send samples (order more section 2 stuff) Offer more discounts. Have a Facebook sale! (and pray that nobody orders stuff you don’t have in your inventory) Offer a cobbled together hand sanitizer with stuff you have on hand that doesn’t sanitize.

Offer the moon. Offer cars. Offer executive income for part time work. Offer everything and anything.

To Mary Kay Inc:

Please know that this is the end of your exploitation of women who wanted to do the right thing. Those of us who believed you were being honest with us. Those of us who wanted to make a difference. Those of us who saw the truth, exposed the lies, helped women escape the abusive tactics and moved on.

Good bye, Mary Kay.


    1. Mountaineer95

      The day (which could be sooner rather than later) when an official announcement comes that MK is no longer, please go out in the backyard and scream this out for real. It will be cathartic.

  1. morningstar

    Thank you! It is timely, the monthly director bega-thon that should be in full tilt for March. MK has their inventory all arranged for you to order now, and it you don’t it will all be gone. The letter posted from corporate here about distribution changes to get the product quicker to you prove that MK can hold onto the shiz in the event you would ever need to order. The disappointment of production is staring them in the face once again this month and with the downturn of soft goods moving slower (in the global slowdown) due to virus has hit the overall cosmetic industry, I would say read up on it.

    1. TRACY

      You’ll want to get your order in now. The second they can start filling orders, they’re going to be overloaded. But if you place your order now, you’ll be at the front of the line and get your stuff right away.

    1. nopinkpunk

      I was thinking the very same thing. Why would anybody want a photo of that predatory bottle-blonde battleaxe hanging in their home, in the center of some frou-frou shadowbox no less, is beyond me. That is the stuff of nightmares.

  2. pinkpeace

    Lurkers, I BEG you right now to cut your losses and send your product back while you can for your 90% buy-back. There’s no money to be made in a multi-level marketing venture, and certainly not with the coronavirus upending any normalcy in our lives.

    The Mary Kay business model is tanking fast, and you’re going to need that extra cash in the weeks to come.

    1. MLM Radar

      Yes, send it back NOW and claim your 90% buy back money while MK corporate still has money to pay you.

      When MK corporate shut down Australia and New Zealand they did so with absolutely no notice, consultants were locked out of their websites, and the company made it as difficult as possible for consultants to get refunds. Sadly, this is typical.

  3. Melanie

    My director has already sent out “the email” even though Ive told her multiple times I’ve quit. Asking for orders as usual. Yes everyone is absolutely thinking about cosmetics at a time like this 🙄

    1. NayMKWay

      Don’t you just know all the MLMs are going to be thumping their drums trying to get people to spend their stimulus checks on starter kits and inventory? All under the guise of “investing in (their) future” and “starting (their) own business.”

      It’s nauseating.

  4. Passion Fruit

    MaryKy Inc. Will gonna encourage soon all consultants for a free 30ml alco- gel they are manufacturing now, just for $1,200 in order now , Ladies need pink alco-jelly In pink jars. hahahahaha and obviously alco gel was the door to operate these days. Whats Next?

  5. Passion Fruit

    And I forgot: poor consultants ladies paying “shipping costs”. A Real company absorbs this. Thank to grandma mk.ash, “RickyRogers” will no asume this. Aplause for Mk.Ash and her amazing business again!!

    1. roo2

      and the packaging, time labor, discounts to even sell the inventory in the first place! Thanks Linda for highlighting the bogus 50% profit numbers in this post!!!

      and yes, the MLMs going for the stimulus checks is such a yikes I can’t even.

      Also, who is even wearing makeup right now? I keep perusing the Ulta sales, Macys everybody but it feels so silly. wash your face, hands and SPF is current beauty regimen hahah.

    2. morningstar

      Which you have touched on the other cost the city tax on the order. The retail tax is paid up front. Where I live I calculated tax and shipping to be almost one third of the order total. This is not counting samples that are paid and not recouped.

      And as we know, sales are not at 100% retail. Yes you can reclaim lost taxes via state tax filings.

      However, paying all the taxes and shipping on top of the order is prohibitive during this time we are in when all revenues are lowered.

  6. enorth

    Frankly, I hate the silly, frilly packaging with the pink ribbons, pink envelope, stickers, cellophane, etc. It makes me suspicious when a seller has to “dress up” the product.

    My precious Paula’s Choice products arrive in a small cardboard box with brown packing-paper inside.

  7. Beeleave

    I’m curious how many Directors will “lead by example” and show using their stimulus to invest in their own business. And, whoa! Wait a minute! Why is my executive pay level director getting a stimulus check? I thought those making $75, 000 and under got the check. LMAO!!!!

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