A New Level: Elite Team Leader

Mary Kay has introduced a new level in the pyramid: Elite Team Leader.

The previous levels were:

  • Team Leader with 5 to 7 active recruits and commission of 9% or 13% on orders by recruits
  • Future Director with 10 or more active recruits and commission of 9% or 13%

This new level replaces Future Director. Instead of 10 or more recruits, there is now the Elite Team Leader with 8 recruits.

Do you have a theory about why MK created this level? Why take away a perfectly good level and replace it with a different (slightly lower) one?


  1. BestDecision

    It’s so silly sounding! It mirrors Director and NSD Elite titles and deletes the “Future Director” title, which I wonder is because it inferred people want to become Directors.

    Consultants reading this, RUN from DIQ and Directorship! You are adding stress into your life you don’t need. You will be swayed to cheat and encouraged to live a life that’s not authentic. Trust those of us on here that wore the suit—it’s not “executive income” even for those in Cadillacs.

  2. Ruby Slippers

    I think it’s for consultants who want to team build but have no interest in becoming a Director. I think Corp,removed futures director completely. So it may take away the stigma and mental pressure for recruiting to be an Elite. Gives them a false sense of accomplishment without the shaming of being a future Director who never does anything. Right?
    What was worse that being a future Director was being in DIQ several times and missing it. That’s why so many put fake recruits on the back end of DIQ to finish so they don’t have to keep starting over. Unfortunately, no one tells them Directorship is like being in DIQ 24/7 never get off the Hamster Wheel. I’m so glad I have a regular job. My days OFF are 100% OFF!

  3. Brainwashed no more

    Desperate for more recruits? For each personality, they have motivation. They put training into teaching “disc” personalities. Based on personality, different women need different this things to get them to work harder. For some, more recognition. Others, more money. Yet, others, it’s for their families. So it’s more recruits and qualifying orders for mk Corp It looks the same as the team leader.
    The requirements keep changing for DIQ, director in qualification. You needed 10 to declare DIQ, then it became 8. You only need one more to get to the new level., closer to DIQ. This looks łike it shows how generous mk is to add a level. But, I don’t know the real extra for consultant.
    Its all for the hype and manipulation to do more.

  4. Coralrose

    I hope it’s because Corp realized “Future Director” sounds completely ridiculous, and no one outside of MK would take a title like that seriously. But, I know that’s not the reason.

    1. Char

      I think you’re right about that not being the reason, because there’s still….wait for it……Independent Elite Executive Senior Sales Director.

      Lol. That puts “Future Director” to shame in my mind.

  5. morningstar

    Take all emotion out that is what corporate does. What I gather is yes they want to take the pressure off not ever “making” director, that way orders aren’t slammed in (think FTC), but gently roll in, as they want the ca$h and decided they can wait a month or two for orders.
    Note the same stuff creating gaps. No DIQ level, however don’t think for one minute the pressure is OFF to recruit and get to director level ASAP. Corporate just created on a psychological level a new dividing line. Team leader or director, which are you… snub snub.

    Somehow this roll out has roots in the new car program; and think we should analyze both side by side. This is deep, but not really. Like new puzzle.

  6. Lazy Gardens

    “Why take away a perfectly good level and replace it with a different (slightly lower) one?” Easier to attain that level? Less scary?

    This smells of desperation – they keep trying things to see if it will reverse the inexorable slide.

  7. I just feel so bad for these women that have to use those silly titles, not to mention the good old “I own my own business” spiel. What makes me even more upset is the fact that most of these MLMs take advantage of women by touching on the fact that they are stay-at-home moms (who doesn’t want to be home for their kids all the time?).
    Seriously, do these women know how silly they sound to the rest of the world by using these titles, wearing their silly gaudy jewelry, pretending MK sends them on lavish training trips, (or how about this one)… MK parading them during seminars and conferences with sashes on a make-believe stage. I have never been in an MLM (thank God), but I still feel so sad for all those that are on a dry desert chasing only a mirage that they will never reach.

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