Found this one on Reddit: a Monat distributor describing what the day consisted of (Facebook live in the shower, working all day long on her phone until the wee hours, third day working until 1am)…. and then saying it was “a good day.” Why are MLM participants so delusional?



  1. Real jobs can be very satisfying. Working with children as a teacher or teacher’s assistant, working in hospitals, Physical therapist, Activities Director in Seniors homes etc. There are many jobs that even part time pay better than mlm. Even dog walking would be a better paying job. Sadly technology has become the bane of society. Teachers receiving close to 50 texts before they even begin breakfast. Office workers inundated with pointless emails and texts day and night. There was once a quaint notion of etiquette years ago regarding the phone. No phone calls during meal hours and before 9 a.m. except in a real emergency. Now texting in bathrooms or at 1 a.m. is the norm. Exhausting, intrusive and definitely not profitable.

    • Exactly…. A job in had a few years ago was a 35 minute commute everyone else loved about 5 min from the office. I would leave for the day and down my commute time on the way home on the phone with the boss, I would have texts at 8pm and no way to show the boss how to do something on the computer (she was totally clueless on how to use 90% of the programs.) or she would be upset that I didn’t respond to her, because we were out for the evening and my phone was on silent. it so stressful I started having panic attacks.. My new job is much better, it is rare that the boss or supervisor calls or texts after hours. It happened a little more during the stay at home order, which was to be expected because we all went to part time hours and were working from home..

      • Since COVID, I have told my office that if you email/call between 8 and 5, I will answer, I may be slow, but I will answer (I have lost childcare during this time so I am parenting and working at the same time, very hard). Before 8 or after 5, do not expect a response and if I do actually email after that time, I don’t expect a response either.
        I do sometimes work after the kids go to bed, but that’s just because it’s quiet, not because I expect others to do the same

        • CC: I am the same way. I actually work mostly from home anyways – but I don’t expect people to answer my inquiries “after hours” because that’s exactly what they are… after work hours! I try to get my work done during normal working hours- but there are times that my schedule doesn’t allow for that- so if it’s quiet at night- I may get in a few hours, but it’s not normal for me to do so. There are times I do work on weekends- but only because my clients were negligent in getting me their docs and I’m up against a hard deadline. (they do get charged extra for this as it’s their fault for getting their docs in late).

          I think MLM people are crazy for all the hours they put in.. and how it’s over-taken their lives – to the point they don’t have a life. I lived that a long time ago- but no longer. I enjoy my actual life now!

  2. Wait a minute…. since WHEN is it a “good day” when you’ve been working until 0100 three days in a row, have to do a “live” from the shower (ain’t nobody want to see that), and only eat twice? I get working until 0100 if you are a shift worker or even a college student working on a paper or assignment. The supposed life you are trying to sell has the appearance of mass suckage. Please explain to me, using the fewest buzzwords as possible, WHY I would want to be a part of this.

  3. My former Director has a Facebook Live party doc that instructs her unit to not say they’re with MK. If it’s such a a prestigious brand that everybody wants, why hide it? That document also calls their lure a “case study” where people are sent samples of products to try.

    A lie is a lie. She’s been lying for decades. She brags about being a “millionaire”, but she is in the same position she was in 20 years ago and didn’t even do Cadillac production last month. Sure, her total commissions over those decades totals over a million dollars, but so does anyone taking home $50,000/year in corporate America. The difference is their take-home is 100% theirs while she still has expenses to pay. $50K/year is about $25/hour. New graduate nurses make more than that, and I can think of a ton of other professions that make way more.

    She’s also the one that worked her business until midnight and past it on the last day of every month, and she ignored her kids by being on her cell phone all the time. So, this post of doing a Live in a shower and skipping meals isn’t far off the mark based on my experience in MK. I think all of us that were Directors, at least, can agree we sacrificed a lot of peace and normality to get another recruit and another Star by the 15th. Karma is coming!

    • “My former Director has a Facebook Live party doc that instructs her unit to not say they’re with MK. If it’s such a prestigious brand that everybody wants, why hide it? That document also calls their lure a “case study” where people are sent samples of products to try.”

      ^^ This right here is shady AF.

      And yes, new graduate nurses in this area around making about $52-55K/year (depends on nursing field), and they are getting paid time off, paid sick, 403(b) with matching, medical and dental (if they want them), and other insurances and bennies paid by the employer. Oh yeah, much of education is paid for by the company.

  4. Honestly though, I worked in cannabis and this is very similar. People would brag about having to answer IMs and emails all night with the excuse that BC where some of the emails / IMs were coming from is 3hrs behind and saying they worked all weekend because they just “had” to. Meetings were scheduled outside of the 9-3 core business hours and made it seem like a privilege to have to call into a meeting at 7pm. No work-life balance whatsoever. When people like myself questioned it, I’d get excuses like “You have to pivot” or “It’s a start-up business, it’s to be expected.” I see A LOT of similarities between MLMs and the pot industry. Both are based on lies and one-upping the competition and hoping the peons below don’t wake up and stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Being involved in those industries are like selling your soul to the devil himself!

  5. This one has some maturing to do, whatever her calendar age might be. She equates hard work with success, and is in danger of becoming a full-blown workaholic. The signs are all there.

    An engine can work just as hard spinning the car’s wheels as climbing a hill. Don’t focus on the spinning tires; look out the windshield and see if you’re getting somewhere.

  6. Maybe she can demonstrate her hair falling out from using this. Wasn’t that a side effect?

    Anyone remember that stuff Cher’s hairdresser used to sell via informercials? Lori Davis. I remember SNL used to do a parody of her with Chris Farley as Lori, lol.

  7. I know a few “working from my phone” Monat girls. They’re successful but they had a big following before Monat.

  8. So many of these MLM participants would do really well working in a traditional retail sales position. Love talking to people? Love helping them find the right product? Get a retail sales position in an industry/category that interests you, and make a real living. The reason why the vast majority of these MLM victims don’t work in traditional sales is that they’re chasing that ridiculously unattainable level of wealth that MLMs promise.

    Everyone thinks that they’ll be “the ONE” out of thousands in their MLMs who actually make a decent living. But they won’t be. No matter how good they are at sales or recruiting or both. Those of you drawn to the idea of selling products to others, please start out in traditional sales first. Like, full time with benefits etc.

    The company that hires you won’t suggest that you’ll be matching the CEO’s salary in 12-18 months. Because you won’t. The difference is that, while you won’t do it in MLM either, the MLM will suggest that you can when they KNOW that you won’t.

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