Wiegandt Berry Farm: Mary Kay Lies

Dacia and Karl Wiegandt sure have that Mary Kay go-give spirit, don’t they? Today’s article is a bit of juicy gossip about “The Berry Farm” in Miami, run by Karl Wiegandt, husband of Mary Kay NSD Dacia Wiegandt.

The story begins with Burr’s Berry Farm, a strawberry farm and fruit stand that was started 1965 by Charles and Mary Idena Burr. The family operated the farm until 2013, when they began renting it to Karl Wiegandt. The Weigandts continued to operate the business as Burr’s Berry Farm, but through an LLC called The Berry Farm LLC. In 2019, Karl registered an LLC called Burrs Berry Farm LLC, but dissolved that in 2020. (It is unclear why the Burrs Berry Farm LLC was created so late in the game, but this may have something to do with the apparent dispute with the Burr family, which you will see later in this article.)

After 7 years of renting the farm from the Burr family, the Wiegandts moved their operation to a new location. Along with the move came a rebranding from Burrs Berry Farm to The Berry Farms, and a new website of floridastrawberryfarm.com:

This all seems simple enough, right? Except there is a teensy little problem with the Wiegandts pretending their “family farm” really belonged to THEIR family.

Here, Dacia says “I know my Papa Jack who started this farm in “1964” is looking down upon heaven smiling so proud of the legacy continuing.

Except it wasn’t Papa Jack who started the berry farm. It was Charles Burr.


UPDATE: Dacia has clarified for us on Facebook that she  was referring to Jack Wishart:

Except the original post said Jack started this farm in 1965. Jack didn’t start the Burr farm or the Wiegandt farm.

Dacia then changed her Facebook post (but did not change the IG post) to say Jack started our family farm business in 1965. But Jack didn’t start his tomato farm until 1974.  His Pine Island “u-pick” farm lost a big lawsuit brought by a family whose son was born without eyes as a result of chemicals sprayed by the farm in 1989.

Lying is apparently so much a part of Mary Kay NSDs, that even when called out on her lies, Dacia can’t admit them and continues to be untruthful.


The lie continues on the website of the new The Berry Farms:

The Wiegandts haven’t been part of the Redland farm community for 60 years. The Burr family has.  Why are the Weigandts lying and pretending that THEIR family has been doing the berry farm thing for 60-65 years?

And then there’s the problem with the Wiegandts leading people to believe that Burr’s Berry Farm was moving.

The Burr family makes it clear here that the Wiegandts have been RENTERS for the last 7 years.

It seems the Burrs wanted to end things with the Wiegandts amicably, and even put a link to the new The Berry Farms in their Facebook Post.

Yet there were clearly troubles between the Weigandts and the Burrs. A public post on Rebecca Burr Isaacson’s Facebook profile says: “We were just recently able to have our fathers name returned to us from the renters.” So maybe this is why Burrs Berry Farm LLC was registered on 4/30/19 but dissolved on 8/13/20?

Rebecca Burr Isaacson makes it clear that the Wiegandts have been farming for 7 years, not the 60 years they claim on their new website. She also mentions them keeping the Burr’s Berry Farm Facebook page and pictures, which appears to be the reason for the new Burrs Berry Farm page.

The Burrs make it clear too, that THEY are not moving. Burrs Berry Farm is closed permanently.

It seems Karl Wiegandt didn’t exit the farm how or when he was supposed to. The least ended June 30, but the Weigandts left a mess at Burrs:

Here’s the vacation the Wiegandts apparently went on, rather than removing their things and cleaning up the Burr property.

And it seems the Burr family is displeased with what the Wiegandts turned their property into during the 7 years they were there, referring to it as a “farm circus.”

Here’s what the property looked like in 2019:

This is the Wiegandt Harvest Festival:

And here is the Wiegandt Christmas festival:

Who knows what the agreement was about the business the Wiegandts were supposed to be conducting on the Burr property. Clearly, the Wiegandts wanted a farm that would host seasonal events, and that’s what they appear to have at the new location for The Berry Farms. This all seems to have ended badly with the Burrs, however.

It was reported on January 24, 2020 that the land was under contract to be sold to Lennar Corp. Lennar was in the process of getting the property rezoned in order to build up to 180 homes. However, as of the writing of this article, online property records show the owners of the parcel to be Charles and Mary Burr.

What’s the problem with what the Wiegandts have done if the Burrs were selling the land anyway? It appears the Burrs did not like how the Wiegandts did business, and they do not want the Wiegandts profiting off their family name and pretending that they are somehow carrying on the Burr family legacy. They were renters and now they have a new spot. Just tell the truth about it.

Here is the new property. It was purchased 2/9/18 for $900,000 by JLK TWO, LLC, Karl Wiegandt’s company.

This is the before:

And this is during construction:

There are a lot of curious things going on with Dacia Wiegandt, and her outside interests outside of Mary Kay.

It seems that Dacia is focused on everything except Mary Kay. Is she just exploiting her MK popularity to make some extra money? Or is she creating her backup plan for when she leaves Mary Kay in the near future?

But back to the berry farm…. It seems really shady to pretend that the Burr family legacy is their own.

Why lie about the origins of the berry farm? Maybe it’s about greed. Maybe it’s about being fundamentally dishonest and unethical. Maybe it’s an extreme sense of entitlement to claim another family’s history as your own. Maybe it’s the pursuit of the almighty dollar without regard for who it hurts or deceives.

Maybe it’s the same sickness that pervades Mary Kay. Constant lying about the income and the “opportunity.” I always say that if the MK opportunity was so fantastic, there would be no need to lie about it.

I do know this for sure: Many women in Mary Kay look up to Dacia and consider her a role model, but she is not someone you should EVER wish to be like.



  1. “Authentic & REAL”

    Dacia, if you have to state that, you are neither authentic nor real. Nothing about you is authentic or real.

  2. You do not become a top MLMer without being a LIAR. For the love of Pete, stop worshipping these folks.

    As Tracy wrote, “Many women in Mary Kay look up to Dacia and consider her a role model, but she is not someone you should EVER wish to be like.“ –

    Yes, and this applies to all MLM “leaders”. If you are still struggling with this concept, think of it this way:

    In a prison yard, the gang leader is worshipped by fellow prisoners. Normal law-abiding citizens think the leader is the worst of the worst. We are not impressed by his “leadership” and can only imagine how he got to the “top”. But within the yard, he is envied and worshipped.

    In MLM, the top 1% benefits off the lower 99% by selling them on the “opportunity”. It is the money from the 99% that funds the company and upline – not bonafide external revenue from product resales bought by non-affiliates.

    If you the consultant has to whip out your credit card, I rest my case. You are not stocking a store for resales. If this were true, the person recruiting you would be selling you product from her store. She would not be recruiting you to start your own store and create competition for herself.

    Mary Kay Inc. is the store. You order directly from them just like many other companies that allow that. They, MKI, gets loyal customers by telling you you might become a “Super Duper Platinum Elite Future National CEO Director Supervisor” and gives you a sash. So cringe.

    I repeat, the top MLMers are simply in on the ruse taking advantage of the willing-victims.

    • “You are not stocking a store for resales. If this were true, the person recruiting you would be selling you product from her store. She would not be recruiting you to start your own store and create competition for herself.”



      There’s a blog on MLMs and Ponzi schemes (BehindMLM dot com I think) that has reviewed HUNDREDS of Ponzi and other schemes, and the one argument he makes over and over as to the legitimacy (or rather, lack) of these schemes is along the lines of “if the system you’re being recruited into is actually as successful as it claims (ie 400% return on investment in six months), then they wouldn’t NEED to recruit you and your money; they’d keep it a secret and become billionaires themselves in the same amount of time.”

      If MK products really “sell themselves” at double the “wholesale” cost that MKC charges, those in MK would NEVER recruit ANYONE. They’d be making so much profit on their sales that the piddly commission percentage they earn on their downlines’ purchases wouldn’t hold a candle to how much profit they make just selling the products all day, every day, at full markup…so they wouldn’t even dream of recruiting their customers.

  3. Dacia’s family is from AR, not FL, so who is Papa Jack? It’s so tacky to claim someone else’s work to be your own. How is that Go Give?

    • That’s the exact definition of Mary Kay Go Give. I mean, the unit’s production is what wins the Director’s Cadillac. So they do all the work and the Director gets all the glory. Turns my stomach to think of the literal millions that women all over the world have put into this three alarm dumpster fire of an MLM. Dacia and so many others are nothing but Totally Robin Hood Barbie (She REALLY steals from the poor to feed the rich! Downline, hostesses, and accessories sold separately!)

      • And he’s from Arkansas. Dacia’s new farm is in FL. No integrity whatsoever. Makes me believe the stories of exporting product and how she became an NSD.

        • “…the stories of exporting product and how she became an NSD”

          Ooh, BD, is there a place where one could read more about these stories? I’d love to learn more about this.

          • I thought there was speculation she was using fake SSN’s to sign people up, but maybe that was Allison Lamarr?? Either way, I’d also love to hear more about this.

            • Using made-up SSNs or those of the deceased is a common thing in DIQ and the Court of Sharing. That’s why the DIQ Dept calls those new Consultants to verify they’re legit.

          • There were rumors that she finished NSD by exporting product beyond our borders. At about the same time, there were several Trip Directors kicked out of the company for exporting to Nigeria. I was told MK sent staff there to check into it and saw Red Jackets in the act at the airport.

            So, the idea was export to countries not affiliated with MK, get their cash, and float struggling units and teams so NSD and trips could be finished.

            While I don’t argue Dacia’s work ethic because she clearly admitted in Director classes and conference calls that she worked 40+ hours a week, it was a fast & steep climb to NSD that no one has replicated. However, that’s often the case. There are countless stories of people finishing NSD, Million, and Trip but don’t achieve those levels again the next year or even lose to it. If it’s a repeatable and duplicatable skill, why aren’t their offspring doing the same? Why aren’t they doing it year after year? Why do they reach NSD and then bottom out in commissions?

      • Dacia’s backpedaling reminds me of the faux e-truck company Nikola. They made all kinds of bogus claims, saying they had a fully working model they put on stage at a commercial truck show, then later putting up a video on YouTube of a semi truck supposedly truckin’ on down the road.

        The model on stage was unable to move under its own power. The video was shot–months later–by towing the truck to the top of a long hill (in Utah, on a lightly-traveled straight 3%-grade road) and letting it coast down. It was truckin’ down the road, all right, thanks to gravity. When they were publicly called out on their fakery, they played the same “You just misunderstood us” card Dacia is playing now.

        “I never said specifically that MY grandfather started THIS farm in 1964, I just meant he started, you know, this family farm of ours in 1964, er, 1965.” Sorry, Dacia, nice try. And it wasn’t in 1964, or even 1965, but in 1974, as Tracy has pointed out. You tried to lie, then tried another lie to cover up. These things rarely end well. Something about tangled webs and whatnot.

        To borrow the title of Judge Judy’s 1997 book: “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

        • And again, why? No one really cares if her grandpa started a farm in 1965 or 1974, or if it was a different farm than the one they currently have. She COULD have just said, “my family has been farming in FL for more than 45 years”, and it would have been truthful. But first she tried to use the Burr family story as her own, and then when caught on that lie, she tried to change it to say the 1965 part was her grandpa’s farm, but even that’s not true.

  4. All I can say is the children will grow up and have many problems. Not impressed with this bunch.

    PS wasn’t she hawking that pesticide? roundup

    Burr Family stood out the truth!

    • “And I’m going to make a desperate attempt to become a Round Up influencer by striking an abnormal, incongruent pose whilst wearing an overly dressy outfit as I hold this bottle of Round Up and pretend I’m doing whatever thing this product is used for! Heyyy, pesticides FTW, amirite?”

  5. After reading this, I feel like taking a shower. Ugh.

    I’ll say this much: she seems to love the camera. I’m not so sure about the feeling being mutual, though.

  6. I have several friends who are farmers and run family farms. I shared this thread with a farmer friend (I’ve known Dennis since like 1986 ish), and he said this is the shadiest piece of manure he’s seen in a long time. And this guy works with sheep and goats! (And chickens, a couple of dogs, some barn cats…. no more cattle or pigs, though). He said farms now are shifting to all of these events because they make oodles of money on them. Agrotourism. Folks want the, “Check out how awesome I am because I picked this bucket of strawberries in my floppy straw hat” Instagram-ready posts. You make next to nothing on crops, and most of the time, you’re lucky to break even.

    With this family, I see numerous forked tongues and so much deceit. If you really are a farmer’s wife as you claim, get out there and get your hands (and everything else) dirty, just like Mary Burr and her family did. Otherwise, I see you as a money-grabbing fraud.

    • Lol at Dacia getting her hands dirty…one of her Instagram-influencer attempts was a post of her holding a bleach kitchen cleaner while wearing some all-black “casual” outfit, posed in a stance that nobody would use while actually cleaning, and the pic proves she doesn’t clean like this because anyone who scrubs kitchens or bathrooms with bleach won’t wear any nice black clothing. Because bleach actually BLEACHES things, Dacia. Lolz.

      • Lol, I remember that pic! She would disintegrate if she came into contact with bleach!

        • …so in other words, her swimming pool should be filled with bleach?

          *legal disclaimer: I have never, nor would I ever, fill anyone’s swimming pool with bleach. First of all, because of Covid, none of my stores have bleach for sale; second of all, if I DID get my (gloved, hopefully) hands on a stockpile of bleach, I’d much rather hoard it at home than waste it by filling a pool; and third of all, South Florida is a helluva long way from me and not worth the drive (plus, while my Kia does have “best-in-class” storage space, it hasn’t nearly enough to pack bleach to fill a bathtub let alone a fancy pool).

          I guess Dacia will just have to self-destruct all on her own. Which shouldn’t be a problem.

          • Well technically, Hydrochloric acid at 10% is used in swimming pools. I used to work at a bleach / chemical company and learned that HCl acid is used for swimming pools and also to clean your driveway lol. Everyone into the pool! You first, Dacia!

            • Both chlorine and hydrochloric acid are used as necessary in pool care. The chlorine is the disinfectant and the HCl is to correct the pH (i.e., lower it: make the water more acidic) because NaClO is a strong base. Proper pH makes the NaClO more effective, and is easier on the skin. By the time they all diffuse into the giant pool, the chemicals are quite dilute.
              In fact, most city tap water measures stronger in chlorine than pool water. It’s just their giant surface area that makes pools smell so strong.

  7. *gag* here’s some snippets from my regrettable first impression of her site:

    “Hard work ethic was shown to be me being that I grew up a farmer’s daughter. It’s just a part of what you see on a daily basis. All I knew was you had to work hard for what you wanted. Get up early, prepare the night before, work every day to the fullest, etc.” I suppose if hard work involves lying and ripping off those you’re purporting to help.

    “I was born to encourage others. To help them dream again, find their passion and their why. My business allows me to do this on a daily basis. I encourage thousands of women all over the World to DREAM BIG, not settle for less, & to be the best version of themselves.” ? okkkkkkk some commentary, new snippet

    “I knew that I would rather work two/four years like a dog so I wouldn’t be treated like one for 30/40 years.” Yeah, news flash it’s not right to do it to your downline. Oh right- They aren’t ‘dogs’. They are ‘dead horses’

    “But in my eyes just because it gets tough or because your not in love doesn’t seem like a reason.
    I believe in fighting for marriages & commitment.”
    ? what a thinly veiled way to say that your husband should stick it out regardless of how insane you drive him

    “When people ask me why I smile I say, Jesus – JOY- and – Mary Kay.” All this one needs for commentary is ???

    “You learn strong work ethic when you watch your Grandfather & Dad start work at 5am and finish when the job is done. I learned you work when you can so when you can’t work, it works for you. “ Other than the obvious lie, here’s the Translation: ‘I learned to work hard sucking others in so they’d do the work and I wouldn’t have to’

    “I thought it was an appropriate name for a GIRL BOSS that grew up a “Farmers Daughter” & now a “Farmer’s Wife” In reference to her now extinct blog

    “I’m as real as real can be. What you see is what you get!”??????

    “Baseball has been my life! I married my high school sweetheart & he was a pitcher for our Westminster Christian National baseball Championship team. They were so good they were on the back of a Cheerios box (true story.)” Please someone face check this!!!

    I might start doing this on a regular basis?

    • My job doesn’t treat me like a dog, nor does it No Show on me like customers and recruits. And I get benefits!

    • When I got to the end of her sentence about Jesus, Joy, and Mary Kay, I literally said “oh, barf” aloud…then I see your choice of emoji. Perfect!

  8. There’s something going on at MK. Dacia (according to Applause) seems to make decent commissions every month. Yet she (and other top NSDs) all appear to be ramping up other income streams.

    I don’t understand why she’s stealing someone’s history. Her story is decent, why not roll with it? Oh, yeah. That takes actual work, and we all know that’s inconvenient. Telling the truth is inefficient. I do think she’s incapable of being honest. She needs to be careful about lies and lifestyle blogging. If someone outs her loudly enough, she’s dead in the water.

    The lies seem compulsive. She’s got serious self esteem issues. Why else would she lie about almost everything?

    Stealing that history is just gross.

    • (Post for lurkers) She’s merely practicing what she preaches. MLMers are taught to “Fake it ‘til you make it”. I wonder how many MLMers think this phrase is acceptable and should adopt this practice as well?

      Hopefully lurkers will recognize what the phrase actually means. “Fake” synonyms:

      forgery, counterfeit, copy, sham, fraud, hoax, imitation, mock-up, dummy, reproduction, lookalike, likeness, pirate, knockoff, rip-off, dupe, forged, fraudulent, false, bogus, spurious, pseudo, worthless, invalid, dud, artificial, synthetic, simulated, replica,…..

      Here’s the kicker: If your upline is teaching you to “fake it ‘til you make it”, you cannot ignore the fact that she would be using that same technique on you. Think about it.

  9. I remember listening to a speech where she said her grandpa was a farmer and had died in an accident. This was the last seminar speech as a director before turning NSD. Maybe that’s who Papa Jack is?

    Maybe the farm she is referring to is the tomato farm that her dad had amd just rolled all of the story into one?

    I’m not one to defend Dacia, but maybe she’s using half truths to make a whole story.

    The new farm does look nice. Have you asked the Burr family to comment? Maybe she will spill the beans even more!

  10. Wow. It’s one thing for her to just imply the farm history is hers, but to invoke her dead grandpa to blatantly lie about it? Sick. It would be terrific if a South Florida reporter or popular blogger would publicize this.

  11. I guess fabricating stories is just the norm in MK. Did MK herself not embellish her origins? Her husbands, where she got the start up money, the Hyde tanner story and how she got the rights to the product ingredients to begin with,. When she called it dual marketing (it’s always been an mlm), made salespeople feel like mini celebrities at Seminar and tapped into women’s emotions (with accolades and the MK enthusiasm theme song etc.) That was deliberate. The original directors Dalene White, Jackie Brown etc. seemed to be pitted against each other so MK and the company would profit. This article about a farm etc. really seems like a form of identity theft. Posing as a Nurse (using someone else’s credentials), taking credit for a previous owners accolades, having someone else write your papers or take your exams seems extreme but occasionally happens. It just makes me wonder what kind of Directors make it to the top of this mlm. Certainly not what I envisioned in a supposed Faith based family first endeavor. Of course when the founder put work and competition ahead of everything, it’s not hard to see that fifty years later profit at any cost is the norm.

    • Posing as a registered nurse and using fake credentials or stealing someone else’s is a felony in many states. There was a news article about a NOT nurse in Canada who had been using the credentials of someone with the same name, different birthday. She has been “practicing” for 25+ years without any formal nursing education, including working in the OR. It was only when the computer licensure tracking program caught up with her that she was found out.

  12. I would bet money that, when Dacia has time to daydream (like when she’s staring at the baggage claim conveyer go round and round, wondering where her knock off Louis Vuitton bag is), she dreams that she stars in a reality show (“Farmer’s Wife and Heels”, perhaps) where she entrances everyone with her exciting, fashionable life, and viewers just can’t get enough of her.

    If given the option, I’ll binge watch “Paint Drying” on an eternal loop instead (but maybe sneak in a rerun of “Sharp Stick In The Eye” here and there).

  13. AAAAAND…. Dacia deleted the comments on her FB post calling out her lies. Wouldn’t want people to know the truth!

    Don’t worry Dacia, this article will remain and will be loved by the Google bot. People will know. 🙂

    • Dacia has always disgusted me, but this proves why. She’s fake and wants attention all on her. MK Inc, why are you letting her make money off links? That’s the real question. Why are you allowing NSDs to collaborate with brands and profit off their social media accounts? How do you not have enough evidence for just cause?

      If I were still in MK, I’d be furious they’re turning their heads away from this. Total BS.

    • I’m constantly surprised how few people understand that anything they post to the internet has the potential to be accessible for a very long time, even when it’s been deleted from the source.

      I frequently find photos that I posted back in the mid to late 1990’s of my then hobby being used to illustrate the hobby now because I never copyrighted them.

  14. Wow! Thanks for this info! I’ve lived in the Redland (farming community south of Miami) very close to Burrs for 50 years. I was so sad to see that Burr’s was closing and had no idea that it was not run by the Burr family anymore, but rented by the Weigandts. Oh well! I have Knaus Berry Farm right down the street from me, famous for it’s awesome cinnamon buns and strawberry shakes. They are seasonal and when they open, the wait time in line is 3-4 hours for those yummy buns!

  15. Yes, it should be posted again and again on her instagram page. I can’t believe she has that many followers. Makes me wonder if they are real followers. Why would anyone want to see her everyday. She only brags about herself and tries to push products on people.

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