Caption This Mary Kay NSD Photo

Mary Kay national sales directors are in the image business! Time to caption this photo and tell us what image is shown with this outfit on MK NSD Kimberly Copeland:


  1. coralrose

    The award for the most unique Halloween costume goes to Kimber… Oh, My apologies. That’s your actual outfit.

    I honestly thought they were both wearing Halloween costumes at first & I couldn’t figure out what she was supposed to “be”. (I saw this as I was thinking about our Halloween plans.)

    1. Wasrings90

      Sorry have to disagree with the Minnie Pearl comparison….. At least the tag on Minnie’s hat always matched her outfit.

      Sorry I adore Minnie Pearl. Had to watch the Hee Haw and listen to the Opry every time we spent a Saturday night at Grandma’s.

  2. morningstar

    This is how Mary kay reps dress? And they wonder why they can’t sell a thing.
    I thought it was a mermaid outfit at first.
    Who does this attract? This getup (and getout) crazy dressing is very strange indeed.

  3. PurpleH

    That is a crime against fashion, for sure. Kimmers is only partly responsible for it though. Some designer sketched those pants, got the go-ahead to make them, then a buyer made an order and someone put them in a shop. MANY mistakes were made here! Much like the so-so and terrible singers who audition for American Idol, Kimmy needs someone in her life to say: “maybe that’s not the right choice.” But her mom & sister dress the same way, so she has no sensible help.

  4. Onegative

    @bestdecision who’s to say her image is bad? It’s not my cup of tea but its incredibly mean girl of anyone to make fun of someone’s looks or how they Express themselves through clothes. For someone, that is their ideal look.

    She is someone’s daughter. She is someone’s mom. She has feelings. Whether you agree or not with how she chooses to dress, let her be. Why tear her down? Do you feel better about yourself for making fun of her?

    This isn’t a MK post, this is a bashing post. MK deserves it based on lies amd half truths they allow to circulate, but how a woman (or person) chooses to Express themselves isn’t up to you to criticize.

    Yes, MK is about image, but I think sometimes we are so blinded by the hatred for MK and we fail to realize that some things aren’t worth commenting on. Pink Truth is better than bullying someone over how they dress.

    1. BestDecision

      You are entitled to your opinion, and I mine. The dictionary says bullying is “seeking to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable)“. Having an opinion on an outfit is far from that.

      Peace be with you.

      1. Onegative

        Bless your heart. I’m sure you have taught your children to conform to the ways of the world to fit in and not be individual. To be robots, sheep, etc so people like you won’t make fun of them for having personality.

        Peace be with you and hopefully you will think twice about being mean to someone.

        1. KayNotMary

          Oh, FFS. She put on an outfit, she’s showing it off and using it to market herself. We’re giving product reviews: it looks stupid. She looks like a drunk taxidermist dressed her in the dark. Can’t handle that? It’s your therapy bill, not mine.

        2. Char

          I don’t agree with bullying innocent people. I do agree with publicly shaming criminals, scammers, and drunk drivers, etc.. Everything and anything that works as a potentially effective deterrent for the greater good.

  5. Jasmar

    I’ve been reading Pink Truth for awhile now, although I’ve never been in MK, and love the site! This one got me to post because I actually laughed out loud at some of the responses here. You ladies are hilarious!

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