We haven’t done this in a long time! This is a photo from Career Conference 2024. It’s sales director Sherrie Purvis and a pair of giant pink panties. I presume this is a “put on your big girl panties” talk about how the fact that you’re not making money in MLM is your. own. fault. (No it’s not. 99%+ lose money in MLM.)

Go ahead and give this photo your best caption!



  1. We know that Mary Kay consultants are encouraged to become huge con artists, but I didn’t realize they also meant physically.

    They sure are a devoted group.

  2. Said by a director: Have you seen “Get A-Long shirts” for kids? I’m debuting “get along panties” for our unit! You stand in one leg, your best Mary Kay girlfriend in the other, and won’t that make the MK sleep overs at my house so much more fun?!!! You’ll be together your entire waking hours!! *Sleepover is only available to consultants with a minimum $250 wholesale order
    #girlfriendtime #fun #girlboss #bossbabe #mymklife

  3. Due to shipping delays, I don’t have the pillowcases to write our dreams on. So we’ll use these pink drawers instead! Everyone, grab a marker!

  4. I finally found a pair of panties to match the size of my credit card debt!!!!!!!!!!! 💖💄💰💰💰💰💰

  5. I remember going to my National’s Christmas party at her house as a brand new director. Boy I thought I was on my way to being wealthy! My husband went with me, and as we were in line to get food, another director looked at him and said,”I guess you put on your big boy panties to come to this and be around all of these women!” I was so embarrassed and mortified. That was the beginning of the end of my Mary Kay Career.

  6. I don’t have a good caption, but I too have a visceral reaction to this pic.
    How in hell do you promote Growing up and being a real “business woman” (as the big girl panties slogan is supposed to be saying) while failing to note how childish and demeaning the reference is?

  7. “Did you know that Mint Bliss Foot Cream is also a weight-loss drug? These were snug on me until I started eating a tube a day and look at me now! ::huuuurk blaaaaaaarf::!!!”

  8. When your former friends and family tell you that you’ve turned into the biggest ass in the universe, own it!


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