Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday free from Mary Kay. (Remember the days when you used to have take advantage of holidays with family and friends to try to push more products and/or beg women to sign up as consultants?) Whether you’re alone, with your significant other, or with family and friends…. enjoy a day of rest (hopefully!) and count your blessings.


  1. Pinkiu

    I didn’t think about MK once today…until I popped over here. I am SO HAPPY that I didn’t feel I had to do a skin care party with my aunts and cousins, or pass out brochures, or insist everyone try Satin Hands. It was a great day.

  2. Mountaineer95

    Regardless of their status or activity, I’d like to take a moment to think about any and all IBCs in MK…including every single IBC who is current not only active, but dying to sell/recruit. Because you know she tried to sell it on Thanksgiving. You know she’ll try it tomorrow. And you know she’ll keep trying until she runs out of credit, or patience, or both (we can only hope patience wins here).

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here, everyone lurking, and everyone who’s not yet been here but who needs to be.

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