Mary Kay Holiday Products Not Selling

Does your director tell you to “stock up” on Mary Kay’s holiday products because they “fly right off the shelf” and MK will sell out quickly?

They’re not wrong that MK will sell out quickly, but that’s only because all the directors are pushing the “sold out” narrative to get consultants to order a bunch. (Their commission checks depend on it!)

You bough a bunch of limited edition products, and you’re wondering why you can’t sell them. You’ve been told everyone sells a ton. What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you selling them?

It’s not you! It’s the vast majority of consultants. They stock up on holiday products, only to have them sit on the shelf unless they give deep discounts. Just like these consultants:



  1. Sorry the site was down yesterday!!!! We have been doing some updates/changes to the tech behind the scenes, and it threw everything into chaos. But I think we’ve got it all sorted out now. 🙂

  2. The only thing surprising about that discussion is that they are having it. Holiday products, especially sets, are impossible to sell. Some SSD will find out and scold them for negativity, telling them to use the time they spend complaining to get out and sell.

  3. Selling for $48.98 or “best offer” on eBay. NIB Free Shipping. (South Gate, Michigan)

    Second listing: $48.99 NIB Free Shipping (Claypool, Indiana)

  4. The “12 Faves” set is $99 and some of the products are mini-sized. Everything is over-packaged in a fancy pink box. I wouldn’t buy it.

    • I wouldn’t buy it for $99 either – or any price. But if you did want it, why pay $99 when ANYONE you can buy it for $49? You have three options:

      1) eBay
      2) Sign up as a PUC if you’re already a good customer who buys lots of stuff
      3) Suggest to the consultant you’ll “help her make production” and only pay her price

  5. I like the one who says to show them at Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. LOL. Mother’s Day is over 6 months away…who wants to be looking at these unsold sets for that long just praying they’ll be able to sell them by then. No more holidays to tie-in to that set after Mother’s Day! What a stupid move to buy multiple sets without any confirmed orders.

  6. I’m a little surprised to see people blatantly posting this like this, because it’s “negative” (the truth). I’d be interested to see if more people post stuff like this, because we all know Mary Kay just “flies off the shelf”. LOL.

  7. I regretted listening to my SD the first two Christmases. They certainly did not fly off my shelves. I was stuck with them for years. I ended up gifting them or selling them in garage sales. After that disaster, I avoided those holiday sets and packaged general merchandise in baskets and clear bags for my open house.

    BTW…the open house was a lot of work for no profit. If you are being told that you will make money, trust me, you won’t. Don’t spend money on food and drinks or on buying new baskets and shrink wrap plastic, bows, and the like. It may look cute, but people only want a sale. I compromised by spray painting 50 cent baskets bought at garage sales in the summer. It looked nice and I spent less than $10 for all materials. I may have ended up breaking even when all the costs were added up. I later did the baking of treats to coincide with parties where I would take left over trays of cookies and such. I didn’t feel like I was losing as much money that way. BUT STILL… just don’t do it.

  8. For giggles, I went to the MK site to see what the hubbub was about on this $99 thing. Do you know what I could get at Ulta for $99? Way the heck more than what’s in that MK box for sure!! Sure, many things are seasonal and will likely sell out. But it’s stuff I WANT and will use.

  9. I see lots of $500 orders and only 10% sold. MK lost its sizzle 10 years ago, and the Holiday seasons gave me immense frustration. Open Houses, packaging, 12 Days sets, desperately trying to get bookings, hoping to close a recruit—it was all miserable. Frumpy bows and bad cellophane jobs are 1995!

    • Even in 1995 absolutely No one, I repeat No One ever wanted to attend these fake stupid MK Open Houses. An Open House means a fun gathering with friends and family. It doesn’t mean the MK vulture conning you into buying a stupid over priced basket of sickly smelling unwelcome lotions. Absolutely no one wants or needs these horrible scented creams, perfumes or expensive sets. Women didn’t get deceived by these ridiculous invitations in the 90’s. By 2020 women are so fed up with these mlm scams that they avoid them. MK should soon be synonymous with avoidance like the plague (who would want to attend a stupid MK party and risk our health during COVID). I cannot fathom how irresponsible, selfish, and absurd these ancient sales techniques are. The sooner all directors quit, the better. Let’s face it MK Corp does not want the costs of an NSD salary and pension indefinitely anyway. The fewer NSD’s the better for them.

  10. I remember how lonely an Open House was. How embarrassing to try and sell those ghastly smelling Christmas lotions and perfumes. Just thinking about these overpriced awful Christmas sets brings back very painful and unpleasant memories. To sit waiting for someone to show up at these silly parties is so boring, such a waste of time and in the end costly. I thank goodness every day that I can look forward to Christmas etc. without this foolish pink albatross of ridiculousness bringing debt, stress and regret. 🙂

  11. I’d like to apologize to anyone who ever received my 12 Days of Christmas sets. He could’ve bought better for $300.

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