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How Do People Find Pink Truth?

Each month I get a report of search terms people are using to find pinktruth.com. This month’s top growing terms amused me:

I love that people are finding us when they are searching for information on seminar. And why are so many people searching for Laura Beitler? So weird, but so fun.


  1. NayMKWay

    It surprises me that that many people know her name, frankly. I thought it might be a Google auto-complete phenomenon, like people searched for some MK product that starts with “L” or “La”, saw her name, and clicked through out of curiosity (happens to me all the time; I have a short attention span, I guess). However, I had to type “Mary Kay Laura” before her name popped up, along with 6 other Lauras. Her name was at the top of the list, but still, all 5 letters were required.

    Curious, I clicked the Google match and the PT March 15th article on her new job title was 3rd on the list after MK Corp’s obligatory ad and Laura’s LinkedIn profile. No recent news items popped up; nothing obvious that would prompt a bunch of people to search on her name.

    Looking further, I tapped the control to narrow the search to the “News” category. Every hit was an MK press release about someone getting her “free” car, and the most recent was from January this year, when she was still VP of Marketing.

    So she hasn’t been in the news lately, and her name doesn’t pop up unless you spell her entire first name. It has to be MK pyramid dwellers who have been looking her up for … reasons … and “stumbling” across PT.

    I wonder what’s going on? Is her name floating around in the rumor mill?


    1. Pinkiu

      I wondered the same thing. I wondered if there was a huge push for recruits and those potential IBCs did their due diligence by searching her name & MK and found us. Hopefully, they read enough here to realize that MK is not the career they were promised and skedaddled!

  2. AnonyMouse

    I wonder if Laura Beitler has ghosted from the ML world and the sales force is trying to figure out what happened to her. Who wants to bet we’re gonna find out she’s no longer with the company soon?

        1. TRACY

          Wowzers! That’s one that I didn’t expect. I thought Laura Beitler was a lifer!

          I wonder what she’s going to do? Maybe she’s going to join Sean Key in being a loser failure as an Herbalife distributor. (Hey Sean, I thought MLM was so easy if you were just willing to work???)

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