Accomplishing Mary Kay Goals on June 30

Every year, June is the biggest month for Mary Kay Inc. The most orders are placed as everyone is trying to finish directorship, cars, and unit clubs. Remember: This has nothing to do with products sold. You will see directors say things like “My team is running to finish $1 million in product sales.” It’s a lie. Those products were not sold.

What really happened is consultants paid $400,000 to Mary Kay Inc. for products that mostly sit in basements and garages. MK does fancy math, changing the amount to suggested retail value (very little is sold at full retail) and adding on bonuses that inflate the numbers. Voila! The number becomes $1 million and everyone pretends those products were sold.

The whole “end of year, finishing goals” thing is all one big lie. It’s really consultants and directors making larger orders of products from MK to “shut down goals.” No one really achieved anything except a large credit card bill with a high interest rate.

Here are some of the shenanigans from this year. Chelsea said she needed $17,000 on the last day.

She doesn’t say if that’s retail or wholesale, but likely it’s wholesale. Why are her consultants spending $17,000 in one day? If they didn’t need the products on June 29, I promise you they didn’t need them on June 30. Buying products to meet a goal is foolish and asking them to do it is unethical. (Here’s Jamie Taylor raving about this very practice, thanking women for ordering products they didn’t need so she could finish the requirements for NSD but she sadly did not get appointed NSD by MK.)

Last year poor Chelsea Claytor missed the $650k unit club by $60,000. That was too much to put on her credit card.

With half a day to go, she was $11,000 away.

Then with 5 hours to go, she was $8,000.

Ask yourself where $8,000 comes from in 5 hours? Is it large initial inventory orders? Is it begging the unit members to each order $200 or $600 or $1,000? Is it putting the last of it on Chelsea’s own credit card?

And then she finished.

But maybe the worst part of this was saying that Jesus made it happen. God does not care about your Mary Kay scam. Jesus does not cause people to order products they don’t need. Stop the blasphemy.

(Ask yourself whether legitimate sales to customers would produce almost exactly $650k, or whether people were placing orders strategically to get her to exactly that number?)

Also, stop saying this is for “the team.” The team deserves this? Deserves what? They get NOTHING. You, Chelsea, get a trip and some jewelry and bonuses. But the team gets nothing but credit card bills.

Here are a few others who “finished goals” on that magical last day. 5 pink Cadillacs done. Caitlin Griffo in the circle of excellence ($650k). Jordan Twilley a new million dollar director.

We’ve been talking since the beginning of Pink Truth about how “million” gets done. With the million dollar director’s credit card.

Mary Kay ladies: Stop talking about how hard you “work” on the last day of the seminar year. It’s not working. It’s coercing women to order products they don’t need and won’t be able to sell. And then it’s about you placing that last order with your own credit card for products you don’t need so that you can claim you finished your goal. It’s a complete sham.



  1. If you were Chelsea’s customer why would you ever buy anything full price from her knowing she has so much inventory and such frequent sales?

    If you were a prospective recruit, wouldn’t all this begging seem so exhausting?

    And do they not catch that MK Corp very rarely discounts the wholesale price they’re paying for the product?

    • It would be smart for them not to tout how far away from their goal they were on June 30th all over social media. It is so painfully obvious that product wasn’t sold to an end customer.

    • I thought giant sales were discouraged because, “It hurts your sister consultants and devalues MK products.”

      • It does. That’s why David Yurman, Apple, etc. are NEVER on sale. Things that are discounted this way are seen as commodities, which are price-driven and fluctuate according to economic conditions— the total opposite of a stable business.

    • When I opened my Jimmy John’s, we were very clearly told we wouldn’t be running coupons. The pizza industry trained people to never pay full price for their product by putting coupons on the box.

      Same thing here. Wait for the desperation sale and load up.

      • I love me some Jimmy John’s! The one near the hospital is amazing and FAST! (Yep… freaky fast is a good thing.)

        But yes, why pay full price when I *know* someone is going to have a coupon? When places like Too Faced, Urban Decay, and more are having sales, it’s often for products that are on their way out (not always though).

    • And if you were Chelsea’s recruit, how could you ever possibly sell anything for profit when your director runs a sale every single day?

  2. It would be smart for them not to tout how far away from their goal they were on June 30th all over social media. It is so painfully obvious that product wasn’t sold to an end customer.

  3. I noticed Megan Wilkes who has been talking about hitting 800k desperately for days now has been all but radio silent since the 1st.

    • I took a screenshot when she was talking about the $800k she might miss, and I was waiting for her update. I wanted to include her in this article so bad!

          • “And I did it with a newborn/now toddler. I did it while in the darkest headspace I’ve ever been in.”


            Oh my God. No, sweetie. No no no no no no NO. As a survivor of severe post partum depression (I cannot diagnose her, but her words send up a giant red flag) I look at this and it’s dangerous. I look at it and my heart drops into my stomach. Other women in a similar place see it and think they should do what she did. If she could do that I should be able to as well. NO. That is dangerous and could have long term mental health consequences. Chasing giant “goals” and pouring yourself into work isn’t the answer. You deserve so much better. You deserve treatment and therapy and medical care and to have the black fog of depression lifted so you can be fully present and savor your child’s first year of life. You deserve that IMMEDIATELY, not after the goal timeline is finished. My god.

          • I count 8 bona fide statements here that she makes and they all smack of the everlovin’ excuses we discuss here when the goals are not met.
            She is a victim of her circumstances and that is why she did not pull in an extra 25K (paltry by MK standards) at the last minute.
            Now a poor victim, after scamming and fleecing others, dang it the thread of disgust in her downline.
            Suzanne Brothers was the master at this ploy. Turning the tables when goals are not met. She used to say ‘If Dacia can dot so can you!’ I kid you not, all the time Dacia was directly competing with SB. Dacia was SB problem wth NSD level competition. Yeah we will all be like Dacia and pump you higher. Can’t make this shiz up deprtment.

          • How can anybody stand to be FB friends with these women? It’s all either “SALE” or “please please please buy something, I have x goal to hit” or their Oscar acceptance speeches when they hit (or *think* they’ve hit…looking at you Jamie Taylor) some goal.

            I mean, sometimes all I want to see in my FB feed is what you had for lunch, your new socks, your neighbor’s garden, your cat in a box two sizes too small. NOT unending drivel about your “MK business”.

  4. “Mary Kay ladies: Stop talking about how hard you ‘work’ on the last day of the seminar year.”

    Reading the above, I was reminded of the warped thinking of career criminals who burgle homes, steal cars, rob banks, etc. Many of them consider crime to be their job, and the lucre to be their wages. It takes special skills to get someone else’s jewelery out of their home without setting off the alarm; they worked hard for that ice, y’all.

    Just sayin’.

    • It is such a – when i have encountered people who consider crime their “job” – I don’t know whether to cry or yell at them or both or what. The insanity of CRIME being a J-O-B and yet the pride they have in supporting the family??? In being GOOD AT CRIMINAL ACTS?
      And you know what???? Kind of sounds like Mary kay…..

  5. Can we talk about the word “goal”, and what it might mean to different individuals?

    – What goals did Bernie Madoff have?
    – Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart?
    – What goal do you think serial killers dream of?

    A “goal” does not automatically translate to a good thing. These consultants have a goal to get as many people as possible ORDERING cheap cosmetics from Mary Kay, a product-based pyramid scheme. They don’t care if the people are spending their last dollar on $hit, and buying it from a corrupt company…… long as the person reaches their goal and satisfies their own needs.

    • Hi Char!! I was just wondering again where you were, and hoping you are okay!!! Wishing you the best, regardless, so glad to have you pop up today! xoxoxoxo

  6. I wonder if her apparently declining mental health has anything to do with the pink scam she’s running

  7. Chelsea actually showed herself looking very tired. Telling! And it allows her to play victim.

    needed to finish:
    GMB =12,000 each
    Chelsea = 17,000 total What a deal

  8. “Fearless Lobsters”? How embarrassing to have that as a unit name! Obvious sign a goal was purchased: It ends in mostly zeros. $650,002.56 is not a results of people selling. It’s on-purpose, sitting at a desk with a calculator, calling people with credit cards on standby, and making deals on the side. Happens every night on June 30.

    Fake, fake, fake.

    And those 5 new Cadillacs? Now they have to be maintained, so I hope they didn’t charge the end of their production for it because now comes the rule of maintenance production and car payments of $900 every month if they don’t.

    • I thought the same thing about “Fearless Lobsters”. What. The. HELL. Is it from the “Friends” reference or….what? I don’t even like that show. Sorry to everyone who considers it a cultural touchstone.

      • hey Anony, I LOVE LOVE LOVE PHOEBE”S LOBSTER TALES lololol. I am horror stricken that lobsters are sold for food and cooked as they are, truly, it sickens me so much and wow I am so not surprised an mk group ended up with the name, and it doesn’t bring the Phoebe feeling AT ALL.

    • From Caitlin:

      “Mary Kay Ash explained how a lobster doesn’t grow the way that a lot of other creatures do. A lobster’s shell is hard and inelastic, so it don’t have the ability to grow larger. The lobster knows it’s getting too big for its shell (it can feel it), but it doesn’t have the ability to just crawl out of it like a hermit crab. What the lobster has to do is endure a period of discomfort in order to shed its shell. In order to help the shell come off it often times has to throw itself up against rocks and coral in order to get the shell to crack, and be able to break free. It’s not fun for the lobster to throw itself up against the rocks and the coral. It hurts, and it’s not easy, but the lobster does it anyway. It does it over and over again with consistency, until it’s finally free of the smaller shell that was holding it back. After the lobster is free of its smaller shell it’s then vulnerable for a little while until it’s new bigger shell grows into place. But it’s worth it to gain that bigger and better shell that actually fits the lobster’s new size.”

      • The lobster story is all BS. Lobstas don’t bang themselves up against rocks to break out of their shells. They use water pressure to split and lift their shells of their bodies. The new shells are already formed underneath.

        • Gee, I’ll pass on banging myself up against a rock of no shows, cancellations, and chargebacks. Not one bit of that sounds enticing.

          • lolololol your dry humour, Best, just slays me. If this comes across in text, I would have the sorest stomach muscles sitting in the same room cause I would be laughing till it was far past hurting!!!!

        • Thank you, Heather. I am a wide open sponge, I absorb everything I encounter and that story makes my heart break. Not a shock there with mk, but you counteracted that with what I take as fact.

  9. Would someone please tell Chelsea that Jesus did not create the earth in 7 days, God did.

  10. I’m curious about something: how do these people keep getting their credit card limit raised so they can do this year after year? Presumably they’re making minimum payments at best, and their credit score is taking a major hit.

    • They keep getting new cards. My cousin’s ex-wife is a NSD who’s had 10 credit cards which were maxed out at the same time. He needed to buy a new truck & ended up getting it in his own name. Her FICO score was so bad because of all the credit cards she had that had he applied for a loan in both his name & hers, he would have either been turned down or charged a higher interest rate. Needless to say, he’s glad to be out from under all the debt she accumulated.

      • And NSD are at the very TOP of the pyramid. They’re the ones consultants and directors aspire to be.
        There’s a lot of things I don’t like about my job, but I’m never encouraged (or forced) to put inventory on a credit card so I can finish a work goal or get a bigger paycheck.
        I can’t imagine the stress of trying to juggle 10 credit card payments. No thank you!

  11. If Chelsea sold $100,000 in a month (from Jamie’s IG post) that’s a VERY expensive vacation . Sad to know 1/2 those products will be discontinued or obsolete within 2 years . Unless she is moving them on EBAY.
    I noticed Jamie is talking about HER area again. Maybe she made it for new year.
    I wish I could be a fly on the wall watching all those MK boxes ? being delivered next week. SMH

    • “moving them on EBAY.”

      It would be interesting to learn all the creative ways large amounts of inventory are moved. Back-room deals, exporters, who knows what.

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