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Jamie Taylor is Not an NSD

In April, Mary Kay sales director Jamie Taylor made ANOTHER push to become a national sales director (NSD). This involves coercing the downline to place massive inventory orders. A national area doesn’t get finished without lots of ordering, as the company requires a certain number of sales directors in the downline, a certain number of cars, a certain amount of warm bodies, and a whole bunch of orders. The stars have to align *just so* in order for someone like Jamie to meet the requirements.

It’s especially difficult because of the high failure rate of directors. Directors are constantly losing their units and have to be replaced. That sets someone like Jamie back every single time. April was important because of how the number of warm bodies aligned.

It appeared Jamie made it, but she said it would take a couple of months for Mary Kay Inc. to verify things and appoint her. In May she was asked if she had heard anything:

And then two weeks ago, Mary Kay announced a new NSD. It was not Jamie. It was Angel Guerra, the first male NSD in the United States.

Imagine the embarrassment Jamie must feel after not getting appointed. Especially after her husband quit his job the day after he *thought* she finished her national area. Oops.

But here’s the real point of this post. You need to understand exactly what happens when someone is trying to finish a national area: Orders. Lots of them. With credit cards and women ordering things they don’t need. Start the below video at 3:54 to see exactly what I mean. Jamie made this right after she thought she finished her area, and she couldn’t thank everyone enough for giving up their profits to order and help her.


  1. Kristen

    Why does everyone have to send Jen and Gabby pizza or Starbucks gift cards for helping Jamie? Hasn’t everyone in her unit already spent enough money? If I were in this unit, I’d be disgusted with this fake-crying-thank-you video as the return on my debt. I can’t believe she pushed women to go into $350,000 worth of debt to help her. Order the damn pizza gift cards yourself.

    1. Data Junkie

      “Order the damn pizza gift cards yourself.”

      This has always amazed me about MLM. In a real job, a boss treats his/her workers for achieving business milestones. The workers don’t treat the boss…that would not make any sense.

      But once you realize that the K-Bots are actually, literally, benefactors to their Directors and above, the upside down cash flow model starts to makes perfect sense. The K-Bots already pay for literally EVERYTHING in Mary Kay…so why not dig into your own pocket to buy gifts for your own upline?

      Only in MLM do these things make any sense.

    1. TRACY

      Of course there is. Lynnea Tate’s area is full of that, from what I’ve heard That’s exactly how Chelsea qualified for her Cadillac the first time. It’s how Ali Zornes qualified for her Cadillac, and she dropped out a few months ago after finally deciding she couldn’t keep paying for her level in the company.

      1. Nancy

        Thank you for all that you do for this website. I relate to so much of this post regarding Jamie. I have always been against mlm “opportunities” as they never seemed logical to me. I have always been involved in community organizations but do not have access to five to ten new people each month that I could sweet talk into this. I also feel that it is really morally reprehensible to misrepresent a situation.
        Recently the sister of a friend who is in DIQ wanted to have me on her list of new recruits. I agreed to allow her to use my name. She will do anything to get into the “career car”. Orders were placed in my name; I did not pay for them. I called Mary Kay when I received an email with shipping details. The items were to be sent to my recruiter’s director’s address. I believe that this company is a legalized pyramid scheme as there is some product bought and sold at some point. I find it interesting as I cannot believe that anyone would involve themselves with anything with these types of deceptive practices. This is really all about the car. I believe that if she purchased the car in a normal way and made payments it would actually cause less stress and perhaps cost less money.

  2. NayMKWay

    I wonder if her video is what did her in, or if something else was involved? For sure she didn’t do herself any favors releasing that fake-crying (i.e., zero tears) video; that thing made Mary Kay look as bad as it actually is. We can’t have that, now, can we?

    Hmm. Jamie made the numbers, but didn’t get her promotion. And here I thought that in Mary Kay you just “promote yourself.” After all, it’s your business, right?


      1. TRACY

        We don’t know. Most likely, some recruits added by the downline were determined to be invalid. In other words, women were signed up without their consent and/or orders made in their names were deemed invalid because the recruits didn’t pay for them.

        It’s a common practice to place an order in someone’s name to make them active so they count toward finishing directorship or they add to the production needed for directorship or a car. The company says that a director should not be paying for a consultant’s order, but most of the time MK looks the other way. (Obviously they know that just about everyone has credit or debit cards, so they can place their own order. If a director or recruiter is placing the order, it’s usually for nefarious reasons.)

        Maybe this time MK didn’t look the other way.

        1. AnonyMouse

          Maybe…just MAYBE…the efforts being made here at exposing the truth made a dent this time…maybe…we know MK keeps tabs on this site. Maybe this time they went looking for the fire at the center of all the smoke. Maybe. Maybe not. But I can dream.

        2. morningstar

          I think there is a panel decision as well to become NSD after you make all the numbers. So her NSD peers must have denied it, for xyz reasons. Most of them stated here. Thank you so much! I guess why can’t 2 new NSDs debut?
          I remember Suzanne Brothers going on and on about “clearing the panel”. It struck me as the NSDs get to choose WHO to play ball with at that level. So special….Of course she was a bragging and a wagging about her virtues on the NSD panel. YA know always marketing……

  3. pinkboo

    So now what does she have to say to all those consultants that ordered product they did not need? Now the credit card statements arrive, the boxes of product are not sold – now what Jamie? The level of selfishness is off the charts with her and I hope this debacle opens a few eyes and leads them out of the pink fog.

    1. morningstar

      Awesome post. What a huge let down after all the money begged to be poured in?
      It makes me think of MK as a big Go Fund Me project. With some makeup in the middle of it all.

  4. Pinkiu

    Let’s hope that a boatload of IBCs get mad about this, realize that MK is a scam, and send all of it back!

    I’d be pretty upset if I went into personal debt or chose to not make a profit in order to buy more product and discover it was all for nothing. This whole scandal could awaken some women’s eyes that if Jamie couldn’t make it with all of that effort, they can’t either.

  5. Mountaineer95

    Considering how much everyone under her, and she, spent to go for this, do they even have any credit left for the next time she decides to “go for it”? She’s going to learn that there is NOT an infinite number of people to recruit, nor an endless supply of money/credit to finance her next run at it.

  6. raisinberry

    When her downline figures this out, and sends back their inventory, she will be hit by months and months and months of commission chargebacks, probably already spent.

  7. BestDecision

    In my years of being a Director, I’ve never heard it taking 30-60 days to decide an NSD. Is she that dumb to believe that?

    I hope every Director and Consultant gets wind of what she says in this video. Ordering extra as a “stretch”. Forfeiting profits, which I am CERTAIN MK Ash would’ve shunned. So sad!

  8. Mountaineer95

    Is it wrong of me to hope that she actually DID make it and she tries to enforce a cease and desist on PT for somehow wrongly disparaging her name?

    1. Mountaineer95

      Oh, I’m an idiot, guys. This ^ sounds so bad because I somehow left off the rest of the comment. What I meant to say is that you know how MK Corporate doesn’t try to sue PT, probably because they know discovery would be very bad for them, and besides, what’s shared on this site are truths anyway? MKC is smart enough to not risk it. But Jamie isn’t that smart (ie the video), so if she were to go after PT legally (I know she won’t, but it’s fun to imagine it), it would come to light just how she got to NSD and she’d be royally burned. So hopefully this properly shares what I meant to say!

  9. Mountaineer95

    And I’d say that IF (and that’s rhetorical, to any JT followers who trust her grammar as gospel) this “NSD plan” of hers continues, it involves coercing the downline(s) to spend tons of money. AGAIN. To s-t-r-e-t-c-h everything they’ve got, to intentionally sell product at cost, to give bogos, to restock their shelves, all at the very last hour (MK Hour, not “rest-of-society hour).

    She doesn’t seem like one to acknowledge defeat (and that’s a characteristic that would serve her well OUTSIDE of MLM), and I don’t think she will.

    Instead, she’ll go for NSD a few more times, at least until she finds a side hustle (sharing her ‘secrets’ via webinar, lol) wherein she can loot her area to pay to watch her explain how she trounces downlines (and how YOU can, too!)

    But until then, we get to watch the Jamie Taylor train wreck…an accident she herself planned and scheduled. I have zero sympathy for this woman.

      1. Anonymous #2

        Congratulations Jamie Taylor, the youngest National Sales Director in Mary Kay!!! ??? I just had to share the news with the Pink Truth gals! ??? PT gals – I know you’re upset JT didn’t fail but just “shake it off!”

        Pink Truth stated, “Imagine the embarrassment Jamie must feel after not getting appointed. Especially after her husband quit his job the day after he *thought* she finished her national area. Oops.”

        Maybe that should be reworded – “Imagine the embarrassment Pink Truth must feel about this post after Jamie Taylor was appointed NSD. Especially after they *thought* Jamie Taylor did not finish her Verge National Area. Oops. ***

        1. TRACY

          I feel no embarrassment whatsoever. Signs pointed to her not getting appointed. She did get appointed after all.

          It is nothing to congratulate. Becoming an nsd represents LITERALLY thousands of women being swindled. And for this, they thank God. It’s sick.

          Thanks for stopping by, friend of Jamie. If you’re reading here, that means there is still hope for you. 🙂

          1. TRACY

            Even now, they can’t be honest. They’re calling her YOUNGEST NSD. But she’s 29, and Dacia was the youngest to make NSD at 26. It’s technically true that Jamie is currently the youngest of the nsds. But we all realize they intend for you to believe that she’s the youngest to ever make it to nsd.

        2. Kristen

          Nothing to celebrate. She’s trapped now, in a cult, where the only livelihood her family has is scamming women out of money, time, hope and self esteem. What a shame. She is still young enough to get into something honest. Shine up that hamster wheel, Jamie. Glad it’s you and not me.

        3. Lazy Gardens

          Now we get to watch her try to keep that position. Because it’s not a once and done thing any more. She has to keep the scam going, make the numbers, plead for the orders, and keep the social media flowing.

          Like roasting in Hell, but in real life.


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